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April 22ndHappy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Sixta Tulia Aguinaga de Posada, Resistance Fighter Yvette Lundy is 103, Author Fred Kohler is 99, Musician Candido Camero is 98, Politician Marcel Garrouste is 98, Theologian Riy Harrisville is 97, (NT) jlp Sunday, April 21, 09:57:43pm 3
  • Mountaineer Trevor Braham is 97, Olympic Athlete Ingeborg Schmitz is 97, Politician Ferenc Jozsef Nagy is 96, Actor Edward Dobrzanski is 90, Actress Patsy Anne Thompson is 90, Actor Gyozo Zilahi turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Sunday, April 21, 09:04:27pm
  • April 22ndHappy Birthday! Actor Mark Damon (86) Actor Jack Nicholson (82) Director John Waters (73) Singer Peter Frampton (69) Actor Steve Bond (66) Actor Joseph Bottoms (65) (NT) -- Colt, Sunday, April 21, 09:57:43pm
David Hamburg, honored for efforts to end global violence, dies at 93 Wash Post Sunday, April 21, 09:43:15pm 1
Fay McKenzie, Actress dies at 101 1st movie "Station Content" (1918)! Sunday, April 21, 08:48:25pm 6
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, April 21, 07:07:55pm
  • Social media post so still unconfirmed. (NT) -- R.I.P. if true., Sunday, April 21, 08:10:11pm
Doreen Spooner, British photograpger Dead at 91 Sunday, April 21, 08:45:18pm 1
Edward Allen Feilbert, "Pajama Tops" playwright Dead at 99 Sunday, April 21, 08:39:31pm 1
CBS News reported the death of film producer David Picker ("A Hard Day's Night" "Midnight Cowboy") this evening. For some reason, there is nothing online about it He was 87 Sunday, April 21, 08:36:33pm 2
Healthwatch: Kelly Stafford, Wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford Underwent 12 hours of brain surgery Sunday, April 21, 08:34:59pm 1
Barrie Jackson, Washington State-based rock and roll impresario, managed legendary Northwestern garage rock bands The Sonics and The Wailers, as well as others He was 86 Sunday, April 21, 02:14:18pm 1
Edward Harold Bell, Alleged "Eleven in Heaven" serial killer Dead at 82 Sunday, April 21, 01:48:40pm 1
TV chef and daughter among first victims identified of horrific bombings in Sri Lanka Over 200 killed Sunday, April 21, 01:01:12pm 2
  • As worshipers gather on EASTER SUNDAY, explosions at eight sites, including three churches, killing 200+ ... -- Massacre includes 400+ injured., Sunday, April 21, 01:01:12pm
ARCHIVE: April 20, 1992 Beloved English comedian and actor Benny Hill, though appeared in feature films early on, best remembered for his popular TV comedy show of slapstick, burlesque, and double entendre, "The Benny Hill Show" made him globally famous and wealthy, only to die alone in his home, at age 68. ... Bio & PHOTOS Sunday, April 21, 12:48:04pm 1
April 20thHappy 99th Birthday! Actor Gianrico Tedeschi, Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is 99, WW2 Figure Kenneth O, Chilstrom is 98, Journalist Ruth Ashton Taylor is 97, (NT) jlp Sunday, April 21, 12:20:16pm 17
  • Writer Bill Spence is 96, Actor Leslie Phillips is 95, Activist Ruth C. Sullivan is 95, Physicist K. Alex Muller is 92, Writer Hubert von Bechtosheim turns 90 (NT) -- jlp, Friday, April 19, 09:05:34pm
  • April 20thHappy Birthday! Actor Monte Landis (88) Actor George R. Robertson (86) Actor Gary Raymond (84) Actor George Takei (82) (NT) -- Colt, Friday, April 19, 09:19:17pm
    • Actor Ryan O'Neal (78) Actor Michael Brandon (74) Actress Judith O'Dea (74) Actress Jane Daly (71) Actress Veronica Cartwright (70) Actress Jessica Lange (70) (NT) -- Colt, Friday, April 19, 09:21:35pm
      • Singer Johnny Tillotson is 81 today -- Other birthdays, Apr. 20-, Saturday, April 20, 11:46:31am
        • Politician John Eccles is 88, actress Myriam Bru is 87, actor Kristaq Dhamo is 86, actress Lisa Davis is 83, US Sen. Pat Roberts is 83, musician Christopher Robinson is 83, athlete Antonios Kounadis is 82, athlete Manfred Kinder is 81, historian Peter Snow is 81 (NT) -- Actress Elspeth Ballantyne is 80, writer Peter S. Beagle is 80, ex- PM of Norway Gro Harlem Brundtland is 80, Saturday, April 20, 11:53:58am
        • Sociologist Guy Rocher is 95 (NT) -- ., Saturday, April 20, 11:55:31am
          • "Poetry in Motion" -- Johnny Tillotson, Saturday, April 20, 02:28:47pm
            • Clint Howard is 60 today! (NT) -- Ron's little brother!, Saturday, April 20, 02:29:55pm
              • You remember Clint as 'Leon" on TV's "The Andy Griffith Show"?? ... -- PHOTO, Saturday, April 20, 03:57:07pm
                • The funniest thing I ever saw Clint Howard do, was his performance as 'Balok' on TV's STAR TREK! ... -- Hillarious, Saturday, April 20, 04:56:50pm
                  • Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is 99 today (NT) -- Wll he be the first Sup. Ct. Justice to make 100?, Saturday, April 20, 05:29:49pm
                  • That was trippy. I remember Howard as the star of the TV show "Gentle Ben", where the star was a bear (NT) -- Russ, Sunday, April 21, 07:48:53am
                    • Great PHOTO of Clint, Ron, and their dad the late, Rance Howard on set ... -- Link, Sunday, April 21, 09:25:26am
                      • I lkie that Ron often gives Clint a role in his films (NT) -- It's nice!, Sunday, April 21, 11:36:54am
                        • "Like" (NT) -- sigh..., Sunday, April 21, 11:37:22am
April 21stHappy 98th Birthday! Businesswoman Tiede Herrema, Politician E.R. Krishnam is 97, Avaitor Valerie Andre is 97, Actress Jacqueline Duc is 96, Queen Elizabeth II is 93, Composer Doug Goodwin turns 90. (NT) jlp Sunday, April 21, 11:42:00am 4
Lorraine Warren, Longtime paranormal investigator and horror film consultant Dies at 92 Sunday, April 21, 07:44:17am 7
  • Imdb -- ., Friday, April 19, 11:55:27am
  • In addition to investigations with her husband Ed which inspired "The Conjuring" movies,she was an investigator for the house in New York that inspired "The Amityville Horrors". Here's the CNN obit -- Russ, Saturday, April 20, 11:32:52am
  • She was heavily involved in a demonic house situation on my grandmother's street in West Pittston, PA. The Smurl family incident inspired the film "The Haunted" in 1991 (NT) -- I think Lorraine was played by Diane Baker., Saturday, April 20, 11:55:47am
  • This is weird, and the 2nd time this has happened to me -- Russ, Sunday, April 21, 07:44:17am
Actress Trisha Graybill Dies at 40 Sunday, April 21, 07:32:13am 3
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, April 21, 12:27:27am
  • Here's a link to her website. She was better known as a motivational speaker, focusing on how she has been able to use positive thinking to overcome obstacles (including her cancer) -- Russ, Sunday, April 21, 07:32:13am
Patricia Mulligan, ex-wife of actor Richard Mulligan (1932-2000) Dies at 82 Sunday, April 21, 06:58:04am 5
  • She divorced him at age 30, over 50 years ago ...and never remarried. (NT) -- Sad., Saturday, April 20, 03:59:15pm
    • FUN FACT: Seems Mulligan left Patricia for actress Joan Hackett, marrying in 1966. Hackett divorced Mulligan in 1973. (NT) -- Mulligan's fourth and final wife was porn actress, whose screen credits include "Ready, Willing and Anal", and "Bianca Trump's Towers"! ...LOL, Saturday, April 20, 04:05:59pm
Archive: Senor Wences, Apr. 20, 1999 Ventriloquist Saturday, April 20, 10:09:00pm 2
Claire Boiko, subject of 2015 Film Documentary "Game Show Dynamos" Dies RIP Saturday, April 20, 05:36:31pm 2
  • Claire and her husband, Bernard, appeared on 28 TV game shows, including 'Jeopardy','Trivial Pursuit' and 'Tic-Tac-Dough" -- VIDEO. ..., Saturday, April 20, 05:36:31pm
Reggie Cobb, Fotball player (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets) Dead at 50 Saturday, April 20, 05:22:46pm 1
Adult film actor Bill Bailey fell to his death in Mexico last month He was 38 Saturday, April 20, 03:57:23pm 3
Joe ""Jay"" Chevalier, Singer- songwriter Dead at 83 Saturday, April 20, 01:11:51pm 3
  • "Billy Cannon" -- Jay Chevalier, Saturday, April 20, 01:10:04pm
James W. McCord Jr. - Wategate conspirator Tony Saturday, April 20, 12:57:39pm 8
  • That site requires a log-in -- Full NY Times obit & link, Thursday, April 18, 06:45:01pm
  • Yes, the New York Times also limits me to 10 articles, so I wouldn't be able to open that link had I already read ten articles this month (NT) -- More and more newspapers are doing that, even my local daily newspaper., Thursday, April 18, 07:05:46pm
ARCHIVE: April 20, 1999 It was 20 years ago today, two sick socially/mentally disturbed teenagers planned and executed fellow students at their school at Columbine High School in Colorado, killing 15, and forever injuring dozens more. ... Backstory Saturday, April 20, 12:19:01pm 3
  • No student currently attending Columbine was alive when the massacre occurred (NT) -- The last students who were attending at the time of the crime graduted in 2002, Saturday, April 20, 11:44:01am
  • Colombine 20 years later ... -- In Memory, Saturday, April 20, 12:19:01pm
Healthwatch: Writer- director John Singleton ("Boyz in the Hood") Suffered a stroke Saturday, April 20, 11:57:40am 1
Tuskegee Airman Lemuel Lewie Jr. Dies at 99 Saturday, April 20, 11:44:53am 2
Warren Adler, Author of "The War of the Roses" (filmed in 1989, starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner) Dead at 91 Saturday, April 20, 04:08:25am 3
Olympic cyclist 1964 Patrick Sercu dead at 74 Friday, April 19, 08:39:54pm 1
Actor David Mooney Dies at 77 Friday, April 19, 08:13:10pm 8
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, April 19, 01:15:45pm
  • She probably wants baby for herself. One of my favorite movie quotes. (NT) -- Patrick, Friday, April 19, 08:13:10pm
Slain Missouri Ku Klux Klan leader's wife admits killing him She initially reported her husband missing Friday, April 19, 05:19:38pm 2
  • Oh, Cheers! (NT) -- Well done., Friday, April 19, 05:19:38pm
Archive: David Koresh, Apr. 19, 1993 Died with 79 other Branch Davidians in Waco, Tx. Friday, April 19, 04:30:08pm 1
Healthwatch: Dan Hughes, Coach of WNBA champs Seattle Storm Cancer Friday, April 19, 03:50:59pm 1
OT: Virginia O'Brien DerBingle Friday, April 19, 03:36:28pm 6
  • She was married from 1942- 1955 to actor Kirk Alyn (the first Superman) (NT) -- ., Thursday, April 18, 12:01:01pm
  • I loved her performance in The Marx Brothers movie, The Big Store. (NT) -- Buddy, Friday, April 19, 02:39:47pm
April 18thHappy 100th Birthday! Actor Hubert de Lapparent, Politician Haneh Hadad is 100, Journalist Ragnar Ulstein is 99, Mathematician Martin Barner is 98, Accountant Clem Renouf is 98, TV Host Michel Klein is 98, (NT) jlp Friday, April 19, 02:34:47pm 7
  • Novelist Lygia Fagundes Telles is 96, Japanese Tea Master Sen Soshitsu XV is 96, Physicist Richard Garwin is 91, Photographer William Klein is 91, (NT) -- jlp, Thursday, April 18, 09:04:01pm
  • April 19thHappy Birthday! Actress Elinor Donahue (82) Actor Tim Curry (73) Actor Dennis Dun (67) Actor Tony Plana (67) (NT) -- Colt, Thursday, April 18, 09:05:40pm
  • Actor Sandy Shaw is 90, Lady Pamela Hicks is 90, Journalist Hans Rudolf Beierlein is 90, Writer Jose Leon Sanchez turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Thursday, April 18, 09:08:24pm
    • Other birthdays, Apr. 19- -- Happy birthdays!, Friday, April 19, 11:48:15am
      • Painter Fernando Botero is 87, athlete Dickie Bird is 86, politician Philip Lavallin Wroughton is 86, Cardnal Justin Francis Rigali is 84, ex- Pres. of the Philippines Joseph Estrada is 82, writer Stanley Fish is 81 (NT) -- ., Friday, April 19, 02:32:03pm
Healthwatch: Eva Marie Saint canceled college appearance in March Also didn't appear at TCM Festival Friday, April 19, 01:58:51pm 3
  • She turns 95 in July (NT) -- ., Friday, April 19, 11:46:14am
    • True, she's an Independence Day baby ...born on the 4th of July! (NT) -- She had big hits a couple years ago -producer husband Jeff Hayden, 90, died Christmas Eve 2016, and 7 weeks later best friend Robert Osbourne died., Friday, April 19, 01:58:51pm
TV Writer and Actress Teddi Sherman Dies at 97 Friday, April 19, 12:50:30pm 3
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, April 19, 12:43:00pm
Actress Georgia Engel Dies at 70 Friday, April 19, 12:45:02pm 27
  • IMDb -- -, Monday, April 15, 05:43:21pm
  • Her first cousin, Scott Walker, passed away March 22nd at the age of 76 (NT) -- He was born Noel Scott Engel, Monday, April 15, 06:02:25pm
  • Sad! She was such a memorable actress. According to her executor, her cause of death was "undetermined" because she was a Christian Scientist and did not consult doctors. -- NY Times Obit inside, Monday, April 15, 06:07:34pm
  • A few years ago they were all rallying around Valerie Harper in her "last days." Now their all dying off before her. (NT) -- Rhoda Lives!, Monday, April 15, 06:18:25pm
  • The 2nd "Everybody Loves Raymond" mother-in-law to die in 50 days. Katherine Helmond the other. (NT) -- ., Monday, April 15, 06:23:28pm
    • Despite her being the youngest MTM castmember, all but Ted Knight and Mary Tyler Moore are still alive. (NT) -- Betty White (97) Cloris Leachman (92), Ed Asner (89), Gavin MacLeod (88), Valerie Harper (79), Monday, April 15, 06:31:39pm
  • For a mid-1990's show "Everybody Loves Raymond" has now had most of it's supporting cast wiped out. Doris Roberts, Peter Boyle, Robert Culp, Katherine Helmond, Goergia Engel, Sawyer Sweeten (NT) -- R.I.P to all., Monday, April 15, 06:46:30pm
    • I just saw her in a documentary about Betty White! (NT) -- Of course, Betty's still alive at 97!, Monday, April 15, 07:37:12pm
    • "Georgette's" husband "Tax Baxter" played by Ted Knight was the first cast member to die. (NT) -- He died of cancer in 1986 at only 62!, Tuesday, April 16, 06:59:54am
    • It isn't surprising at all Aside from the young suicide, the show was about a middle aged man and it began filming 23 years ago, and the deceased are the parents who were elderly 23 years ago. -- Not everthing is a curse or a pattern., Tuesday, April 16, 11:31:15am
  • Here's a PHOTO from 2013 when Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper, Cloris Leachman, Betty White and Georgia Engel reunited -- Sadly, Engel and Mary Tyler Moore are now gone., Tuesday, April 16, 09:49:53am
    • I thought that Engel's voice on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" was just acting, but she talked the same way in the Betty White documentary (NT) -- ., Tuesday, April 16, 11:46:41am
      • I have to say, a religion that preaches against seeing a doctor when you're sick is a pretty stupid religion (NT) -- I'm sorry if that offends anyone, Tuesday, April 16, 12:37:21pm
      • She reminded me a lot of a young Carol Channing - mannerisms, smile, etc. (NT) -- lost both this year..., Tuesday, April 16, 01:48:40pm
  • Betty White has outlived all of her Golden Girls and she's making her way through the women on Mary Tyler Moore Show. (NT) -- Phyllis better watch out, Tuesday, April 16, 03:56:20pm
    • Not to mention The Match Game! She must be the longest-living of the bunch! (NT) -- Anyone care to expand on the list of panelist survivors?, Tuesday, April 16, 04:00:45pm
      • Bob Barker at 95 would probably be about the 2nd oldest after Betty. He appeared in 40 Match Game episodes. With Orson Bean and Ed Asner following behind around age 90. (NT) -- ., Tuesday, April 16, 06:56:43pm
        • Fannie Flagg At 74 Still Going Which She Played Dick's Sister In The New Dick Van Dyke Show -- David S., Wednesday, April 17, 03:46:22pm
        • Despite his recent health struggles, Bob Barker seems to be hanging in there. (NT) -- He has been a widower for 38 years, Friday, April 19, 12:45:02pm
  • We are in a "Murder She Wrote" drought. I think 10 actors in a row have died now with no credits on the show. (NT) -- Jessica Fletcher investigating!, Tuesday, April 16, 07:00:26pm
  • After MTM died, there was an anecdote about how she asked Engel, who just joi,ned the cast if she watched the show the previous Saturday (NT) -- Engel said she didn't have a TV, so MTM bought her a big one, Wednesday, April 17, 04:38:08pm
Entertainment Attorney Renee Wayne Golden Dies at 88 Friday, April 19, 12:05:47pm 2
OT: Norman Lloyd was at the 2019 TCM Film Festival...he's now 104! Link to pictures Friday, April 19, 11:54:05am 4
  • While not surprising at all given his age, but is this the first time we're seeing him using a wheelchair? (NT) -- I don't recall..., Thursday, April 18, 07:10:53pm
    • Perhaps he is using a wheelchair now, I like to think it's because it's special occasion, because of a big theatre event, with uneven ramps and dark places. (NT) -- After all, he still does carry his cane. Gotta love him, though!, Thursday, April 18, 09:21:57pm
Actor & Singer Jerry Antes Dies at 91 Friday, April 19, 11:51:36am 3
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, April 19, 02:29:48am
    • "Suddenly" -- Jerry Antes, Friday, April 19, 11:51:36am
Archive: April 19, 2005: Ruth Hussey dies at 93 Actress Friday, April 19, 10:38:54am 1
Richard E. Cole, U.S. Air Force officer, last surviving member of the Doolittle Raid Dies at 103 Friday, April 19, 09:55:41am 5
  • Next week will mark the 77th anniversary of the Doolittle-led raid on Japan. (NT) -- egee33, Tuesday, April 09, 09:57:06am
    • ARCHIVE: April 18, 1942 The Doolittle Raid, aka; 'Tokyo Raid' was the infamous air raid by the United States on the Japanese capital Tokyo and other places on the island of Honshu during World War II, the 1st air operation to strike the Japanese Home Islands. ... -- Backstory, Friday, April 19, 03:57:13am
  • His passing closed another chapter in American history. (NT) -- (NT), Friday, April 19, 05:41:38am
British Actor Philip Grout Dies at 88 Friday, April 19, 08:26:34am 2
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, April 19, 08:26:34am
Way OT perhaps, Is James Holzhauer's performance on Jeopardy killing the show? Lemnpiper Thursday, April 18, 10:21:27pm 11
  • When Trebek dies, and he will, I think the show (NT) -- will go with him., Thursday, April 18, 08:29:11am
    • As long as the show continues to do well ratings wise then I doubt it will end when Trebek passes on. (NT) -- A friend suggested that Mo Rocca would be a good host. I wouldn't mind this if he keeps the 'Mo' puns out of it., Thursday, April 18, 10:16:15am
    • "Jeopardy" was here before Trebek, & it will be here after him (NT) -- Art Fleming, Thursday, April 18, 11:54:21am
  • The kid has sumpin up his sleeve (NT) -- I think, Thursday, April 18, 08:58:37am
  • I agree it's not fun to watch. He will miss a couple of Daily Doubles and eventually lose. I'm hoping the sooner than later though (NT) -- Russ, Thursday, April 18, 09:52:11am
  • Agree. He's changed the way it's played, going for the highest paying questions and playing up the Double Jeopardies. I don't see how after he leaves, the game reverts to what it was. (NT) -- They need to put new limits in - maybe the pre-Jennings 5 day limit, Thursday, April 18, 11:50:36am
  • How about a special "Winner Take All" Jeopardy week ...... -- Contestants would be the current champ, Ken Jennings and Watson competing against each other, Thursday, April 18, 10:21:27pm
My Brother-in-Law Died On Monday David S. Thursday, April 18, 09:44:38pm 4
  • Sorry to read this. Condolences. (NT) -- theChronicler, Thursday, April 18, 10:31:16am
  • So Sorry -- DerBingle, Thursday, April 18, 05:21:55pm
  • Sorry for your loss David. (NT) -- Nik, Thursday, April 18, 09:44:38pm
OT: Anyone see Black Summer on Netflix DerBingle Thursday, April 18, 07:06:24pm 2
April 18thHappy 100th Birthday Economist Samuel L. Myers Sr. WW2 Collaborator Jacob Luitjens is 100, Professor Xu Yuanchong is 98, Politician Cheung Yan-lung is 97, Actor Vili Kauko is 97, Writer Hilarie Lindsay is 97, (NT) jlp Thursday, April 18, 06:35:50pm 10
  • Actor John Quijada is 97, Politician Marius Baryelon is 96, Sociologist Howard S. Becker is 91, Actress Maria Tomasova turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Wednesday, April 17, 09:05:07pm
  • April 18thHappy Birthday! Actor Clive Revill (89) Actor Larry Chance (86) Actor James Drury (85) Director Richard A. Colla (83) Actor Robert Hooks (82) Actor Marc Mazza (80) (NT) -- Colt, Thursday, April 18, 12:18:54am
  • FYI: Jacob Luitjens was a Nazi collaborator during WWII and was nicknamed " the terror of Roden" (NT) -- I don't think anyone should be wishing him a happy birthday, here or anywhere., Thursday, April 18, 07:26:04am
    • Other birthdays, Apr. 18- -- Happy birthdays!, Thursday, April 18, 11:53:28am
      • Politician Peter Hordern is 90, singer George Shirley is 85, filmmaker Costas Ferris is 84, filmmaker Roger Graef is 83, racer Tommy Ivo is 83, musician Glen Hardin is 80 (NT) -- ., Thursday, April 18, 12:05:12pm
  • ARCHIVE: April 18, 1919 It was a century ago, actress, singer, and radio personality Virginia O'Brien, known for her comedic deadpan musical roles of MGM films of the 1940s, was born 100 years ago today! ... -- Miss O'Brien died in 2001, at 82., Thursday, April 18, 01:03:22pm
Healthwatch: "American Pie" actress dropped son on his head, fracturing his skull The boy is in intensive care Thursday, April 18, 05:18:44pm 5
  • Mollen is married to Jason Biggs who was in "American Pie" (NT) -- She herself wasn't in the movie., Thursday, April 18, 12:45:52pm
  • I thought it was a baby. Who drops a 5-year old on his head?? Baby 1-year old Lazo was bitten by a dog on Thanksgiving but was not seriously injured! (NT) -- Time to call CPS?, Thursday, April 18, 02:23:15pm
OT: Recent video of singer, actress Ketty Lester announcing new book on her life. ... She'll be 85, in August. Thursday, April 18, 04:41:19pm 2
TJ Reddy, Artist and poet once jailed as part of the "Charlotte Three" Dead at 73 Thursday, April 18, 01:45:27pm 1
Pro skier Dave Treadway dies after falling 100 feet into crevasse British Columbia Thursday, April 18, 12:28:22pm 1
Jerrie Cobb, NASA's 1st Female Astronaut Candidate Dead at 88 Thursday, April 18, 11:56:44am 1
Bradley Welch, actor best known for "Trainspotting 2", shot to death in Scotland. He was 48. Russ Thursday, April 18, 11:51:26am 2
  • Imdb -- ,, Thursday, April 18, 11:51:26am
Chet Coppock, longtime radio and television sportscasting personality killed in car accident He was 70 Thursday, April 18, 08:14:50am 1
Health Watch for film nerd Colt Gay. I am home now from emergency surgery and will have two undergo a second one. Please pray for me (NT) Colt Thursday, April 18, 05:47:12am 12
  • Prayers for you Colt (NT) -- Get Well Soon, Wednesday, April 17, 05:53:42pm
  • Hope it all goes well! (NT) -- Scoobie, Wednesday, April 17, 06:12:40pm
  • prayers for the best (NT) -- wWDI, Wednesday, April 17, 08:03:58pm
  • Emergency surgery? I hope all is on the mend. (NT) -- theChronicler, Wednesday, April 17, 11:50:17pm
  • Speedy recovery Colt! (NT) -- Patrick, Thursday, April 18, 03:49:09am
  • Feel Better Soon -- DerBingle, Thursday, April 18, 04:45:08am
  • Best wishes Colt (NT) -- Russ, Thursday, April 18, 05:13:49am
  • Get Well...Feel Better (NT) -- jlp, Thursday, April 18, 05:47:12am
Les Reed, British songwriter "It's Not Unusual" "Delilah" "There's A Kind of Hush" Dies at 83 Thursday, April 18, 04:49:29am 3
  • "There's A Kind of Hush" -- Herman's Hermits, Tuesday, April 16, 11:58:19am
  • Perry Como - There's A Kind Of A Hush -- DerBingle, Thursday, April 18, 04:49:29am
April 17thHappy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Julie Montabord, Art Historian Frank Popper is 101, Writer Cynthia Ozick is 91, Actor Michael Forest is 90, Actor Kevin Miles is 90, Actress Eve Pearce turns 90. (NT) jlp Wednesday, April 17, 04:32:55pm 7
  • Other birthdays, Apr. 17- -- Happy birthdays!, Wednesday, April 17, 11:16:40am
  • April 17thHappy Birthday! Actor Charles Frank (72) Actress L. Scott Caldwell (69) Make Artist Ed French 68) Actress Olivia Hussey (68) (NT) -- Colt, Wednesday, April 17, 12:29:41pm
    • Civil servant Kenneth N. Jones is 95, writer Cynthia Ozick is 91, athlete Heinz Putzl is 91, politician Fabien Roy is 91, musician Chris Barber is 89, tennis player John Barrett is 88, surgeon Peter Morris is 85, businessman Ferdinand Piлch is 82 (NT) -- Politician Ben Barnes is 81, politician Doug Lewis is 81, Wednesday, April 17, 12:52:30pm
      • " Miami Vice Theme" -- Jan Hamer, Wednesday, April 17, 04:30:16pm
        • "Why Can't I?" -- Liz Phair, Wednesday, April 17, 04:31:38pm
          • "Wannabe" -- Spice Girls, Wednesday, April 17, 04:32:55pm
Corinne Cobson, Fashion & costume designer Dead at 62 Wednesday, April 17, 04:23:37pm 1
Harry Abdul - Paula Abdul's father dead at 85 Wednesday, April 17, 04:21:22pm 2
  • Paula's mother, Lorraine Abdul, died in Jan., 2018, also at 85 (NT) -- ., Wednesday, April 17, 04:21:22pm
CBBC actress Mya Lecia-Naylor dead at 16 The Sun Wednesday, April 17, 04:19:50pm 2
Songwriter Kent "Boogaloo" Harris (Shoppin' for Clothes, "Cops and Robbers") Dies at 88 Wednesday, April 17, 12:46:51pm 4
  • "Clothes Line" (Wrap it Up) -- Boogaloo and his Gallant Crew, Wednesday, April 17, 10:18:03am
    • "Cops and Robbers" -- Bo Diddley, Wednesday, April 17, 11:09:35am
      • "Talk About A Party" -- Boogaloo & His Gallant Crew, Wednesday, April 17, 12:46:51pm
Columbine Threat Sol Pais, 18 Dead...Circumstances Still Not Clear Wednesday, April 17, 12:44:01pm 4
Marcella Rinehart Parker dies at 91 Widow of Actor Fess Parker (died 2010) Wednesday, April 17, 12:40:43pm 3
  • Pic of Fess and Marcella -- ., Wednesday, April 17, 11:10:47am
  • Fess died on his wife's 82nd birthday back in 2010. They had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. (NT) -- ., Wednesday, April 17, 12:40:43pm
Healthwatch: Ex-UFC fighter Angela Magana in a coma After emergency surgery Wednesday, April 17, 11:24:05am 1
ARCHIVE: April 16, 2002 Actor Robert Urich, prolific on stage and screen, but found success in American Television, particularly on the crime drama series "Vega$" in the 1970s, dies after long battle with brain cancer, at age 55. ... Bio & PHOTO Wednesday, April 17, 11:18:26am 2
Healthwatch: Former Peruvian President Alan Garcia Self-inflicted gun shot Wednesday, April 17, 11:15:10am 3
  • Dies at 69 (NT) -- ., Wednesday, April 17, 08:44:01am
Jorg Demus - pianist Dead at 90 Wednesday, April 17, 11:12:02am 2
Alice Tomlinson, Great- Aunt of Kate Middleton Dead at 107 Wednesday, April 17, 11:06:43am 2
Hong Kong visitor dies after leaning too far over Grand Canyon railing while taking selfie! ... Darwin Wednesday, April 17, 09:18:41am 5
  • A 2018 study of news reports showed that between October 2011 to November 2017, there were 259 selfie deaths in 137 incidents reported globally! -- The highest occurrences were in India, Russia, U.S. (YA!), and Pakistan, w/average age 22.94 years old, with 75% of deaths being males., Sunday, March 31, 04:41:53pm
  • April 15, 2019...College student falls 100 feet to her death while posing for photo during trip in the Ozarks!. ... -- Here we go again!, Wednesday, April 17, 09:18:41am
John McEnery, British actor with notable roles in "Romeo and Juliet" "The Land That Time Forgot" Dies at 76 Wednesday, April 17, 08:59:29am 5
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, April 17, 07:58:28am
  • Was arrested a few years ago for waving a water pistol at a barmaid while impersonating Marlon Brando -- Article link, Wednesday, April 17, 08:05:46am
  • I absolutely remember him as German U-boat Capt. Von Schoenvorts in opening scenes of "The Land That Time Forgot", when I was a kid! ... -- VIDEO & PHOTO, Wednesday, April 17, 08:14:10am
  • "Juliet" Olivia Hussey turns 68 today. What a beauty in that film. (NT) -- McEnery was nominated for a BAFTA in the film as Mercutio., Wednesday, April 17, 08:59:29am
OT: I see on the IMDB Credits more and more .. there's alot of 'shorts' in actor's/ actress' credits ... Wednesday, April 17, 08:49:56am 1
Ambrose Schindler 1917-2018 American football player and occasional actor. One of the last surviving cast members of "The Wizard of Oz". Died on December 30. Fredrik Andersson Wednesday, April 17, 02:47:30am 4
TV Director & Producer Barbara Schultz Dies at 92 Tuesday, April 16, 03:43:11pm 2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, April 16, 03:43:11pm
April 16thHappy 99th Birthday! Tennis Player Bill Sidell, Professor Germain Marc'hadour is 98, Businessman Lee Seng Tee is 96, Politician Ray Rigby is 96, Pope Benedict XVI is 92, Actor Peter Mark Richman turns 92, (NT) jlp Tuesday, April 16, 12:11:13pm 7
  • FUN FACT: Actor Peter Mark Richman, 92 today, one of the last surviving 'leads' of a TZ episode! ... -- "The Fear" originally aired May 29, 1964., Tuesday, April 16, 07:37:28am
  • Benedict XVI is only the 2nd Pope in history to reach the age of 92. The other is Leo XIII who died in 1903 at age 93. (NT) -- ., Tuesday, April 16, 08:00:45am
    • But Leo XIII was still Pope at the time (NT) -- ., Tuesday, April 16, 11:56:01am
      • Singer Bobby Vinton is 84 today -- Other birthdays, Apr. 16-, Tuesday, April 16, 12:02:39pm
        • Choreographer Merce Cunningham was born 100 years ago today (died 2009) -- Bio, Tuesday, April 16, 12:07:13pm
          • Journalist Joan Bakewell is 86, composer Perry Botkin Jr. is 86, athlete Vera Krepkina is 86, singer Vince Hill is 85, politician Barrie Unsworth is 85, film director Marcel Carriиre is 84, athlete Gert Potgieter is 82 (NT) -- Baseball player Rich Rollins is 81, Tuesday, April 16, 12:11:13pm
Don Perry, Hockey player, coach (LA Kings) Dead at 89 Tuesday, April 16, 12:05:14pm 1
April 9thHappy 99th Birthday! Football's (Australian) Don Benson, Linguist Frank R. Palmer is 97, Olympic Athlete FerencVoros is 97, Actress Fiet Dekler is 97, Singer Tom Lehrer is 91, (NT) jlp Tuesday, April 16, 11:59:21am 10
  • Cricketer Ron Haddrickis 90, Actress Paula Stewart is 90, Actor Franco Passatore turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Monday, April 08, 09:05:35pm
    • Naturalist Jim Fowler (”Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom”) is 89. Actress Michael Learned (”The Waltons”) is 80 -- Other birthdays, Apr. 9-, Tuesday, April 09, 11:39:27am
      • Writer Paule Marshall is 90, actor Jean-Paul Belmondo is 86, writer Fern Michaels is 86, political scientist Richard Rose is 86, politician Bill Birch is 85, athlete Mariya Pisareva is 85, composer Aulis Sallinen is 84, composer Jerzy Maksymiuk is 83 (NT) -- Judge Simon Brown is 82, TV producer Marty Krofft is 82, TV host Valerie Singleton is 82, Tuesday, April 09, 11:51:45am
      • QUESTION: Is there another actress whose name was the same (and spelled) as a man? -Nicknamed Billies or Joeys, etc excluded. (NT) -- Actress Michael Lerner is the only one who comes to mind., Tuesday, April 09, 06:49:34pm
        • Actress Jeff Donnell comes to mind. ... -- She co-starred with recently deceased Susan Harrison in 1957's "Sweet Smell of Success"., Tuesday, April 16, 01:27:49am
          • There are a number of them--Gene Tierney (her real name) comes to mind (NT) -- but wasn't there an actress or model a while back named James?, Tuesday, April 16, 06:22:08am
            • That would be James King -- who has since reverted to her given name, Jaime., Tuesday, April 16, 07:22:07am
          • There was actress Christopher Norris (NT) -- ., Tuesday, April 16, 11:59:21am
  • Actor Dennis Quaid (65) (NT) -- Colt, Tuesday, April 09, 06:43:11pm
Music Supervisor Morris Diamond Dies at 97 Tuesday, April 16, 11:55:11am 3
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, April 16, 09:54:59am
OT: Notre Dame Cathedral on fire Paris Tuesday, April 16, 11:49:55am 10
  • So tragic (NT) -- It didn't appear that they were in a hurry to put it out..., Monday, April 15, 12:06:37pm
    • So tragic. I was there years ago -such a beautiful place. I even lit a candle for my ancestors, there. But you can't pin this thing on ME, see...? (NT) -- theChronicler, Monday, April 15, 12:36:43pm
      • So tragic. The notre dame has been her 4 centuries (NT) -- jim Rutherford, Monday, April 15, 02:48:06pm
        • Actually, Cathйdrale Notre-Dame de Paris was founded in 1345. (NT) -- So its stood for nearly 700 years!, Monday, April 15, 03:12:55pm
          • This just in: A hunchback was spotted fleeing the scene (NT) -- Q., Monday, April 15, 04:35:05pm
            • Too soon. (NT) -- Louis XVI, Monday, April 15, 05:28:22pm
              • Calm's nothing to lose your head over. (NT) -- ., Monday, April 15, 06:20:20pm
                • Final scene of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame' -- "Why was I not made of stone like thee?", Tuesday, April 16, 11:48:32am
                • "Sanctuary!" -- Charles Laughton, 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame', Tuesday, April 16, 11:49:55am
Author Gene Wolfe (The Book of the New Sun) Dies at 87 Monday, April 15, 11:52:52pm 3
  • Pic. -- ., Monday, April 15, 11:34:24am
  • Obituary -- Fredrik Andersson, Monday, April 15, 11:52:52pm
April 15th Happy 102nd Birthday! Businessman Curtis Blake, Politician Edmind Jones is 101, Novelist Emyr Humphreys is 100, Businessman Nelson Broms is 100, (NT) jlp Monday, April 15, 04:48:56pm 7
  • Mathematician Maurico Peixoto is 98, Football's (Welsh) Charlie Kelsall is 98, WW2 Figure Ken Potts is 98, Politician Michel Colinet is 97, Olympic Athlete Gabriel Reymond turns 96 (NT) -- jlp, Sunday, April 14, 09:05:32pm
  • April 15th Happy Birthday! Director Richard Rush (90) Actor George Mikell (89) Actor Bill Rowley (89) Actress Claudia Cardinale (81) Actress Sabine Sun (79) Actor Robert Walker Jr. (79) Actor Rod McCary (78) (NT) -- Colt, Sunday, April 14, 09:10:33pm
    • Actor Guy Boyd (76) Actor Bob DeSimone (73) Actress Marsha A. Hunt (73) Actress Lois Chiles (72) Actress Amy Wright (69) Actor Sam McMurray (67) (NT) -- Colt, Sunday, April 14, 09:13:15pm
      • Other birthdays, Apr. 15- -- Happy birthdays!, Monday, April 15, 11:38:11am
        • Ex- Pres. of Iceland Vigdнs Finnbogadуttir is 89, civil servant Kenneth Bloomfield is 88, actress Maureen Arthur is 85, attorney Charles Fried is 84, cyclist Raymond Poulidor is 83, diplomat Michael Armacost is 82, diplomat Peter Secchia is 82 (NT) -- Gen. Charles G. Boyd is 81, Judge Marilyn Kelly is 81, singer Marty Wilde is 80, Monday, April 15, 03:07:37pm
Joe Terranova (Joe Terry) founding member of Danny & the Juniors Has died Monday, April 15, 04:46:48pm 5
  • David White, another member, died just last month (NT) -- ,, Monday, April 15, 03:12:21pm
Owen Garriott, former NASA astronaut Dies at 88 Monday, April 15, 04:37:47pm 2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, April 15, 04:37:47pm
Susan Harrison, 80, actress best known for "Sweet Smell of Success" (1957). Died March 5, 2019 Monday, April 15, 02:59:00pm 18
  • Wow, TCM just aired "Sweet Smell of Success" ending an hour ago. Inadvertant tribute. -PHOTO ... -- I know she suffered mental illness in her life, but I hope she's found peace., Sunday, April 14, 07:37:02pm
  • There's no mention of anything about this being the actress of the same name. It probably is, but I recently found and obit for a guy named Bob Sorrells who was born on the same date as the actor Robert Sorrells and it turned out not to be the actor. (NT) -- If it is the actress I'd give anything to know how you were able to find it since the term actress is not in the brief obit., Sunday, April 14, 08:26:56pm
  • FYI: Her daughter Darva Conger was one of the first subjects of network reality show "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?" in the late 1990s.. (NT) -- At the time, Conger said she needed the money for mentally ill mother., Sunday, April 14, 09:39:28pm
  • I just checked Darva Conger Arellano's Instagram page and she posted on March 10 that her mom passed away unexpectedly on March 5. -- Message inside, Sunday, April 14, 10:05:25pm
  • Here's a photo of Susan and Darva from 2000 -- RG, Monday, April 15, 07:44:10am
  • IMDb ... -- Her last screen effort was 56 years ago!, Monday, April 15, 08:51:44am
    • FYI: Harrison was the last surviving adult actor from her two most well-known screen efforts -TZ's "Five Characters in Search of an Exit" (1961), and "Sweet Smell of Success" (1957) -with her love interest Martin Milner, who died in 2015. ... -- PHOTO, Monday, April 15, 09:33:10am
      • Last adult actor, as you say. Apparently the little girl who finds the doll at the end of the episode, Mona Houghton , is still alive (NT) -- ., Monday, April 15, 11:36:39am
Ian Cognito, British comedian suffers heart attack, and dies on stage. Audience thinks it's part of the act. ... Dead at 60. Monday, April 15, 01:04:52pm 11
  • Sounds like a repeat of comedian Tommy Cooper's death back in 1984, minus the national TV audience. (NT) -- Comedy is tough!, Friday, April 12, 09:58:23am
    • Same thing happened to Redd Foxx on the set of his sitcom, suffering a major heart attack. The cast and crew thought he was doing his Fred Sanford schtick. (NT) -- I wonder how those who witnessed it, feel about it all?, Friday, April 12, 10:01:22am
    • That happened 35 years ago today (NT) -- Tony, Monday, April 15, 01:04:52pm
  • How quickly people forget about.... (NT) -- Dick Shawn, Friday, April 12, 11:28:43am
    • Harry Einstein, father of Albert Brooks, had just finished a monologue at a Friars Club Roast when he slumped over into Milton Berle's lap -- Berle shouted "Is there a doctor in the house?!", Friday, April 12, 12:11:38pm
      • Maybe we should start numbering these anecdotes. (NT) -- That way, instead of repeating the whole thing, we can just type "12.", Saturday, April 13, 11:39:58am
        • LOL (NT) -- Russ, Saturday, April 13, 11:43:20am
      • More to the story... -- DerBingle, Saturday, April 13, 01:49:01pm
        • 12! (NT) -- Russ, Saturday, April 13, 03:47:29pm
  • British comedian dies on stage during act... -- Sherlock, Saturday, April 13, 11:10:03am
David Brion Davis, Prizewinning Historian of Slavery Dead at 92 Monday, April 15, 12:43:11pm 1
Emira Lymon Bryant, widow of singer Frankie Lymon (died 1968) R.I.P. Monday, April 15, 12:00:33pm 4
  • "He was just my broke husband." - Emira after winning her court case as Frankie's legitimate spouse. (NT) -- ., Sunday, April 14, 11:54:48pm
    • Zola Taylor of the Platters & Elizabeth Waters also claimed to be Lymon's legal spouse (NT) -- ., Monday, April 15, 11:33:22am
    • Emira was portrayed by actress Lela Rochon in the 1998 Franky Lymon biopic, "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" ... -- PHOTO of cast, Monday, April 15, 12:00:33pm
John MacLeod, Longtime Phoenix Suns Coach Dead at 81 Monday, April 15, 11:47:23am 2
John MacLeod, former head coach of the Phoenix Suns Dies at 81 Sunday, April 14, 09:48:31pm 1
Today's birthdays- Singer Loretta Lynn is 87 Other birthdays, Apr. 14- Sunday, April 14, 09:16:50pm 6
  • Adm. Geoffrey Dalton is 88, hockey player Paul Masnick is 88, politician Cameron Parker is 87, racer Paddy Hopkirk is 86, physicist Yuri Oganessian is 86, philosopher Fredric Jameson is 85, politician Susan Cunliffe-Lister is 84 (NT) -- Bishop John Oliver is 84, writer Erich von Dдniken is 84, golfer Bobby Nichols is 83, ex- policeman Frank Serpico is 83, Sunday, April 14, 04:25:38pm
  • April 14thHappy 109th Birthday! Masters Athlete Stanislaw Kowalski, Physicist Viking Olver Eriksen is 97, Politician Joseph Cottet is 96, Philosopher Mary Warnock turns 95. (NT) -- jlp, Sunday, April 14, 04:56:04pm
OT: Helen Forrest Tombstone Fund DerBingle Sunday, April 14, 02:47:39pm 2
  • Sad to go decades without a gravestone. Her son Michael Forrest Feinman died 5 years ago, so he never bothered to honor mama. ... -- Then again, NO one in his family marked his grave, either., Sunday, April 14, 02:47:39pm
Bibi Andersson, Swedish actress dies after stroke. No English obit yet. She was 83 Sunday, April 14, 01:50:00pm 6
  • She suffered a massive stroke in 2009. Was barely able to walk or speak. (NT) -- ., Sunday, April 14, 10:35:18am
  • First U.S. news about her death. The Washington Times also has an obit just out -- ., Sunday, April 14, 11:33:14am
    • Imdb -- ,, Sunday, April 14, 11:45:13am
  • Frequent collaborator in Ingmar Bergman films. (NT) -- Rest in Peace, Bibi, Sunday, April 14, 11:46:40am
  • New York Times obit -- ., Sunday, April 14, 01:50:00pm
Late Sen. John McCain's dog Burma dies In "tragic accident" Sunday, April 14, 01:45:39pm 9
  • The term "tragic accident" is code for someone in the family drove over the dog. (NT) -- Yeeessh., Tuesday, April 09, 12:28:02pm
    • Wouldn't surprise me if Stephen Miller's car was seen in the area (NT) -- Russ, Tuesday, April 09, 03:42:15pm
    • Old Roberta, 107, probably backed over the dog. She said in an interview about 10 years ago that she racked up several speeding and reckless driving tickets while driving around Europe. I think was 96 at the time. (NT) -- R.I.P Burma, Tuesday, April 09, 08:12:21pm
Healthwatch: Joan Collins treated for smoke inhalation After 'terrifying' house fire Sunday, April 14, 01:18:56pm 2
Charles Gross, Husband of Joyce Carol Oates Dead at 83 Sunday, April 14, 12:44:44pm 2
  • Wife Joyce Carol Oates has now been widowed twice! -- First husband (47-year marriage) educator, author, and book editor Raymond J. Smith died in 2008, at 77., Sunday, April 14, 12:24:10pm
Actor David Foster Dies at 64 Sunday, April 14, 12:29:25pm 4
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, April 14, 11:43:57am
    • Not to be confused with musician, record producer, composer, songwriter, and multiGRAMMY winning arranger David Foster, 70. (NT) -- Jess Sayin, Sunday, April 14, 12:20:12pm
      • I had a feeling someone would say that. (NT) -- The chances of anyone confusing the 2 are almost nil although some people on Facebook confused Earl Thomas Conley with John Conlee., Sunday, April 14, 12:28:14pm
Mira Markovic, Widow of Slobodan Milosevic Dead at 76 Sunday, April 14, 11:57:58am 1
Actor Steven Shaw Dies at 82 Sunday, April 14, 11:50:23am 4
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, April 13, 06:52:20pm
Paul Greengard, Recipient of 2000 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine Dies at 93 Sunday, April 14, 11:44:03am 1
TV & Film Gaffer Brian Montague Dies at 78 Sunday, April 14, 11:42:11am 3
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, April 13, 04:47:41pm
Alexa Valiente, Emmy winning ABC News producer Dies at 27 Sunday, April 14, 11:14:42am 3
April 13thHappy 103rd Birthday! Writer/Composer Minette Allton, Actor Shin Otomo is 100, Nurse/Author Marthe Cohn is 99, Physicist Louis Witen is 98, Activist Lucile Times is 97, Writer Hilda Montaire is 97, Economist Per Kleppe is 96, (NT) jlp Sunday, April 14, 10:18:03am 14
  • Football's David Gray is 96, Horticulturist Mary Spiller is 96, Actress Marja Goud is 90, Journalist Jurgen Lorenz turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Friday, April 12, 09:04:18pm
  • April 13thHappy Birthday! Actor Doug McGrath (84) Actor Lyle Waggoner (84) Actor Edward Fox (82) Actor Paul Sorvino (80) Actor Tony Dow (74) (NT) -- Colt, Friday, April 12, 09:08:32pm
  • ARCHIVE: April 13, 1919 It was a century ago today, that Stage & Screen actor Howard Keel, whose tall build and rich bass-baritone singing voice, launched a musical film career in the 1950s in films like "Show Boat, Annie Get Your Gun, and Kiss Me Kate, all the way through the 1990s dramatic TV efforts like oil baron 'Clayton Farlow' on TV's DALLAS for a decade. Keel, 85, died of cancer in 2004. HAPPY 100! ... -- Bio & PHOTO, Saturday, April 13, 11:07:18am
    • Other birthdays, Apr. 13- -- Happy birthdays!, Saturday, April 13, 11:37:01am
    • TCM finally got it right. They've dedicated the day's scheduling to Keel, in honor of his centennial birthday! .... -- Well done., Saturday, April 13, 12:27:33pm
      • Philosopher Rosemary Haughton is 92, ex- US Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell is 86, hockey coach John Muckler is 85, historian Pierre Rosenberg is 83, singer Col Joye is 82, athlete Klaus Lehnertz is 81, diplomat John Weston is 81 (NT) -- ., Saturday, April 13, 04:25:13pm
    • FUN FACT: Howard Keel was once father-in-law to actor Edward James Olmos! (NT) -- Keel's grandson Micos Olmos is older than Howard Keel's DAUGHTER with his 3rd wife., Sunday, April 14, 10:18:03am
Millie Drew Kelly, 6, shot and killed by her 4 year old brother playing with a loaded gun kept by their parents in the car's center console Russ Sunday, April 14, 08:13:10am 3
  • According to Georgia state law, NO permit is needed to carry a firearm in a person's home, place of business, or vehicle! YAA! -- 'merica!, Sunday, April 14, 02:58:28am
April 12thHappy 103rd Birthday! Writer Beverly Cleary, Religious Figure Tich Pho Tue is 102, Dancer Shona Dunlop MacTavish is 99, Famed Impostor Enric Marco is 98, (NT) jlp Sunday, April 14, 01:39:56am 14
  • Actress Jacqueline Duc is 97, Actress Jane Withers is 93, Screenwriter Alvin Sargent is 92, Actor Hardy Kruger is 90, Act,ress Evamaria Bath turns 90 (NT) -- jlp, Thursday, April 11, 09:02:41pm
  • I assume that Beverly Cleary is now the oldest lived majorly successful author of all-time? (NT) -- Anyone beg to differ?, Thursday, April 11, 09:13:43pm
    • British Novelist Ida Pollock sold millions of books before dying in 2013 at age 105. I don't think her numbers come nearly close to Cleary's 92 million books old. (NT) -- ., Thursday, April 11, 09:22:16pm
    • Herman Wouk turns 104 next month. (NT) -- ., Thursday, April 11, 09:28:54pm
  • April 12thHappy Birthday! Actor Hardy Krьger (91) Composer Herbie Hancock (79) Actor Dan Lauria (72) TV Host David Letterman (72) Actor Tom Noonan (68) (NT) -- Colt, Thursday, April 11, 09:33:20pm
    • Other birthdays, Apr. 12- -- Happy birthdays!, Friday, April 12, 12:01:22pm
      • Musician Billy Vaughn was born 100 years ago today (died 1991) -- Bio, Friday, April 12, 12:20:38pm
        • Athlete- politician John Landy is 89, philosopher Bryan Magee is 89, sculptor Manuel Neri is 89, actor Jean-Pierre Marielle is 87, politician Kennedy Simmonds is 83, writer- director Alan Ayckbourn is 80, athlete Johnny Raper is 80 (NT) -- ., Friday, April 12, 12:24:58pm
      • "Let Me Love You Tonight" - Pure Prairie League with Vince Gill -- Video, Friday, April 12, 12:45:04pm
        • "Bring on the Dancing Horses" - Echo And the Bunnymen -- Video, Friday, April 12, 12:47:04pm
          • "Born to Be Wild" -- Steppenwolf, Friday, April 12, 04:37:53pm
            • "Santa Monica" -- Everclear, Friday, April 12, 04:38:57pm
  • It's hard to believe ill-fated actress Rebecca Schaeffer would have been 51 today! She was murdered in summer 1989 -30 years(!) ago, by fan/stalker Robert Bardo, who was later convicted to life imprisonment. ... -- VIDEO, Sunday, April 14, 01:39:56am
Lydia Wideman and Yvette Williams, Pioneering women Gold Medal champions of the 1952 Olympics Dead at 98 and 89 Saturday, April 13, 08:34:45pm 2
OT: Question Do you think actor Robert Sorrells will be let out of prison before he dies? He is 88 I wonder what kind of shape he is in? He probably gets more health care just by being in there. (NT) Colt Saturday, April 13, 07:31:46pm 12
  • Tuff Call , at this point he probably needs costly care to survive , if he has family to take him in release him , if not better to let him stay in jail (NT) -- Lemnpiper ( cost for elderly prisoners are 3 times high than younger ones), Saturday, April 13, 11:13:51am
  • Why? He murdered someone and tried to murder another when he was 74. He should die in there. (NT) -- No sympathy for him., Saturday, April 13, 11:33:18am
  • I was surprised John Hinckley Jr. was released. (NT) -- At least he wasn't released until six months after Nancy Reagan died., Saturday, April 13, 07:01:24pm
Actor Michael Hartson Dies at 56 Saturday, April 13, 04:40:45pm 3
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, April 13, 02:11:18pm
Sam Pilafian, Musician performed with Boston Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the Duke Ellington Orchestra and Pink Floyd Dead at 69 Saturday, April 13, 04:32:11pm 2
Paul Raymond, Guitarist/keyboardist of UFO Dead at 73 Saturday, April 13, 04:30:41pm 2
  • "Doctor Doctor" -- UFO, Saturday, April 13, 04:30:41pm
Johnny Hutchinson, Drummer for the Big Three, occasionally played with the Beatles Dead at 80 Saturday, April 13, 04:27:24pm 2
  • "Some Other Guy" -- The Big Three, Saturday, April 13, 04:27:24pm
Healthwatch: The National Enquirer "Unlikely to survive another 5 years" Saturday, April 13, 03:16:49pm 2
Singer Earl Thomas Conley has died per an announcement on twitter by Blake Shelton He was 77 Saturday, April 13, 02:23:22pm 19
  • Had 18 Number 1 hits on the U.S. Country Music charts. (NT) -- ., Wednesday, April 10, 10:06:44am
  • Country music radio WYRK also reporting his passing this morning -- ., Wednesday, April 10, 10:30:15am
  • Longer obit with career highlights -- ., Wednesday, April 10, 11:09:53am
  • Has the unique distinction of being the only country music artist to ever appear on "Soul Train." Making a musical appearance in 1986. (NT) -- Funky brother, Wednesday, April 10, 11:13:23am
    • Here's Earl Thomas Conley & Anita Pointer on "Solid Gold" in 1986 -- ., Wednesday, April 10, 11:30:29am
    • I don't think that's correct. I have distinct memories of watching Charley Pride on there in the early 1980s with his hit single, "Night Games" (NT) -- Released in 1982, he was the last black country artist to have a #1 until 2008, Wednesday, April 10, 11:47:21am
  • "Shadow of a Doubt" - Earl Thomas Conley -- R.I.P., Wednesday, April 10, 11:38:57am
    • "Crowd Around the Corner" - Earl Thomas Conley -- One of the best songs he ever recorded., Wednesday, April 10, 11:48:05am
      • Neither ABC nor NBC News reported his death. If a Pop or R & B performer had 18 number one hits, you can bet the media would report their death (NT) -- Sad, Thursday, April 11, 11:56:05am
        • Even though he had some great hits, he was largely seen as disposable; his music was considered the nadir of commercialism of country music, a slick sound that has no root in the genre's long and varied history. -- Sad, but true., Thursday, April 11, 01:06:08pm
          • It also didn't help that he walked away from his career the minute the singles stopped being instant hits. He only released two studio albums between 1989 and his death, the last one being in 1998, and he stopped touring. (NT) -- He left the public eye, and the public forgot about him. It happens., Thursday, April 11, 01:08:59pm
            • "Smokey Mountain Memories" - Mel Street (co-written by Earl Thomas Conley) -- Video, Thursday, April 11, 02:01:45pm
            • And interestingly he never came close to hitting Billboard's Hot 100 or even the Bubbling Under chart. Country hits that sold well also hit the pop charts. I'm guessing his songs were country radio-friendly but nobody bought them. (NT) -- Russ, Thursday, April 11, 03:46:35pm
        • It's breaking now. Variety, Fox News and People all have posted obits (NT) -- Russ, Thursday, April 11, 03:21:54pm
          • Finally! (NT) -- I wonder why it took so long?, Saturday, April 13, 02:23:22pm
High school principal dies after donating kidney to stranger Derrick Nelson was 44 Friday, April 12, 05:34:51pm 4
April 11thHappy Birthday! Actor Jack Betts (90) Actor Henri Garcin (90) Actor Joel Grey (87) Actress Louise Lasser (80) Director John Milius (75) Actor Peter Riegert (72) Actor Jay Benedict (68) (NT) Colt Friday, April 12, 05:20:00pm 13
  • April 11thHappy 114th Birthday! Supercentenarian Antonia Valderrama, Activist Maura McNiel is 98, Philosopher Henri Dominique Saffrey is 98, Physicist Richardo Carezani is 98, Businessman David H. Murdockis 96, Gov't Official Emil Scowcroft is 94, (NT) -- jlp, Wednesday, April 10, 09:07:02pm
  • Ethel Kennedy is 91, Actor Jack Betts is 90, Actress Halina Pawlowicz is 90, Actor Henri Garcin is 90, Military Figure Carlyle "Smitty" Harris is 90, Magician Mark Wilson turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Wednesday, April 10, 09:07:59pm
  • Is actress Margo Woode 97 today? (NT) -- jude, Thursday, April 11, 07:10:27pm
  • Currently lives in Scottsdale AZ. (NT) -- (NT), Thursday, April 11, 08:25:04pm
  • Who is Emil Scowcroft? Do you mean Brent Scowcroft? (NT) -- He turned 94 on March 19., Friday, April 12, 04:45:16pm
  • Apologies...Musician Emil Mangelsdorff tuns 94. (NT) -- jlp, Friday, April 12, 05:20:00pm
Gary Stewart, Veteran of Rhino Records and Apple Music Dead at 62 Friday, April 12, 04:44:17pm 1
Wayne Pomeroy, WW 2 hero, ex- Mayor of Mesa, Az. Dead at 96 Friday, April 12, 04:36:10pm 1
Clark Gable’s grandson died from fentanyl overdose Says coroner Friday, April 12, 02:23:35pm 1
Archive: BoxCar Willie, Apr. 12, 1999 Singer Friday, April 12, 01:19:06pm 1
Archive: Sugar Ray Robinson, Apr. 12, 1989 Boxer Friday, April 12, 01:17:36pm 1
Archive: Abbie Hoffman, Apr. 12, 1989 Activist, ("Yippie") Friday, April 12, 01:15:05pm 1
Soni Methu, former CNN International "Inside Africa" TV show host dies suddenly of illness She was 34 Friday, April 12, 12:02:58pm 2
  • Pics- -- ., Friday, April 12, 12:02:58pm
Ex-NFL player Cierre Wood charged with murder Suspected of abusing 5 year old girl who died Friday, April 12, 11:59:04am 1
Nancy Gates 1926-2019 American actress. I find it utterly odd that British media has beaten every American media outlet on this one! Not a single word anywhere... Fredrik Andersson Friday, April 12, 08:28:21am 4
  • I remember her best in low-key thriller "Suddenly" starring Sterling Hayden and Frank Sinatra. -- Trailer, Friday, April 12, 01:48:07am
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, April 12, 04:01:35am
Forrest Gregg, Hall of Fame football player and coach Dies at 85 Friday, April 12, 07:19:01am 1
Crimewatch: The Trivago guy charged with DUI after he was found passed out behind the wheel of his car. FOX News Friday, April 12, 02:48:08am 1
One dead, three others injured in shooting at Nipsey Hussle memorial walk Per LAPD Thursday, April 11, 09:56:13pm 1
Scott Sanderson, Former MLB pitcher Dead at 62 Thursday, April 11, 05:42:50pm 2
Walter White, Played for the KC Chiefs Dead at 62 Thursday, April 11, 04:28:14pm 3
  • No "Breaking Bad" jokes, please (NT) -- Jesse Pinkman, Thursday, April 11, 04:25:09pm
  • Actually, he was 67 (NT) -- ., Thursday, April 11, 04:28:14pm
Crime watch: Actress Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli indicted on fraud & money laundering charges in college admissions scandal. FOX News Thursday, April 11, 01:50:11pm 5
  • She and her daughter were seen on Beverly Hills street laughing hysterically before shopping outting in front of TMZ cameras, on Sunday. NOT a good look, if you want to win public favor, these days. (NT) -- Contrition Cal, Tuesday, April 09, 12:19:49pm
Healthwatch: Eric Wilson, Bassist for Sublime Seriously injured in ATV accident Thursday, April 11, 01:38:09pm 1
Michael Fleming, Drummer performed with Bo Diddley Dead at 70 Thursday, April 11, 01:36:39pm 1
R.V. Burgin, Author and Marine portrayed in HBO's 'The Pacific,' Dead at 96 Thursday, April 11, 01:33:20pm 1
ARCHIVE: April 10, 1975 Veteran actress Marjorie Main, best known as a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer contract player in the 1940s and 1950s, and for her role as Ma Kettle in ten Ma and Pa Kettle film series, dies 17 years after reitring, succumbing to lung cancer on April 10, 1975, at the age 85. ... Bio & PHOTO Thursday, April 11, 12:33:03pm 4
An anyone confirm that June Gibson is still alive? (NT) I’m wondering if she passed since she hasn’t been interviewed in 15 years Thursday, April 11, 12:28:45pm 6
  • Ummm....who? (NT) -- Art Tikulate, Thursday, April 11, 02:14:32am
  • Julie Gibson -- Actress born in 1913, Thursday, April 11, 04:59:19am
  • Julie Gibson -- Me, Thursday, April 11, 06:00:02am
Archive: April 11, 2013 Jonathan Winters dies at 87 Actor & Comedian Thursday, April 11, 11:50:26am 2
Edda Goering,daughter of Hermann Goering died aged 80 on 21st December 2018. Sherlock Thursday, April 11, 11:49:22am 5
  • "Hitler has only got one ball...Gцring has two, but very small...Himmler is rather sim'lar...But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all !" -- -sung to the tune of "Colonel Bogey March"., Tuesday, March 12, 10:59:08am
    • additional info -- Stephen Urbaniak, Wednesday, April 10, 06:41:09pm
    • "Whistle while you work, Hitler is a jerk, Mussolini pulled his weenie, now it doesn't work!" (NT) -- My mom sang this ditty in the 50's, Thursday, April 11, 11:49:22am
Charles Van Doren, Professor who was involved in the TV quiz show scandals of the 1950's Dies at 93 Thursday, April 11, 11:41:27am 14
  • He came from a very distinguished family of Pulitzer Prize winners. (NT) -- ., Wednesday, April 10, 08:02:20am
  • Made the cover of Time Magazine on February 11, 1957 (NT) -- ., Wednesday, April 10, 08:05:57am
  • It's quite amazing that both Van Doren and the contestant he "defeated," Herb Stempel (still alive) both lived for over 60 years after the "Twenty One" show cheating scandal. (NT) -- egee33, Wednesday, April 10, 08:29:13am
  • His cheating incident was featured in the1994 film "Quiz Show." (NT) -- ., Wednesday, April 10, 08:29:37am
  • He broke his silence in this 2008 essay in the New Yorker ..... -- Ed Tracey, Wednesday, April 10, 09:49:53am
  • When told that his run as Twenty-One champion was to end, Van Doren had to pretend not to know who the King of Belgium was. Lawyer Vivienne Nearing 'won'. (NT) -- DialMForMovies, Thursday, April 11, 03:06:12am
April 10thHappy 114th Birthday! Supercentenarian Kame Ganeko, Spercentenarian Yoshikazu Yamashita is 112, Author Draja Mickaharic is 107, Journalist H. S. Doreswamy is 101, Resistance Fighter Cecile Rol-Tanguy is 100, Singer Marilyn Maye is 91,\ (NT) jlp Thursday, April 11, 10:55:14am 15
  • Actor Max von Sydow is 90, Actor Mircea Basta is 90, Actor David Daniels is 90, Production Manager Tom Sachs is 90, Actress Liz Sheridan turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Tuesday, April 09, 09:03:09pm
  • April 10thHappy Birthday! Actor Lee Weaver (89) Actor Milt Kogan (83) Actress Claudette Nevins (82) Actor Paolo Malco (72) (NT) -- Colt, Tuesday, April 09, 09:22:09pm
    • Punk Singer Lee Ving (69) Actor Steven Seagal (67) Actor Peter MacNicol (65) Actress Deborah Rush (65) (NT) -- Colt, Tuesday, April 09, 09:23:31pm
      • Sportscaster John Madden is 83 today -- Other birthdays, Apr. 10-, Wednesday, April 10, 11:17:05am
        • Since Max Von Sydow & Liz Sheridan both turn 90 today, I wondered if they could be connected -- They can!, Wednesday, April 10, 11:25:32am
          • Athlete John Watkins is 96, musician Claude Bolling is 89, labor leader Dolores Huerta is 89, Archbishop Peter Hollingworth is 84, athlete John Howell is 83, writer Claudio Magris is 80 (NT) -- ., Wednesday, April 10, 04:50:51pm
            • "How Long You Wanna Live, Anyway?" - Stray Cats -- Brian Setzer, 60 today!, Wednesday, April 10, 05:03:07pm
              • "Walking on Sunshine" -- Katrina and the Waves, Wednesday, April 10, 05:04:30pm
        • "Walking on Sunshine" is my #2 most hated song of the 80's. (NT) -- The only song I hate more is "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John, Wednesday, April 10, 05:27:47pm
  • Yes Sunshine was THE WORST song of that time! (NT) -- ONJ, Wednesday, April 10, 05:43:12pm
    • Not even close. (NT) --, Thursday, April 11, 03:50:46am
    • My two worst tune pix of all time ... -- Yeeesh., Thursday, April 11, 09:50:58am
    • Sunshine not even top 10 worse. Ever hear/see this one? -- Scoobie, Thursday, April 11, 10:55:14am
Archive: Dixie Carter, Apr. 10, 2010 Actress Wednesday, April 10, 05:09:13pm 2
Archive: April 10, 1991 Natalie Schafer dies at 90 Actress Wednesday, April 10, 05:00:55pm 4
  • 3 stars of "Gilligan's Island" died within 2 years- Jim Backus (July 3, 1989) Alan Hale (Jan. 2, 1990) & Natalie Schafer (Apr.10, 1991) (NT) -- ., Wednesday, April 10, 11:12:49am
Dead body found at the Oregon home of missing former Disney Mouseketeer Dennis Day. The 76 year old was reported missing on July 15th . Wednesday, April 10, 05:00:22pm 11
  • He was reported missing by his "husband" (NT) -- Another one!, Saturday, April 06, 07:12:29am
  • I really am trying to understand this case. So, he went "missing" July 15, but the body was found IN his own home last week, months after cops searched it? How long had he been dead?? -Mo info ... -- And just 11 days after he was reported missing in July, cops found his car 200 miles away in the possession of 2 strangers claiming Day had let them borrow it? Were they arrested??, Sunday, April 07, 10:41:35am
  • Yahoo Blunder - Dennis Day -- DerBingle, Tuesday, April 09, 06:55:25pm
    • On a side note, speaking of old Dennis Day...FUN FACT: Didja know he and his wife had 10 kids together?? (NT) -- On his spare time, Day (1916-1988) was brother-in-law of actress Ann Blythe, of "Mildred Pierce" fame!, Tuesday, April 09, 07:04:28pm
      • 10 kids? “I love my cigar too but I take it out of my mouth every once in a while.” (NT) -- Groucho Marx, Wednesday, April 10, 03:53:44pm
        • I'd always loved that Groucho quote that was speculated never happened -if truly said on "You Bet Your Life", would surely never had made air. But, I also remember George Feneman repeating it on a Groucho 1985 biodoc, in his opinion, true. ... -- Here's more backstory on the joke, which likely was said (and censored) from his RADIO show (precuser to TV series)., Wednesday, April 10, 05:00:22pm
Archive: Chuck Willis, Apr. 10, 1958 Singer Wednesday, April 10, 04:58:30pm 2
Archive: Emiliano Zapata, Apr. 10, 1919 Mexican Revolution figure Wednesday, April 10, 04:55:11pm 2
Actor & Writer Danny Lacy dies at 29 Son of Jerry Lacy & Julia Duffy Wednesday, April 10, 02:55:02pm 4
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, April 10, 01:55:20am
  • The obituary page has been taken down. (NT) -- Sharon, Wednesday, April 10, 02:55:02pm
Eric LaJuan Summers, award winning Broadway dancer and actor Dies at 36 Wednesday, April 10, 11:21:45am 4
Eric LaJuan Summers, Broadway Performer (Kinky Boots, Motown, Elf) Dead at 36 Wednesday, April 10, 11:13:44am 2
Healthwatch: The Dalai Lama Hospitalized with chest infection Wednesday, April 10, 10:06:43am 3
OT: Hollywood Legend Audrey Hepburn was WWII resistance spy. NY Post Wednesday, April 10, 08:52:46am 1
Derrick Nelson, NJ High School principal and U.S. Army officer dies during bone marrow donation procedure He was 44 Wednesday, April 10, 08:44:39am 1
ARCHIVE: April 9, 2001 Willie Stargell, MLB Hall of Famer who played exclusively for the Pittsburgh Pirates, helped earn the team 6 NL East division titles, 2 NL pennants, and 2 World Series (1971/1979), dies of heart failure just 2 days before the unveiling of his larger-than-life statue, at the Pirates' new stadium, PNC Park at opening-day ceremonies. He was 61. ... Bio & PHOTO Wednesday, April 10, 07:16:54am 4
  • Wasn't Stargell sued by the golddigging mother of the golddigging actress Robin Givens, for spreading an STD, sometime in the 1980s?? (NT) -- Seems it made the news back then?, Tuesday, April 09, 06:53:22pm
    • No. (NT) -- ., Wednesday, April 10, 05:56:13am
    • That was Dave Winfield (NT) -- Another Hall of Famer, Wednesday, April 10, 07:16:54am
Comic Book Writer James Hudnall Dies at 61 Wednesday, April 10, 06:01:27am 1
Healthwatch: Stevie Nicks Cancels gigs due to flu Tuesday, April 09, 05:05:10pm 1
Mary Jo Guthrie Edgmon, Sister of Folk music legend Woody Guthrie Dead at 96 Tuesday, April 09, 01:43:03pm 2
Son of "Chicago Fire" actor dies after beating Chicago Tuesday, April 09, 12:51:07pm 1
Archive: Kurt Cobain, Apr. 1994 Musician Tuesday, April 09, 11:37:10am 3
Physics Nobel Prize Recipient (2016) UK's Trinity Hall Cambridge Professor David Thouless, has died at 84. … Cambridge, England Tuesday, April 09, 11:16:34am 1
Film Editor Barry Malkin Dies at 80 Tuesday, April 09, 11:02:04am 4
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, April 05, 03:16:02pm
    • 2nd Marlon Brando related obit today. He worked on "The Freshman" as well as several "Godfather" projects (NT) -- ., Friday, April 05, 03:55:40pm
      • Barry Malkin's co-editor for "Godfather 2" Richard Marks, died just 4 months ago, on New Years Eve. (NT) -- Inexplicably, neither man were nominated for their brilliant editing efforts, for the classic film!, Tuesday, April 09, 11:02:04am
Marilynn Smith, LPGA Founder & World Golf Hall of Fame Member Dies at 89 Tuesday, April 09, 06:58:31am 1
"James Bond" Actress Nadja Regin ("From Russia With Love" "Goldfinger") Dies at 87 Monday, April 08, 08:33:14pm 7
  • IMDb -- -, Monday, April 08, 07:04:49am
  • Comes on the heels of Tania Mallet's death (NT) -- And Eunice Gayson last June, Monday, April 08, 07:34:17am
    • Here is Regin's big pre-credits scene from "Goldfinger" as a henchman ruins Connery & Regin's night! ... -- VIDEO, Monday, April 08, 10:21:44am
      • "Shocking. ...Positively shocking." (NT) -- Q, Monday, April 08, 05:34:38pm
      • Here is recent VIDEO of Regin describing her experience and advocacy toward global Hospice care, sharing memories of "From Russia With Love" co-star's painful terminal illness at the time of filming. ... -- 2018 VIDEO, Monday, April 08, 05:44:00pm
Seymour Cassell has died per an announcement by his actor friend Vincent Curatola Dies at 84 Monday, April 08, 04:57:20pm 9
  • Sorry Cassel with one L. (NT) -- ., Monday, April 08, 12:01:05pm
    • Imdb -- ., Monday, April 08, 12:02:50pm
      • Appeared on TZ as Jerry the elevator operator in "The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross" (NT) -- R.I.P., Monday, April 08, 12:16:07pm
        • Confirmed -- Link, Monday, April 08, 12:26:53pm
  • He was a Supporting Actor Oscar nominee for John Cassavetes' "Faces". (NT) -- egee33, Monday, April 08, 12:29:57pm
    • He also appeared as "Cancelled", one of Colonel Gumm's henchmen, in the 1960s Batman TV episode "A Piece of the Action", which also featured guest stars Van Williams and Bruce Lee as The Green Hornet and Kato (NT) -- ., Monday, April 08, 12:35:12pm
  • Hollywood Reporter Obit -- Seymour Cassel, Familiar Face in Cassavetes Films, Dies at 84, Monday, April 08, 01:05:16pm
    • Guitarist Slash (real name Saul Hudson), who was childhood friends with Cassel's son, credited Cassel with giving him his nickname, because he was always zipping from one place to another and never sitting still (NT) -- ., Monday, April 08, 04:57:20pm
Lou Weiss, Chairman Emeritus of the William Morris Agency Dead at 101 Monday, April 08, 04:52:19pm 1
April 8thHappy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Katsuko Nakajima, Historian Charles P. Roland is 101, Actress Romola Nemeth is 100/98 (?), WW2 Figure Phyllis Latour is 98, Costume Designer Helen Colvig is 97, Actress Naomi Scher is 97, (NT) jlp Monday, April 08, 04:49:11pm 12
  • Comedian Shecky Greene is 93, Theologian Jurgen Moltman is 93, Baseball's Charlie Maxwell is 92, Continuity (Studio Hairdresser) Peggy Spirito turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Sunday, April 07, 09:04:43pm
  • April 8thHappy Birthday! Actor Jack O'Halloran (76) Actor Stuart Pankin (73) Actor Tim Thomerson (73) Actress Suzanna Love (69) (NT) -- Colt, Sunday, April 07, 09:21:21pm
  • Costume Designer Helen Colvig (96 today) was costume designer for a few Don Siegel/Clint Eatwood films -"Coogan's Bluff" (1968), "Two Mules for Sister Sara"(1970), '"Play Misty For Me" (1971), "The Beguiled" (1971)! (NT) -- And was the costume designer to the awesome "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" (1971)!, Sunday, April 07, 10:07:35pm
    • Other birthdays, Apr. 8- -- Happy birthdays!, Monday, April 08, 11:43:39am
      • Architect Henry N. Cobb is 93, ex- US Rep. Albert Bustamante is 84, journalist Seymour Hersh is 82, politician John Hamm is 81, mathematician Mary Gray is 81, biologist John Arbuthnott is 80 (NT) -- ., Monday, April 08, 01:09:21pm
        • Here's Shecky Greene on The Hollywood Palace (intro by Groucho Marx) April 17, 1965 -- ., Monday, April 08, 04:42:22pm
          • An Evening With Darlene (Gillespie) -- On "The Mickey Mouse Club", Monday, April 08, 04:43:54pm
            • "Que Sera Sera" -- The Lennon Sisters, Monday, April 08, 04:45:23pm
Sandy Ratcliff, British actress Dead at 70 Monday, April 08, 03:53:53pm 2
  • Imdb -- ., Monday, April 08, 03:53:53pm
County Music Star Jim Glaser (Tompall & the Glaser Brothers) Dies at 82 Monday, April 08, 01:20:16pm 5
  • "You're Gettin' To Me Again" -- Jim Glaser, Sunday, April 07, 11:59:07am
  • I don't understand how I missed this one. (NT) -- Extremely confused right now., Monday, April 08, 01:16:44pm
April 8 2014 Ultimate Warrior aged 54 (NT) jude Monday, April 08, 10:42:47am 1
OT: Is there anyone here who is good at identifying 1960's movie themes? (This is a serious post.) Thanks, if you can help. Monday, April 08, 05:16:06am 9
  • I have no idea what that's from? (NT) -- Muzak, Friday, April 05, 10:11:03pm
  • It could be from some promo background records the Seeburg jukebox folks put out back then (NT) -- Lemnpiper ( there are examples for sale on Ebay), Saturday, April 06, 01:32:19pm
    • Yes, that's a good point, but the guy who posted the video said that it was a movie theme ("soundtrack") in the description. (In the video itself, he mistakenly refers to it as being "Classical".) (NT) -- James, Saturday, April 06, 02:24:30pm
    • Sounds Like A Sound Track From A B Movie Like Horror, Sci-Fi Or Fantasy -- David S., Monday, April 08, 05:16:06am
  • Thanks to all who tried to help -- I appreciate it. I'll keep checking back. (NT) -- James, Monday, April 08, 02:35:05am
Actress Roberta Haynes Dies at 91 Sunday, April 07, 07:33:02pm 8
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, April 06, 05:44:08pm
    • PHOTO of Roberta Haynes with Gary Cooper ... -- Link, Saturday, April 06, 06:03:02pm
      • I always wondered why in movies from the 40's thru 60's why older men were paired with much younger romantic leads, like Gary Cooper who was 28 years older than Roberta Haynes in "Return to Paradise". Seems Cary Grant was many movies like this. -- Russ, Sunday, April 07, 05:24:58am
        • Thank goodness that practice ended (NT) -- by the 1970s., Sunday, April 07, 07:51:43am
          • Starting in the 1950s, the trend was throwing in ingйnue 'catch of the day' Audrey Hepburn (who was in her 20s) casting her w/much older Gary Cooper 56 ("Love In The Afternoon"), Humphrey Bogart 55 ("Sabrina"), Fred Astaire 58 ("Funny Face"), Rex Harrison 56 ("My Fair Lady"), and Cary Grant 59 ("Charade") as her leading men! (NT) -- Finally casting gap closed with Burt Lancaster, 47 ("The Unforgiven"), and lastly w/William Holden 46, ("Paris When It Sizzles") in the early 1960s., Sunday, April 07, 10:04:40am
            • Roberta Haynes' first film- "Knock on Any Door" with Humphrey Bogart. (NT) -- Her last: "Police Academy 6"., Sunday, April 07, 12:09:49pm
              • Haynes' "co-star" in her last film, was young film series regular actor Paul David Graf, who played 'Officer Tackleberry' in the film series including the aforementioned "Police Academy 6: City Under Siege", and sadly died at age 50, on this date in 2001 -18 years ago today! ... -- Bio & PHOTO, Sunday, April 07, 07:33:02pm
'Whitey' Skoog, early adopter of the jump shot and Lakers star, dies The Forum Sunday, April 07, 07:18:43pm 1
April 7thHappy 99th Birthday! Coach Mick Ewing, Cinematographer Bill Butler is 98, Professor Clifton L. Ganus r. is 97, Actress Margia Dean is 97, Politician Robert Reckman is 97, Chief Superintentdent ( Hong Kong) is 97, Actress Mumtaz Begum is 96, \ (NT) jlp Sunday, April 07, 06:52:33pm 10
  • Historian Russell Stone is 96, Writer Anatoli Shajkevich is 90, Actress Fern Lieberson is 90, Actress Faith Lieberson turns 90, (NT) -- jlp, Saturday, April 06, 09:03:03pm
  • April 7thHappy Birthday! Director Ted Kotcheff (88) Director Francis Ford Coppola (80) Actress Roberta Shore (76) Singer John Oates (70) Actor Jackie Chan (65) (NT) -- Colt, Saturday, April 06, 09:09:26pm
    • Country singer Bobby Bare is 84. Singer Charlie Thomas of The Drifters is 82 -- Other birthdays, Apr. 7th-, Sunday, April 07, 11:56:48am
      • Athlete Leonid Shcherbakov is 92, interior designer Jane Priestman is 89, activist- author Daniel Ellsberg is 88, journalist- politician Hodding Carter III is 84, ex- Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown is 81, writer Iris Johansen is 81 (NT) -- ., Sunday, April 07, 12:54:59pm
        • "All American Boy" -- Bobby Bare, Sunday, April 07, 06:47:05pm
          • The late Billy Adams recorded an answer song -- "Return of the All American Boy", Sunday, April 07, 06:48:28pm
            • "Sweets For My Sweet" -- The Drifters, Sunday, April 07, 06:50:29pm
              • "He's So Fine" -- The Chiffons, Sunday, April 07, 06:51:35pm
Bill Troskie, Film producer ("The Gods Must Be Crazy") Dead at 84 Sunday, April 07, 04:58:32pm 1
Al Wilson, Former WWE character and father Of Hall Of Fame inductee Torrie Wilson Has died Sunday, April 07, 04:52:28pm 1
ARCHIVE: April 8, 1974 Former freckled-faced child actor Bobby Buntrock, best known as 'Harold "Sport" Baxter' on TV's "HAZEL", but retired from acting a few years after its series run, killed in a single-vehicle accident off a water-choked bridge in rural South Dakota. He was 21. ... Bio & PHOTO Sunday, April 07, 04:43:05pm 3
  • In June 1972, former child actor Brandon deWilde was another who was killed in a single-vehicle accident. (NT) -- Brandon deWilde was 30., Sunday, April 07, 03:02:28pm
  • Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's all-time record of 714 home runs (NT) -- on the same date, 8 April 1974, Sunday, April 07, 04:43:05pm
Pro golfer Arie Irawan found dead in hotel in China, apparently of natural causes. He was 28 years old. Russ Sunday, April 07, 03:30:03pm 5
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, April 07, 12:55:54pm
    • So, 28 year old Irawan died hours ago, and Chinese authorities are stating it's "natural causes" already?? (NT) -- Somethng stinks in Sanya!, Sunday, April 07, 01:09:14pm
      • Another to "check out" in a hotel. (NT) -- Peter Finch, David Carradine, Don Drysdale, Whitney Huston, among others., Sunday, April 07, 03:05:18pm
        • Others include comic Robin Harris, actor Ossie Davis, actor Vincent Gardenia, actor James Gandolfini, model Anna Nicole Smith, musicians Janis Joplin, John Entwistle, Michael Hutchence, and Charlie Rich ... (NT) -- ...and political figures Bobby Kennedy and Dr. King were both killed in a hotel., Sunday, April 07, 03:30:03pm
OT: New book claims actress Joi Lansing had lesbian affair in last years of her life She died in 1972, at 44 Sunday, April 07, 02:51:38pm 2
Tim Schrandt, Hilarious obit. Celebrity to his family and probably his community John R Sunday, April 07, 02:46:33pm 3
Michael Busch, Maryland House Speaker, longest serving Speaker in state history Dead at 72 Sunday, April 07, 01:53:49pm 1
British Actress Julia Lockwood (daughter of actress Margaret Lockwood) Dies at 77 Sunday, April 07, 01:16:07pm 6
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, April 07, 08:52:35am
    • Julia Lockwood married veteran actor Ernest Clark (1912-1994), who was nearly 30(!) years her senior! (NT) -- Ernest Clark was 4 years OLDER than his mother-in-law Margaret Lockwood (1916-1990)!, Sunday, April 07, 11:55:53am
      • Well, actress Hayley Mills married Ray Boulting, who was 33 years her senior. (NT) -- ., Sunday, April 07, 11:58:46am
        • Well, her sister Juliet Mills even things out by marrying actor Maxwell Caulfield (b.1959), who is 18 years her JUNIOR! ... -- Maxwell Caulfield was 18 months old when Mills married her 1st hubby, and Caulfield was 13 when "Nanny and the Professor" debuted!, Sunday, April 07, 12:05:40pm
Dewayne "Son" Smith of The Geezinslaw Brothers Dies at 76 Sunday, April 07, 12:04:16pm 2
Healthwatch: Beth Chapman, Wife of Dog “the Bounty Hunter” Chapman Hospitalized Sunday, April 07, 11:55:09am 1
OT: So, what do you think of the Twilight Zone reboot? You can watch the first episode for free on. I just did and... WOW....I think it's great. Your thoughts? Sunday, April 07, 11:02:47am 14
  • I watched it up until the series intro and was not the least bit impressed. The 2002 offering was far better even though I thought it sucked big time back then. Poor Rod is probably turning over in his grave with all the F-bombs. (NT) -- If this pathetic version needs F-bombs to gain viewers then count me out. I seriously doubt Rod would give it his approval., Friday, April 05, 08:43:02pm
  • My Opinion -- DerBingle, Saturday, April 06, 05:12:40am
    • If I had one compliant about it. it's that one. The original Twilight zone faltered when they went to an hour, and this one could've used about 10 to 15 minutes about 10 to 15 minutes of trimming in order to make it a more succinct episode (NT) -- I would have to see more before subscribing, Saturday, April 06, 05:51:11am
    • DerBingle, I agree with you on ... -- theChronicler, Saturday, April 06, 11:08:10am
  • Here's TZ reboot episode #1 -you be the judge (The Twilight Zone - "The Comedian") ... -, Saturday, April 06, 10:42:23am
  • I enjoyed it .... some thoughts -- Ed Tracey, Saturday, April 06, 01:19:26pm
    • I agree w/U on Peele -good college try. And I saw the recent CBS SUnday Morning with Serling's daughter, Jodi -a fine blessing. And "Walking Distance" was my all-time favorite TZ episode, too. -Here Peele discribes his view. ... -- theChronicler, Saturday, April 06, 01:59:07pm
      • OT: the SciFi channel showed three of my favorite original Twilight Zone episodes yesterday. ... -- ., Sunday, April 07, 10:43:56am
        • I too love "It's A Good Life", with child star Billy Mumy, who appeared in THREE TZ episodes -"Long Distance Call", "It's a Good Life", and "In Praise of Pip". -PHOTO ... -- FUN FACT: Though Mumy and actor Bobby Diamond played the same role in that classic 1963 episode, neither met in person until 2009!, Sunday, April 07, 11:02:47am
Screenwriter David Wolf Dies at 76 Sunday, April 07, 09:19:20am 2
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, April 07, 09:19:20am
ARCHIVE: April 6, 2016 Merle Haggard, country singer, songwriter, guitarist, and fiddler, helped create the Bakersfield sound, which is characterized by the twang of the Fender Telecaster and harmony, earning 38 number-one hits on the US country charts, dies at his home in California's Shasta County on his 79th birthday, and interred on his estate. ... Bio & PHOTO Saturday, April 06, 04:56:36pm 1
April 6thHappy 104th Birthday! Cricketer Thelma McKenie, Athlete George Corones is 101, Actress Caren Marsh Doll is 100, Biochemist Edmond H. Fischer is 99, Poet Marie Ponsot is 98, (NT) jlp Saturday, April 06, 01:09:36pm 5
  • Musician Ethmer Roten is 97, Politician Eugenio Scalfasri is 95, Former White House Aide Alexander Butterfield is 93, Biophycicist James Watson is 91, Singer Guylaine Guy is 90, Holocaust Survivor Nanette Blitz Konig turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Friday, April 05, 09:04:30pm
  • April 6thHappy Birthday! Actor Lance Gordon (83) Actor Billy Dee Williams (82) Actor Roy Thinnes (81) Director Barry Levinson (77) Actor John Ratzenberger (72) Actress Janet Agren (70) (NT) -- Colt, Friday, April 05, 10:13:25pm
    • Other birthdays, Apr. 6- -- Happy birthdays!, Saturday, April 06, 12:53:51pm
      • Psychologist- author Ram Dass is 88, attorney Roy Goode is 86, diplomat Tom C. Korologos is 86, painter Helen Berman is 83, scientist Jean-Pierre Changeux is 83, athlete- politician Tom Veivers is 82, politician Andrй Ouellet is 80 (NT) -- Businessman John Sculley is 80, Saturday, April 06, 01:09:36pm
Archive: Gene Pitney, Apr. 5, 2006 Singer Saturday, April 06, 01:04:24pm 1
Archive: Mickey Rooney, Apr. 6, 2014 Actor Saturday, April 06, 01:02:16pm 1
Terry Martin, Former CBS News Producer Dead at 75 Saturday, April 06, 12:57:27pm 1
Fritz Hollings, (D) South Carolina - oldest living former U.S. Senator serving from 1966 to 2005. Also served as South Carolina Governor from 1959 to 1963 Dies at 97 Saturday, April 06, 12:50:35pm 6
  • Also ran for U.S President briefly in 1984. (NT) -- ., Saturday, April 06, 06:25:13am
  • John M. Patterson is now the last living U.S. Governor who served during the 1950's. (NT) -- ., Saturday, April 06, 06:44:15am
  • Jocelyn Burdick, 97, is now the oldest living former Senator (NT) -- Was Senator from ND for less than three months, Saturday, April 06, 07:41:35am
    • Congressional bio -- ,, Saturday, April 06, 12:49:01pm
    • Bob Dole, 95, is 3rd oldest ex- Senator now (NT) -- ., Saturday, April 06, 12:50:35pm
Shawn Smith, Seattle-based singer who fronted bands Brad, Satchel, and Pigeonhed, but who is best known for songs used in saddest episode of The Sopranos Died on Cobain death anniversary, but word is it was from compications of diabetes Saturday, April 06, 11:41:04am 3
  • "The Day Brings" (LIVE) ... -- Shawn Smith, Saturday, April 06, 04:24:26am
  • Obit -- He was 53, Saturday, April 06, 11:41:04am
Daphne Dunne, Prince Harry "Superfan" Dead at 99 Saturday, April 06, 01:59:01am 2
  • Dunne celebrated her 99th birthday just days before she died, and wrote that she received one particularly special birthday card: "A lovely message," she said, from her friends Harry and Meghan. ... -- Her last PHOTO days before her death., Saturday, April 06, 01:59:01am
Archive: Faith Domergue, Apr. 4, 1999 Actress Saturday, April 06, 01:37:02am 11
  • "Protege of Howard Hughes" (NT) -- Does that mean he was schtupping her?, Thursday, April 04, 04:56:09pm
    • Yes, and "schtupping" her with impunity! He started dated her at 15!! ... -- Backstory, Thursday, April 04, 05:49:58pm
      • Age of Consent was lower back then (NT) -- It's currently 16 in a bunch of states, Friday, April 05, 12:36:49pm
      • The math doesn't work here. She wasn't 15 when he "dated" her. She was 18 in 1942 when they met and already out of high school. -- Some people look for scandal where there is none., Friday, April 05, 02:13:37pm
        • I believe the "official" more popularly accepted birthdate is likely incorrect. (NT) -- IMO, probably fudged by Hughe's ppl at the time, and more likely 1927., Friday, April 05, 03:59:31pm
          • There are currently 38 U.S. states with Age of Consent, as under age 18. ... -- I was one babysitter too late, I guess., Friday, April 05, 04:15:53pm
          • She graduated high school in 1942. Considering her birthday is in October, how many people graduate at the age of 14? -- Use a little damn common sense, why don't ya?, Friday, April 05, 05:19:35pm
Actress Katie O'Pace Dies at 67 Friday, April 05, 07:41:03pm 3
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, April 05, 07:36:33pm
O'Jays co-founder Bill Isles Dies at 78 Friday, April 05, 06:25:43pm 2
Actor Chuck Dorsett Dies at 91 Friday, April 05, 04:36:00pm 3
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, April 05, 04:04:46pm
Actress Carmelita Pope Dies at 94 Friday, April 05, 04:16:51pm 10
  • IMDb & IBDB -- -, Friday, April 05, 07:35:44am
  • Longtime childhood friend of Marlon Brando. She died on what would have been Marlon's 95th birthday on April 3. (NT) -- ., Friday, April 05, 08:58:11am
  • Was she the first "Stella" in "Streetcar Named Desire" on Broadway? (NT) -- She played Stella on December 3, 1947, the same night it opened, Friday, April 05, 01:58:30pm
    • Kim Hunter was -- Tony, Friday, April 05, 02:24:47pm
  • She was the spokesperson for "Pam" for over 15 years -- /, Friday, April 05, 04:15:47pm
Actress Rosemary Knower Dies at 76 Friday, April 05, 01:50:53pm 2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, April 05, 01:50:53pm
Healthwatch: Ozzy Osbourne Cancels all 2019 live shows after fall at home Friday, April 05, 01:27:17pm 2
Sydney Brenner, Nobel Prize awarded biologist Dead at 92 Friday, April 05, 12:52:21pm 1
April 5thHappy 102nd Birthday! Author Dorothea Buck, Singer Dorit Tamadge is 100, Academic Nie Yanzi is 98, Filmmaker Stan Waterman is 96, Producer Roger Corman is 93, \ (NT) jlp Friday, April 05, 12:50:50pm 5
  • Writer Joan Andre is 90, Playwright Brian Clark is 90, Actress Altan Karindas is 90, Actor Jurij Soucek turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Thursday, April 04, 09:04:03pm
  • April 5thHappy Birthday! Actor Roger Davis (80) Actress Virginia Kiser (80) Actor David Winters (80) Actor Michael Moriarty (78) Actor Max Gail (76) Director Steve Carver (74) Actor Mitch Pileggi (67) (NT) -- Colt, Thursday, April 04, 09:06:08pm
    • Other birthdays, Apr. 5- -- Happy birthdays!, Friday, April 05, 11:44:18am
      • Wrestler Mahmoud Mollaghasemi is 90, singer- actress Mary Costa is 89, cinematographer Pierre Lhomme is 89, film director Hйctor Olivera is 88, writer John Carey is 85, actor Giovanni Cianfriglia is 84, TV director Glenn Jordan is 83 (NT) -- Writer Joseph Lelyveld is 82, scientist Jean-Pierre Petit is 82, ex- US Sec. of State Colin Powell is 82, Friday, April 05, 12:50:50pm
British Actor John Quarmby Dies at 89 Friday, April 05, 11:50:53am 3
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, April 05, 07:25:34am
Ron "The Ghoul" Swede, Detroit TV Horror host Dead at 70 Thursday, April 04, 11:26:28pm 3
  • News story about "The Ghoul" -- ., Wednesday, April 03, 12:20:44pm
  • It's Sweed, not Swede! (NT) -- Fredrik Andersson, Thursday, April 04, 11:26:28pm
Archive: Bob Clark, Apr. 4, 2007 Film diector ("A Christmas Story") Thursday, April 04, 04:58:42pm 1
Archive: Priscilla Lane, Apr. 4, 1995 Actress Thursday, April 04, 04:51:49pm 1
Archive: Alfred Butts, Apr. 4, 1993 Invented "Scrabble" Thursday, April 04, 04:48:57pm 1
Samya Stumo, Killed in the March 10 crash of a Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane operated by Ethiopian Airlines, was the great- neice of consumer advocate Ralph Nader She was 24 Thursday, April 04, 04:38:30pm 1
Producer Ronald Dunas & ex-husband of actress Joyce Jameson (1932-1987) Dies at 92 Thursday, April 04, 04:32:46pm 5
  • IMDb -- -, Thursday, April 04, 05:56:44am
    • Following her divorce from Dunas, Jameson married actor/songwriter Billy Barnes. -- Sadly, Jameson committed suicide by overdosing on pills on January 16, 1987. She was 54., Thursday, April 04, 11:10:27am
Kitty Tucker, Antinuclear activist who brought national attention to Karen Silkwood case Dead at 75 Thursday, April 04, 04:31:45pm 1
April 4thHappy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Maria Frederic, Engineer/scientist Wilfried de Beauclair is 107, Politician Georg Kriz is 98, Actress Alexandra Myskova is 97, (NT) jlp Thursday, April 04, 04:29:33pm 9
  • Scholar/Poet Marie Mhac an tSaio is 97, Actor Gene Reynolds is 96, Actress Noreen Nash is 95, Actress Estelle Harris turns 91. (NT) -- jlp, Wednesday, April 03, 09:00:55pm
  • April 4thHappy Birthday! Producer Gene Reynolds (96) Actress Estelle Harris (91) Actor Eldon Quick (82) Actor Craig T. Nelson (75) Actor Luke Halpin (72) Actress Simone Griffeth (69) Actress Julie Carmen (65) (NT) -- Colt, Wednesday, April 03, 09:03:29pm
    • Other birthdays, Apr. 4- -- Happy birthdays!, Thursday, April 04, 11:42:37am
      • Composer Monty Norman is 91, Adm. Bobby Ray Inman is 88, politician Catherine Tizard is 88, music exec. Clive Davis is 87, ex- US Sen. Richard Lugar is 87, writer Johanna Reiss is 87, athlete Brian Hewson is 86, writer Trevor Griffiths is 84 (NT) -- Golfer JoAnne Carner is 80, ex- US Rep. Darlene Hooley is 80, Thursday, April 04, 11:52:29am
        • "James Bond Theme" -- Monty Norman, Thursday, April 04, 02:09:06pm
    • True, Gene Reynolds, 96, is a multi-award winning produer, but in his youth 80 years ago, he was one of MGM's premiere teen actors! I saw him last week in the technicolor hit, "The Blue Bird" w/Shirley Temple! ... -- TCM recently aired his starring role in "They Shall Have Music" and "Bad Little Angel", with ill-fated child actress Virginia Weidler (1927–1968). ..., Thursday, April 04, 03:09:39pm
    • Amazing how 3 of 4 of the parents on TV's "Seinfeld" are still living! Today, Actress Estelle Harris, 91 ('Mrs. Costanza'), Jerry Stiller, 91 ('Mr. Costanza'), and Liz Sheridan ('Mrs. Seinfeld') is going to be 90 next week! (NT) -- Actor Barny Martin ('Mr. Seinfeld'), 82, died in 2005., Thursday, April 04, 03:52:50pm
Actor Kevin Scannell Dis at 67 Thursday, April 04, 03:25:54pm 5
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, April 03, 09:24:33pm
    • PHOTO ... -- Link, Thursday, April 04, 02:56:17am
  • I recall his first role when he played a mental patient when George Jefferson accidently got locked inside a mental hospital while delivering laundry on "The Jeffersons." (NT) -- ., Thursday, April 04, 07:34:05am
Winston “Bo Pee” Bowen, Reggae musician, worked with Ziggy Marley, others Dead at 62 Thursday, April 04, 02:15:21pm 1
Man dies after fall from punch by Mexican actor Miami, Fla. Thursday, April 04, 02:11:24pm 1
Healthwatch: Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet (possible 2020 Pres. candidate) Cancer Thursday, April 04, 01:17:35pm 3
  • Link didn't work. ... -- Here's CNN info ..., Thursday, April 04, 01:09:02pm
  • The USA Today link works for me. (NT) -- ., Thursday, April 04, 01:17:35pm
Dan Robbins, Artist who created paint-by-numbers pictures Dead at 93 Thursday, April 04, 11:58:57am 1
Vicki Needham, Reporter for The Hill, appeared on C-SPAN more than 40 times Dead at 50 Thursday, April 04, 11:46:40am 1
John Oddo, Broadway music director and arranger Died Apr. 2nd Thursday, April 04, 11:44:48am 1
Marilyn Taylor Gleason – widow of Jackie Gleason dies at 93 Was sister of June Taylor Thursday, April 04, 11:38:42am 5
  • And away she goes! (NT) -- The Great One, Thursday, April 04, 07:30:10am
    • Epic Fail (NT) -- R.I.P., Thursday, April 04, 07:44:09am
    • Marilyn was little sister to June Taylor, EMMY Award-winning choreographer of her troupe known as 'June Taylor Dancers' of Gleason's long-running TV Variety Show, and died about 15 years ago, at age 86. ... -- PHOTO, Thursday, April 04, 10:48:44am
      • Imdb -- ,, Thursday, April 04, 11:38:42am
Actor Dennis Mientka Dies at 85 Thursday, April 04, 11:21:40am 2
  • IMDb -- -, Thursday, April 04, 11:21:40am
April 3rdHappy 105th Birthday! Military Figure Harry E. Goldsworthy, Composer Enriue Iturriaga is 101, Scholar Marguerite Harl is 100, Art Director Hildegard Bachert is 98, Singer Doris Day is 97, Politician Jean Poudevigne is 97, (NT) jlp Wednesday, April 03, 10:20:41pm 11
  • Politician Poul Schluter is 90, Baseball's Art Ditmar turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Tuesday, April 02, 09:05:43pm
  • April 3rdHappy Birthday! Actor Jan Merlin (94) Actor Lawrence Dane (82) Actor Wolf Kahler (79) Actor Eric Braeden (78) Actress Marsha Mason (77) (NT) -- Colt, Wednesday, April 03, 12:26:54am
    • Singer Wayne Newton (77) Director Lamberto Bava (75) Actor Hunter von Leer (75) Actress Catherine Spaak (74) (NT) -- Colt, Wednesday, April 03, 12:28:33am
      • Few Americans today remember the once ingenue French actress Catherine Spaak (who is 74 today) who I will always remember from the 1967 film "Hotel", with Rod Taylor and Kevin McCarthy, in the now forgotten film, but had a lush and Jazzy soundtrack by composer Johnny Keating. ... -- PHOTO, Wednesday, April 03, 10:41:16am
        • Other birthdays, Apr. 3- -- Happy birthdays!, Wednesday, April 03, 12:03:47pm
          • Richard Thompson - -- "Shoot Out the Lights", Wednesday, April 03, 02:37:20pm
  • Wow, seemed like just last year Doris Day (claims) she didn't even know what year she was born? ....Riiiight. -- And yes, another celeb to outlive a child -son Terry Melcher, 64, died in 2004., Wednesday, April 03, 05:08:47pm
Healthwatch: Singer Britney Spears checks into mental health facility. TMZ Wednesday, April 03, 06:18:25pm 2
Archive: Jessse James, Apr. 3, 1882 Outlaw Wednesday, April 03, 04:41:00pm 1
Clinton Greyn 1933-2019 Welsh actor. Fredrik Andersson Wednesday, April 03, 03:03:11pm 2
OT: Worlds first Jaguar born through artificial insemination eaten buy its own Mother. NY Post Wednesday, April 03, 02:26:38pm 2
Charles Sanna, Man Behind Swiss Miss Cocoa Dead at 101 Wednesday, April 03, 01:13:41pm 3
  • Swiss Miss Instant Cocoa 1977 TV commercial -- With marshmallows!, Wednesday, April 03, 12:13:12pm
    • I remember that ad. The actor in it Robert Ridgely, 65, died in 1997. ... -- I loved him as the gallows executioner in "Blazing Saddles", as he's about to hang a man AND his horse! Reprising role in Brooks' "Men In Tights". ..., Wednesday, April 03, 01:13:41pm
Actor Noah Keen Dies at 98 Wednesday, April 03, 12:44:17pm 10
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, April 03, 03:13:49am
  • Nooooo! Another Twilight Zone alum gone! Noah Keen was in a few of my TZ faves, with "The Arrival" being my favorite, co-starring Fredd Wayne, who died last summer at 93. -R.I.P. ... -- PHOTO, Wednesday, April 03, 04:58:50am
    • Another lead from a TZ episode died just days before Keen, when veteran actor Richard Erdman was in TZ's "A Kind of a Stopwatch" in October 1963, as the obnoxious chatterbox 'McNulty', died just 8 days before Keen, in March! (NT) -- Hope Orson Bean, Earl Holiman, and Carol Bernett are well. ...all TZ leads from classic show., Wednesday, April 03, 10:19:57am
      • And don't forget oldest living Twilight Zone actor Nehemiah Persoff who turns 100 in August. (NT) -- I believe Noah Keen was 2nd oldest surviving original Twilight Zone actor?, Wednesday, April 03, 11:28:19am
        • Noah was second oldest actor then Josip Elic who turned 98 in March (NT) -- Oldest overall is Marsha Hunt who turns 102 on Oct 17th, Wednesday, April 03, 11:48:17am
          • His last TV appearance was in the "Johnny Cakes" episode of "The Sopranos" (NT) -- ., Wednesday, April 03, 12:01:50pm
          • I forgot about Marsha Hunt, 102! She played Diana Hyland's mother in TZ's classic "Spur of the Moment", originally airing February 1964 -55 years ago. -PHOTO ... -- Ironically, poor Diana Hyland died at the very young age of only 41 ...over 40 years ago!, Wednesday, April 03, 12:44:17pm
Singer Kim English has died. Wednesday, April 03, 12:11:37pm 1
Healthwatch: Hall of Fame baseball manager Bobby Cox Hospitalized after suffering possible stroke Wednesday, April 03, 12:10:15pm 1
Healthwatch: Soccer great Pele Hospitalized Wednesday, April 03, 12:09:01pm 1
OT: Question -This summer it will be 50 years since former pro prize fighter Rock Marciano was killed in small plane crash, the day before his wife Barbara's 41st birthday. Sadly, Barbara Marciano died just a few years later, and I was wondering how SHE died in 1974? (NT) Curious Wednesday, April 03, 10:07:38am 6
  • Lung Cancer in 1974 age 46 (NT) -- Crissy Teigen, Tuesday, April 02, 01:52:24pm
  • Mentioned in the Obituary of their diaughter. (link) -- Crissy Teigen, Wednesday, April 03, 05:03:57am
  • On 31 August 1969, the same date that Marciano died in a plane crash, (NT) -- Peter Yarrow of PP&M took liberties with a 14-year-old and served three months in prison for doing so, Wednesday, April 03, 09:20:42am
ARCHIVE: April 1, 1984 Amazingly, it's now 35 years since the filicide murder of R&B Icon Marvin Gaye, by his father. The famed singer whose career earned him THREE Grammys, including a posthumous 'Lifetime Achievement Award', died a day before his 45th birthday! ... Bio & PHOTO Wednesday, April 03, 09:10:19am 4
  • I remember like it was yesterday. It was one of the first celeb funerals (Jackie Coogan was first) I ever attended. I was a huge fan, and wanted to be there, sitting near Stevie Wonder and Berry Gordy. Gaye was laid out in full gear fitting a Royal, but later cremated. Sad day. (NT) -- theChronicler, Monday, April 01, 10:32:50pm
  • "This is the last 45 you'll ever hear" (NT) -- A joke from the era, Tuesday, April 02, 08:05:33am
  • KNX TV became KCBS TV on the same date (NT) -- but KNX radio is still the same today as then, Wednesday, April 03, 09:10:19am
Composer & Conducter Leopold Kozlowski Dies at 100 Wednesday, April 03, 05:59:19am 4
  • IMDb -- -, Monday, April 01, 07:30:57pm
Nephew of Country singer Faith Hill arrested for DUI, vehicular manslaughter Port St. Lucie, Fla. Tuesday, April 02, 08:19:12pm 1
Billy Adams, Rockabilly singer Dead at 79 Tuesday, April 02, 08:16:58pm 7
  • "Rock Pretty Mama" -- Billy Adams, Monday, April 01, 01:50:09pm
    • "You Gotta Have A Ducktail" -- Billy Adams, Monday, April 01, 01:51:51pm
      • I've got an album of Billy Adams recordings titled "Rock Pretty Mama" that states in the liner notes "Billy Adams died on Dec. 3, 1984. He was 47 years old." (NT) -- !, Tuesday, April 02, 11:44:04am
        • There's a story behind that error, my friend. -- Musical identity theft?, Tuesday, April 02, 02:51:39pm
          • Thanks for clearing that up. I noticed some of the songs on the album sould like they're by 2 different people! (NT) -- ., Tuesday, April 02, 06:21:54pm
          • As far as I know, the imposter Billy never actually recorded anything.. (NT) -- I could be wrong, though, Tuesday, April 02, 08:16:58pm
TV Writer & Author Allan Cole DIes at 75 Tuesday, April 02, 06:35:51pm 2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, April 02, 06:35:51pm
Ken Bald, Cartoonist (Captain Marvel, Doc Savage, others) Dead at 98 Tuesday, April 02, 06:24:38pm 6
  • Illustrator & Comic Book Artist Ken Bald. ... -- Dies at 98., Friday, March 29, 01:41:52pm
    • Ken Bald dies just 79 days after old friend and comics associate Stan Lee, who hired Bald 70+ years, and their friendship spanned a lifetime, with their wives, Kaye and Joan Lee, best friends as well! ... -- PHOTO of the two ..., Saturday, March 30, 12:51:40am
Jenny Pagliaro, Lead singer and co-founder of L.A. Americana duo Roses and Cigarettes Dead at 35 Tuesday, April 02, 12:12:18pm 2
  • "Fast As I Can " -- Roses & Cigarettes, Tuesday, April 02, 12:12:18pm
April 2ndHappy 97th Birthday! Musician Boomie Richman, Production Designer Vyacheslav Aleksandrov is 97, Actress Gloria Henry is 96, Critic Angelo Guglielmi turns 90 (NT) jlp Tuesday, April 02, 12:10:15pm 5
  • April 2ndHappy Birthday! Actor Umberto Orsini (85) Actress Sharon Acker (84) DJ Dr. Demento (78) Actress Linda Hunt (74) Actor Sam Anderson (72) Actress Pamela Reed (70) (NT) -- Colt, Monday, April 01, 09:09:12pm
    • Wow, actor/producer Jack Webb of TV's "Dragnet" fame would have been 99 today! ... -- Classic Copper Clapper Caper ..., Tuesday, April 02, 01:27:09am
      • Other birthdays, Apr. 2- -- Happy birthdays!, Tuesday, April 02, 11:46:01am
        • Radio host Roy Masters is 91, actor Roddy Maude-Roxby is 89, writer Gyцrgy Konrбd is 86, Rabbi Dovid Shmidel is 85, athlete Shaul Ladany is 83, composer John Larsson is 81, baseball player Al Weis is 81, diplomat Anthony Lake is 80 (NT) -- Politician Lise Thibault is 80, Tuesday, April 02, 12:10:15pm
Jeremy Richman, father of a Sandy Hook massacre victim dies of suicide He was 49 Tuesday, April 02, 10:29:55am 3
  • This is the third 'survivors-related' suicides connected to mass shootings, in one week. (NT) -- These senseless gun deaths affect far beyond those murdered., Monday, March 25, 10:31:11am
  • That VIDEO was heartbreaking. Shows you that doesn't matter how smart you are, how 'in touch' you are psychologically with the science of depression, even Richman, a neuoscientist, had his breaking point with grief. (NT) -- Richman even ran a mental health foundation in his little girl's name, in the old town hall offices, where they found his body., Tuesday, April 02, 10:29:55am
Tania Mallet, Bond Girl in 'Goldfinger" cousin of Helen Mirren Dead at 77 Tuesday, April 02, 08:21:34am 3
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, March 31, 04:40:39pm
  • another one to die in their last film ... (NT) -- "Goldfinger", Tuesday, April 02, 08:21:34am
April 1st Happy 108th Birthday! Marathron Runner Fauja Singh, Politician Milt Earnhart is 101, Writer/Journalist Gertrud Zetterholm is 101, Businessman Yosh Uchida is 99, Artist Denys Ovenden is 97, Actress Betty Brewer is 97/92 (?), (NT) jlp Tuesday, April 02, 01:09:59am 13
  • Actress Jane Powell is 90, Singer Marcel Amont is 90, Actress Barbara Bryne is 90, Actor Jonathan Haze is 90, Writer Milan Kundera is 90, Actress IIa Erdelyi turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Sunday, March 31, 09:04:12pm
  • April 1st Happy Birthday! Actor Jordan Charney (82) Actress Ali MacGraw (80) Actress Heather Young (74) Singer Jimmy Cliff (71) Actress Annette O'Toole (67) Director Barry Sonnenfeld (66) (NT) -- Colt, Sunday, March 31, 09:26:07pm
    • FUN FACT: Director Barry Sonnenfeld, 66 today, made a cameo in his "Men In Black 2", when unsuspecting family has Agent K's retrieving his old cache of weapons hidden in their apartment walls! ... -- Here's da scene ..., Monday, April 01, 09:56:50am
      • Actor Don Hastings is 85, Singer Rudolph Isley (Isley Brothers) is 80 -- Other birthdays, Apr. 1-, Monday, April 01, 11:51:38am
        • Writer Rolf Hochhuth is 88, Nobel awarded physicist Claude Cohen-Tannoudji is 86, journalist Vladimir Posner is 85, scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan is 83, baseball player Phil Niekro is 80 (NT) -- ., Monday, April 01, 02:00:06pm
          • "Shout" -- The Isley Brothers, Monday, April 01, 04:41:10pm
            • "The Harder They Come" -- Jimmy Cliff, Monday, April 01, 04:42:11pm
              • "Dreamed a Dream" -- Susan Boyle, Monday, April 01, 04:43:55pm
        • I can't believe screen enjenou of the 1970s, Ali MacGraw is 80! Well, time waits for no one. (NT) -- "...Love means never having to say I'm sorry.", Monday, April 01, 05:20:49pm
Rapper Nipsey Hussle, 33 Shot and killed Tuesday, April 02, 01:06:41am 13
  • This is a HUGE hit in hip hop/rap, but specially in the L.A. scene. The rap star born Ermias Asghedom, in recent months he got lots of press for his community business investments outreach programs for those in need. During an interview with Fox affiliate espose a few months ago, he prophetically said "When we can’t work no more. We want it to outlive us, we want it to be generational.” ... -- Sad news for one of the good ones., Sunday, March 31, 08:26:03pm
    • He was shot at his store, featured in the video above, and rumors are he was shot point-blank in front of his daughter. ... -- TMZ, Sunday, March 31, 08:30:36pm
      • He was a well-known member of the Crips snd his store was seen by law enforcement as a front for criminal activity (NT) -- Drug arrests and shootings have taken place there since its opening, Monday, April 01, 01:43:50am
        • Where has there ever been a published report of his businesses being "a front for criminal activity"?? True he was a former 'Crip', but left that life years ago, even wearing red and other colors in his clothing line. If you're a Crip, it's blue and only blue. Get facts straight. -- He had multiple, multiple new businesses in the area, all under high profile local media coverage, w/NO mention of this., Monday, April 01, 02:33:34am
          • Do some google search. First things first, the TMZ article states the shooting was gang related -- Heres some more, Monday, April 01, 02:48:05am
            • The TMZ link you posted was from last year! (NT) -- And it stated then, a fight in a parking lot broke out last year, and Hussle was 3,000 miles away??, Monday, April 01, 03:26:14am
  • I always though his chosen rap name was so silly, a play on the name of game show panelist Nipsey Russell whom most in the younger generation probably never heard of (NT) -- Russ, Monday, April 01, 05:03:47am
    • RIP Nipsey. (NT) -- Trying to better your own community through economic empowerment education., Monday, April 01, 01:26:56pm
  • Report: Nineteen people injured--two in critical condition--after violence erupts at vigil for Nipsey Hussle -- Per Associated Press, Tuesday, April 02, 12:30:42am
    • Less than 24 hours after his death, Nipsey Hussle was scheduled to meet with LAPD brass Monday --ironically, the anti-violence advocate was to discuss preventing gang violence in the community w/Steve Soboroff, president of the city’s police commission. ... -- TMZ, Tuesday, April 02, 01:06:41am
Vonda McIntyre, science fiction writer of Star Wars and Star Trek themed novels Dies at 70 Monday, April 01, 10:04:44pm 2
Healthwatch: Deborah Norville Undergoing Thyroid Cancer Surgery Monday, April 01, 05:16:35pm 1
Healthwatch: Pat Cleveland, One of the first black supermodels Colon cancer Monday, April 01, 04:39:30pm 1
Healthwatch: Mick Jagger Postpones tour for medical reasons Monday, April 01, 04:30:15pm 9
  • He turns 76 this year (NT) -- ., Sunday, March 31, 11:43:23am
    • Age, illness, even death waits for no one. (NT) -- You can't always get what you want, ...sometime you find, you get what you need., Sunday, March 31, 12:17:28pm
Louise Erickson, 91 Radio & Flim Actress Link Monday, April 01, 11:48:54am 2
  • Imdb -- ., Monday, April 01, 11:48:54am
Archive: April 1, 1991 Martha Graham dies at 96 Dancer and Choreographer Monday, April 01, 11:03:45am 1
Archive: March 27, 2002 Milton Berle, Billy Wilder, Dudley Moore RIP Monday, April 01, 04:36:06am 26
  • The infamous celeb death trifecta! Three giants in the industry! (NT) -- Has there been a bigger trifecta celeb death day, before or since?, Wednesday, March 27, 09:51:20am
    • Some say November 22, 1963 with JFK, Aldous Huxley, and C. S. Lewis (NT) -- but I don't think it compares at all., Wednesday, March 27, 10:03:09am
      • JFK is a household name, the other 2 are not. It doesn't even come close to equaling the other 3. (NT) -- Dec 31, 2015 was another bad trifecta: Wayne Rogers, Beth Howland & Natalie Cole, Wednesday, March 27, 10:16:01am
  • Four celebrities all died on 12 February 2000: (NT) -- Charles M. Schultz, Tom Landry, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Oliver, Wednesday, March 27, 10:11:45am
    • I'd say Feb. 12, 2000 beats Mar. 27, 2002! (NT) -- Unless another day can beat 4 celebs!, Wednesday, March 27, 11:54:34am
      • Ernie Kovacs was killed in a car crash after attending a party for Milton Berle, thrown by Billy Wilder (NT) -- Too bad Dudley Moore wasn't there, Wednesday, March 27, 12:02:58pm
        • ALSO, the Kovacs friend who physically identified his body at the morgue was Jack Lemmon, who died June 2001, and is buried just 10 feet from Billy Wilder. (NT) -- Wilder and Lemmon collaborated in 1959's "Some Like It Hot"!, Wednesday, March 27, 01:35:12pm
          • Speaking of Lemmon, who died June 27, 2001...just a week earlier on June 21, 2001, actor Carroll O'Connor, blues great John Lee Hooker, and Egyptian actress Soad Hosny, all died on that same day. (NT) -- Granted, Hosny isn't exactly a household name, an entertainment trifeta, nonetheless., Wednesday, March 27, 01:41:47pm
  • I think what makes March 27, 2002 so unique is that all three deaths were from the entertainment industry, specifically television and film. (NT) -- The 2000 deaths covered sports, music, comics., Wednesday, March 27, 12:21:28pm
    • Granted it's not actually a competition I agree that Lewis and Huxley were equally reputable giants in their fields. (NT) -- TOBY - it's as if no one reads anymore, Wednesday, March 27, 12:23:56pm
      • Author Anais Nin, former British Prime Minister Anthony Eden and actor Peter Finch all died on 14th January 1977 (NT) -- Sherlock, Thursday, March 28, 10:02:58am
        • Well, I think we can all find days where 3 notables died the same day...the main thread question was "Has there been a bigger trifecta celeb (Berle, Wilder, Moore) death day, before or since (March 27, 2002)?" (NT) -- I think not., Thursday, March 28, 10:36:26am
          • Moore and Berle are on their way to being forgotten. Huxley and Lewis have never even been out of print, nor will they be, anytime soon. And Billy Wilder v. JFK? (NT) -- Child, please., Thursday, March 28, 04:57:15pm
            • I agree. 3/27/02 beats 11/23/1963 any day of the week. (NT) -- People here like to disagree just to get attention. Sad., Friday, March 29, 03:54:41pm
              • what happened on November23, 1963? (NT) -- no one famous died that day, Friday, March 29, 05:03:55pm
                • On Nov. 23, 1963, a fire at the Golden Age Nursing Home, located at Fitchville, Ohio, killed 63 elderly people (NT) -- ., Friday, March 29, 06:05:52pm
    • However, the four celebrity deaths on 12 February 2000 were also all related to entertainment (NT) -- just not specialized further to television and film, Monday, April 01, 04:36:06am
  • Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Sky Saxon (NT) -- all died on 25 June 2009, Thursday, March 28, 09:49:46pm
  • Plane crashes have killed multiple celebrities apiece; in music alone, (NT) -- four Bar-Kays and Otis Redding (10 December 1967), Chase (4) (9 August 1974), Lynyrd Skynyrd (3) (20 October 1977), ..., Saturday, March 30, 10:26:13am
    • You forgot the biggest plane crash deaths that impacted the most in Rock & Roll... -- ...February 3, 1959., Monday, April 01, 02:37:23am
      • I didn't forget crashes (NT) -- rather, I only mentioned a few and let others add more, Monday, April 01, 03:39:01am
Archive: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mar. 28, 1969 Soldier, President Monday, April 01, 02:26:15am 14
  • Boy, it always seemed he was dying from the same heart attack for 20 years! (NT) -- Widow Mamie outlived Ike by a decade, dying at 82., Thursday, March 28, 11:57:25am
    • Suffered a heart attack in 1955, when he was President (NT) -- Nixon almost became President 14 years earlier!, Thursday, March 28, 12:00:16pm
    • He had about five in his last few years (NT) -- Mamie was still around, so he couldn't pull a Fred Sanford, Thursday, March 28, 08:32:45pm
  • The Huntley-Brinkley Report gives the news -- A good portion of the 30-minute broadcast, Thursday, March 28, 08:39:50pm
  • Three Presidents died within four years and then none for over 20 (NT) -- Ike, Truman, LBJ, Friday, March 29, 11:49:39am
    • 5 Presidents died in the 9 years, 2 mos. between Nov. 1963- Jan., 1973 (JFK, Hoover, Ike, Truman, LBJ) (NT) -- Only 4 Presidents have died in the nearly 50 years since Jan. 1973- (Nixon, Reagan, Ford, Bush), Friday, March 29, 04:20:16pm
      • Trivia: The last episode of "Star Trek" was set to air on Mar. 28, 1969, but was pre- empted by coverage of Eisenhower's death (NT) -- It finally aired in June, 1969, Saturday, March 30, 11:43:28am
        • Only one vice-President who never became President, Spiro Agnew has died in the last 40 years (NT) -- Sherlock, Saturday, March 30, 11:49:38am
        • Yes, I remember that. I was quite annoyed by that final Star Trek episode being pre-empted. -- Doris Mays, Monday, April 01, 02:26:15am
      • Those four lived an average of 23 years after they left office--Reagan was the shortest at 15 years (NT) -- Clinton, Bush and Obama were an avg. age of 57 when they left., Saturday, March 30, 07:01:32pm
      • That is a crazy stat. I learned something new today! (NT) -- Thanks!, Sunday, March 31, 10:27:21am
March 31Happy Birthday! Actor Donald Elson (96) Actor William Daniels (92) Writer John Jakes (87) Actor Richard Chamberlain (85) Actress Shirley Jones (85) Actor Christopher Walken (76) Actress Rhea Perlman (71) (NT) Colt Sunday, March 31, 11:41:21pm 11
  • Amazing how the two elder TV co-stars of TV's "St. Elsewhere" are very much still living, some 35 years after its debut. Actor William Daniels is 92 today, and actor Norman Lloyd will be 105(!) in November! (NT) -- Sadly, its 3-time EMMY wining co-star Ed Flanders, 60, killed himself in 1995., Sunday, March 31, 11:42:11am
  • Amazing how the two elder TV co-stars of TV's "St. Elsewhere" are very much still living, some 35 years after its debut. Actor William Daniels is 92 today, and actor Norman Lloyd will be 105(!) in November! -PHOTO ... -- Sadly, its 3-time EMMY winning fellow 'elder' co-star Ed Flanders, 60, killed himself in 1995., Sunday, March 31, 11:47:58am
  • More Cowbell -- BOC, Sunday, March 31, 12:17:45pm
  • Mar.21stHappy 102nd Birthday! Painter Gerhard Finke, Writer Fred Remington is 100, Journalist Marge Mince is 99, Producer Harold Nebenzal is 97, Writer Ursula Damm-Wendler is 97, (NT) -- jlp, Sunday, March 31, 06:40:33pm
  • Actor Alexander Davion is 90, Actress Gisele Grimm is 90, Lawyer Bert Fields turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Sunday, March 31, 06:41:01pm
Natalia Fileva, One of Russia's richest women, killed in plane crash Frankfort, Germany Sunday, March 31, 04:30:07pm 1
Both members of UK indie band Her's killed in a car crash in Arizona. ... Russ Saturday, March 30, 01:28:40pm 6
Playboy model Kelsey Turner arrested In connection to doctor’s murder Stockton, Calif. Saturday, March 30, 12:33:19pm 3
Mar.30thHappy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Kano Ebara, Supercentenarian Violet Davies is 111, Dancer Henry Danton is 100, Elizabeth Sutherland, 24th Countess of Sutherland is 98, Politician Katie Hurley is 98 (NT) jlp Saturday, March 30, 12:32:37pm 8
  • , Actor Yasuhasa Tsutsumi is 97, Game Show Host/Singer Peter Marshall is 93, Gov't Official Robert Badinter turns 91. (NT) -- jlp, Friday, March 29, 09:02:46pm
  • March 30thHappy Birthday! Actor John Astin (89) Actor Warren Beatty (82) Actor Kenneth Welsh (77) Singer Eric Clapton (74) Actor Robbie Coltrane (69) Actor Meegan King (65) (NT) -- Colt, Friday, March 29, 09:29:18pm
    • Other birthdays, Mar. 30- -- Happy birthdays!, Saturday, March 30, 11:47:05am
      • McGeorge Bundy was born 100 years ago today (died 1996) -- Advisor to Kennedy & Johnson, Saturday, March 30, 11:57:44am
        • Politician Robert Badinter is 91, singer Rolf Harris is 89, composer Karl Berger is 84, composer Gordon Mumma is 84, businessman Ian MacLaurin is 82, economist Klaus Schwab is 81 (NT) -- ., Saturday, March 30, 12:01:11pm
Film & TV Composer Maury Laws Dies at 95 Saturday, March 30, 12:30:53pm 4
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, March 30, 12:21:23pm
    • "King Kong Theme" -- Composed by Maury Laws, Saturday, March 30, 12:29:44pm
Kenneth Gibson, First black Mayor of Newark, NJ Dead at 86 Saturday, March 30, 12:03:48pm 2
Actor Kenichi Hagiwara dead at age 68 Friday, March 29, 04:46:50pm 1
Ed Westcott - Only project photographer for the top secret Manhattan Project dead at 97 Knox News Friday, March 29, 04:44:03pm 1
Mar.29thHappy 111th Birthday! Suspercentenarians Alfred Smith and Robert Weighton, Politician Giannis Papadimitriou is 107, Singer/Actor Pappukutty Bhagavathar is 106, Businessman William S. Anderson is 100, Actress Maj-Britt Hakansson is 100, Politician Simone Rozes is 99, (NT) jlp Friday, March 29, 04:26:16pm 7
  • Physician Marion Mann is 99, Cricketer Michael Sutton is 98, Photographer/WW2 Figure Bill Wynne is 97, Linguist Francisco Rodriguez Adrados is 97, Actor Antonio Polonio turns 97. (NT) -- jlp, Thursday, March 28, 09:07:21pm
    • Other birthdays, Mar. 29- -- Happy birthdays!, Friday, March 29, 11:50:01am
      • Biologist Richard Lewontin is 90, politician Anerood Jugnauth is 89, politician Norman Tebbit is 88, writer Jacques Brault is 86, diplomat Shahryar Khan is 85, writer Judith Guest is 83, athlete Gordon Milne is 82, politician Bert de Vries is 81, actor-director Terence Hill is 80 (NT) -- ., Friday, March 29, 12:15:28pm
      • Bud Cort, 71 ("Harold and Maude") is almost as old as co-star Ruth Gordon was when they starred in the film! -- Ruth Gordon died in 1985, at age 88., Friday, March 29, 01:54:55pm
        • "Chariots Of Fire" -- Vangelis, Friday, March 29, 04:25:30pm
          • "Africa" -- Toto, Friday, March 29, 04:26:16pm
Joe Flannery, booking manager for The Beatles (1962-63) Dies at 87 Friday, March 29, 02:25:33pm 2
Agnes Varda, legendary French New Wave filmmaker She was 90 Friday, March 29, 01:56:57pm 6
  • Last year at 89 (NT) -- She became the oldest person nominated for a competitive Oscar, Friday, March 29, 05:17:04am
    • Imdb -- ., Friday, March 29, 12:00:49pm
  • Wow - she got a TCM Remembers -- Mitch, Friday, March 29, 01:13:51pm
Albert “Al” Hazan, Pianist (B. Bumble & the Stingers) Dead at 84 Friday, March 29, 01:46:29pm 6
  • "Nut Rocker" -- B.Bumble & The Stingers, Thursday, March 21, 05:24:01pm
  • He e-mailed me once and introed me to a great 60's girl group... -- The Starr Sisters, Tuesday, March 26, 11:46:22pm
    • And what.... (NT) -- ....was the great '60 girl group?, Thursday, March 28, 05:33:05pm
Actor Shane Rimmer Dies at 89 Friday, March 29, 01:35:41pm 5
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, March 29, 06:18:58am
    • FUN FACT: The very recognizable and prolific Canadian-born Hollywood character actor, Rimmer is the only actor to have appeared in both Batman and Superman films from separate continuities, AND three different James Bond movies (You Only Live Twice (1967), Diamonds Are Forever (1971), and The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)), as three different characters (two of them uncredited roles). -PHOTO ... -- AND RImmer appeared in Superman (1978), Superman II (1980) and Superman III (1983)!, Friday, March 29, 10:26:59am
Joe Bellino, Heisman Trophy winner of 1960 Dies at 81 Friday, March 29, 12:07:41pm 2
Did actor Yutaka Sada die? Google thinks so Colt (Link Inside) Friday, March 29, 12:04:25pm 3
Howard V. Lee, Medal of Honor, Vietnam War Dies at 85 Friday, March 29, 12:04:05pm 2
Archive: March 29, 2016 Patty Duke dies at 69 Actress Friday, March 29, 11:48:10am 2
June Harding, 81, Actress known for The Trouble With Angels (1966) Link Friday, March 29, 11:46:52am 2
  • Imdb -- ., Friday, March 29, 11:46:52am
Mar.28thHappy106th Birthday! Artist Toko Shinoda, Essayist Josefina Constantine is 98, WW2 Figure Alexey Sorokin is 97, Writer Byrd Baylor turns 95. (NT) jlp Friday, March 29, 11:41:42am 5
  • March 28thHappy Birthday! Actress Conchata Ferrell (76) Actor Richard Backus (74) Actress Dianne Wiest (71) (NT) -- Colt, Wednesday, March 27, 09:08:10pm
    • Other birthdays, Mar. 28- -- Happy birthdays!, Thursday, March 28, 11:54:47am
      • Nobel awarded physicist Jerome Isaac Friedman is 89, singer Elizabeth Bainbridge is 89, ex- US Sen. Frank Murkowski is 86, environmentaist Lester Brown is 85, politician Frank Judd is 84, writer Michael Parkinson is 84, athlete Jуzef Szmidt is 84, writer Mario Vargas Llosa is 83, engineer Dov Frohman is 80 (NT) -- ., Thursday, March 28, 12:09:18pm
Photo for March 29th, Actress Eileen Heckart. (NT) Born 100 years ago today Friday, March 29, 11:19:01am 1
March 29thHappy Birthday! Actress Mara Clark (89) Actor Terence Hill (80) Actor Eric Idle (76) Actor Bud Cort (71) (NT) Colt Thursday, March 28, 09:06:23pm 1
Luzimara Souza, Brazilian surfing champion struck by lightening while surfing Dies at 23 Thursday, March 28, 05:07:50pm 7
  • THAT's gotta be a first! (NT) -- I dunno why....but uniquely unusual deaths, always fascinated me., Thursday, March 28, 11:48:41am
    • How in the world could this possibly be a first? Invented around 1779. -- Lightning strikes twice, Thursday, March 28, 03:21:29pm
    • I didn't even know you could be killed by lightening. (NT) -- Can a sudden loss of melanin be fatal?, Thursday, March 28, 03:29:41pm
      • It should have read "...struck by lightning while surfing..." (NT) -- Sorry to point out, but I'm an anal ahole (oxymoron)., Thursday, March 28, 04:11:33pm
        • (Nodding in agreement.) (NT) -- People struck by lightening are then buried in a cemetary., Thursday, March 28, 04:59:28pm
Goldie Smalls, One of NY's oldest residents Dead at 110 Thursday, March 28, 04:52:13pm 1
Russell Kagan, TV producer Dead at 65 Thursday, March 28, 04:46:02pm 2
  • Imdb -- ., Thursday, March 28, 04:46:02pm
Blake Byrne, TV exec, art collector Dead at 83 Thursday, March 28, 04:43:51pm 1
Alfonse (Little Al) D’Arco, Luchese family boss turned informant Dead at 86 Thursday, March 28, 03:23:12pm 1
Arlen Ness, Custom motorcycle designer Dead at 79 Thursday, March 28, 03:20:52pm 1
Healthwatch: Tatum O' Neal Hospitalized Thursday, March 28, 03:18:54pm 1
Victoria Ruvolo, Every bone in her face was shattered when a teenager threw a frozen turkey through her car windshield in 2004 Dead at 59 Thursday, March 28, 12:53:04pm 2
Archive: March 28, 2004 Peter Ustinov dies at 82 Actor & Playwright Thursday, March 28, 12:12:52pm 3
  • Ustinov was such the Renaissance man; wrote books, screenwrote, produced, directed and acted (all in one film -the classic "Billy Budd"), earning wins of 3 Emmys for TV, as well as a Grammy, and 2 Oscar nods, and humanitarian as goodwill ambassador (UNICEF) -becoming quite the bon vivant! ... -- And he was a master impressionist/mimick)..., Thursday, March 28, 10:56:21am
Archive: Jan Berry, Mar. 26, 2004 Half of Jan & Dean Thursday, March 28, 11:58:45am 3
  • Died at 62- survived by both parents (NT) -- ., Thursday, March 28, 11:57:06am
    • "Surf City" -- Jan & Dean, Thursday, March 28, 11:58:45am
Julian Nott, high-altitude balloon creator dies in experimental balloon mishap Dies at 74 Thursday, March 28, 08:35:57am 3
  • His Bio page after being honored at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum -- ., Thursday, March 28, 08:34:33am
  • Landed safely only to die on the ground while packing up. (NT) -- :-(, Thursday, March 28, 08:35:57am
ARCHIVE: March 27, 1977 Actress Diana Hyland, a one-time striking beauty of stage and screen, including memorable performances on TV's "Peyton Place", and "Twilight Zone", dies after long battle w/cancer w/boyfriend actor John Travolta by her side to the end, which came at 41. … Bio & PHOTOS Wednesday, March 27, 08:01:38pm 1
Jim Moody, Ex- Congressman from Wisconsin. ... Dead at 83. Wednesday, March 27, 07:21:15pm 2
Archive: Tenerife airport disaster, Mar. 27, 1977 2 planes collide, killing 583 people, making it the deadliest accident in aviation history Wednesday, March 27, 05:08:08pm 2
  • Eve Meyer, Playboy Playmate for June, 1955, ex- wife of film director Russ Meyer, was on board one of the planes -- ., Wednesday, March 27, 05:08:08pm
One Goh, Mass murderer, dies in prison Killed 7 people at an Oakland, Ca. school in 2012 Wednesday, March 27, 02:15:05pm 1
Yoji Harada, tattoo artist appeared regularly on the TLC reality TV series "Miami Ink." Dies at 46 Wednesday, March 27, 01:21:11pm 3
  • Lyle Tuttle, San Francisco's 'father of modern tattooing' -- Dead at 87, Wednesday, March 27, 11:53:20am
    • Actually, Yoji Harada’s death comes one day after legendary tattoo artist Lyle Tuttle, 87, passed away, (NT) -- Anyone know how Harada died so young?, Wednesday, March 27, 01:21:11pm
Dave Aron, Record Producer & Recording Engineer Dies at 54 Wednesday, March 27, 12:57:14pm 1
Healthwatch: Tim Conway "Unable to Make His Own Healthcare Decisions" Conservatorship Granted to His Wife Wednesday, March 27, 12:14:44pm 1
Mar.27thHappy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Irene Smialowska, Artist Monica Coster-Molbeck is 105, Psychologist Reva Gerstein is 102, Art Historian Peter Selz is 100, Businessman William Moncrief is 99, Diplomat Joan M. Clark is 97, Cartoonist Murray Olderman is 97, (NT) jlp Wednesday, March 27, 12:00:55pm 7
  • Philosopher Marcel Conche is 97, Artist Henri Maik is 97, Actress Claire Mauier is 90, Actress Barbara Rogalska is 90, Costume Designer Anneli Qveflander turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Tuesday, March 26, 09:04:32pm
  • March 27thHappy Birthday! Actor Austin Pendleton (78) Actor Art Evans (77) Actor Michael York (77) Actress Desiree Gould (74) (NT) -- Colt, Tuesday, March 26, 09:15:51pm
  • Jerry Lacy is married to actress Julia Duffy (NT) -- (NT), Wednesday, March 27, 11:54:58am
    • Writer Daniel Spoerri is 89, composer Malcolm Goldstein is 83, musician Alan Hawkshaw is 82, ex- US Rep. Jay Kim is 80, racer Cale Yarborough is 80 (NT) -- ., Wednesday, March 27, 12:00:55pm
Valery Bykovsky, Soviet cosmonaut on three space flights Dies at 84 Wednesday, March 27, 11:45:26am 5
  • 51 years ago today Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin died in a plane crash at age 34. (NT) -- ., Wednesday, March 27, 10:56:34am
  • He was the 11th human being in space flight. I believe all 10 of the people who went before him are now all deceased. (NT) -- ., Wednesday, March 27, 11:11:35am
Rafael Henzel, journalist who was one of the few survivors of 2016 Flight 2933 plane crash. Suffers heart attack while playing soccer. Dies at 45 Wednesday, March 27, 11:33:12am 1
Michel Bacos Pilot of Air France jet hijacked by terrorists and forced down in Entebbe dead at 95. Refused to leave Jewish passengers behind and stayed with them til rescued. Wednesday, March 27, 06:13:14am 2
Healthwatch: Wendy Williams Hospitalized after alcohol relapse Tuesday, March 26, 09:58:00pm 5
  • Never liked her. I do not wish her well. She muck-raked others' lives for decades, with nary a whisper of her own mess-a life. Even while her husband has a sex tape with a young girl a decade ago, or with new arrival of his mistress' baby this week...Wendy can not admit HER mess, but can spotlight others! (NT) -- Skoal, Wend!, Tuesday, March 26, 05:57:33pm
  • Karma is a bitch (NT) -- (NT), Tuesday, March 26, 07:21:59pm
  • Sorry but, don't think she has hit her bottom yet to finally deal with her addiction. (NT) -- Been there, Tuesday, March 26, 08:30:25pm
Ranking Roger, legendary Ska vocalist for The (English) Beat and General Public, from brain tumor He was 56 Tuesday, March 26, 08:06:05pm 5
  • Confirmed ... -- Link, Tuesday, March 26, 06:07:43pm
    • "Mirror In The Bathroom"... -- The English Beat, Tuesday, March 26, 06:08:40pm
      • We saw Roger at the legendary 3-day US Festival in 1982, along with The Ramones, The B-52's, Talking Heads, closing that first night with The Police! -- theChronicler, Tuesday, March 26, 06:23:21pm
  • Here's Roger's biggest hit in the US, General Public's "Tenderness" from 1985 -- Russ, Tuesday, March 26, 08:06:05pm
Pic for 3/26-Strother Martin (NT) Forest Tuesday, March 26, 07:03:19pm 10
  • Aside from Miskel Spillman, Was Strother Martin the oldest person to host SNL? (NT) -- Off the top of my head I can't think of anyone older., Tuesday, March 26, 06:13:28am
    • Well...Donald Trump hosted a couple of years ago.... (NT) -- was already 70 at that point, Tuesday, March 26, 06:21:27am
      • Betty White hosted in 2010 at age 88 (NT) -- She holds the record, Tuesday, March 26, 06:31:01am
        • Thank you. (NT) -- I had forgotten that Betty hosted., Tuesday, March 26, 08:01:48am
    • I'd forgotten about Miskel Spillman! ... -- Bio, Tuesday, March 26, 10:05:36am
      • "What we've got here, is failure to communicate" (NT) -- One of the greatest movie lines ever, Tuesday, March 26, 11:17:41am
        • This is a favorite Strother Martin story! ... -- HAPPY 100th!, Tuesday, March 26, 01:21:37pm
          • He was in everything in the 1960s/70! I'd forgotten he was on TV's "Gilligan's Island"! -He played a nebbish 'George Barkley' gameshow contestant, who comes to the island to win ,000, if he can survive one week without outside assistance... -- he refuses to let the castaways use his transmitter because he would have to forfeit the prize., Tuesday, March 26, 06:40:30pm
Arxhve: Raymond Chandler, Mar. 26, 1959 Writer Tuesday, March 26, 04:58:28pm 1
Mar.26thHappy 101st Birthday! Politician Lloyd McCuiston, Politician B.J. Khatal-Patil is 100, Physicist Ernest Ciurant is 99, Politician William Milliken is 97, Singer Charles Dumont is 90, Diplomat Raymond L, Garthoffis 90, \ (NT) jlp Tuesday, March 26, 04:36:37pm 7
  • Film Editor Halina Prugar-Ketling is 90, Actress Lena Sanders is 90, Singer Rafael Vazquez is 90, Costume Designer Alice Davis is 90, Illustrator Edward Sorel turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Monday, March 25, 09:02:51pm
  • Diana Ross is 75 today (NT) -- born in Detroit, Michigan, 26 March 1944, Tuesday, March 26, 10:29:16am
  • March 26thHappy Birthday! Actor James Caan (79) Actor Johnny Crawford (73) Singer Steven Tyler (71) Actress Vicki Lawrence (70) Actor Martin Short (69) Actor Ernest Thomas (69) (NT) -- Colt, Tuesday, March 26, 04:02:08pm
HEALTHWATCH: Wanda Jackson ,legendary rockabilly icon, announces her immediate retirement after 60 years of performance, due to rapidly failing health Released her first record 65 years ago Tuesday, March 26, 03:51:55pm 2
  • Sad to hear. Her husband, Wendell Goodman, died on May 21, 2017, at 81. (NT) -- ., Tuesday, March 26, 03:51:55pm
OT: Question as to the widow of actor Douglass Dumbrille (1889-1974), whose name was Patricia Mowbray, born in she still living? (NT) Pat Mowbray-Dumbrille was daughter of Dumbrille friend actor Alan Mowbray, who died 50 years ago today, at age 72. Tuesday, March 26, 01:45:29pm 5
  • When Dumbrille married Patricia Mowbray in 1960, he was 70, she just 28! -- I wonder what her father Alan Mowbray, 64, thought of the union?, Monday, March 25, 10:36:29am
  • Patricia Mowbray -- John Nelson, Monday, March 25, 07:01:32pm
Archive: John Kennedy Toole, Mar. 26, 1969 Writer Tuesday, March 26, 11:31:17am 1
Anthony 'Bronco' McLoughlin, Film stuntman (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Star Wars and Rambo II) Has died Tuesday, March 26, 11:27:56am 2
  • Imdb -- ., Tuesday, March 26, 11:27:56am
Clem Daniels, Football player (Oakland Raiders, SF 49ers) Dead at 83 Tuesday, March 26, 11:24:18am 1
Florida man electrocuted using aluminum pool pole to remove pet pigeon from power line. If this doesn't qualify for a Darwin award then I don't know what does. Tuesday, March 26, 10:12:20am 2
Archive: March 25, 1992 Nancy Walker dies at 69 Actress Tuesday, March 26, 06:44:29am 8
  • Loved her as 'Sofia's sister 'Angela' in TV's "Golden Girls", appearing in 2 episodes in 1987. ... -- Walker's last screen effort was as cast regular on short-lived TV sitcom "True Colors", matriarch of a newly interracial family, but died during its run., Monday, March 25, 10:28:11am
  • Rhoda’s mother in “Rhoda” (NT) -- (NT), Monday, March 25, 06:33:07pm
  • I have a memory when Henry Walker (her brother?)died and everyone at school thought it was the Fonz. -- Patrick, Tuesday, March 26, 05:09:25am
Lina Cheryazova, 1994 Olympic aerial skiing gold medalist (from Uzbekistan) She was 50 Tuesday, March 26, 04:20:40am 1
Archive: Dan Seals, Mar. 25, 2009 Musician (England Dan and John Ford Coley ) Monday, March 25, 04:23:40pm 2
Joseph Pilato, actor Dies at 70 Monday, March 25, 02:53:22pm 6
  • Imdb -- ., Monday, March 25, 11:36:35am
  • His official Facebook page is also loaded with tributes and death announcements. For those of you who will be questioning the Bloody Disgusting obit. (NT) -- ., Monday, March 25, 11:45:55am
Mar.25thHappy 100th Birthday! Director Philippe Lifchitz, Olympic Athlete Gudrun Arenander is 98, Film Critic Gene Shalit is 93, Astronaut Jim Lovell is 91, Actor Murray Coombs is 90, Screenwriter Wolfgang Ebeling turns 90. (NT) jlp Monday, March 25, 02:35:43pm 8
  • March 25thHappy Birthday! Actor Nicholas Georgiade (86) Actor Richard O'Brien (77) Actor Paul Michael Glaser (76) Singer Elton John (72) Actress Bonnie Bedelia (71) (NT) -- Colt, Sunday, March 24, 09:07:43pm
    • Boy, I remember when Bonnie Bedelia, 71, was the ingйnue with young Michael Brandon in 1970 comedy "Lovers and Other Strangers", which kicked off the hit song "For All We Know" which won Oscar for 'Best Song'! ... -- Of course Bonnie Bedelia went on to fame as Bruce Willis' damsel wife 'Holly Gennero McClane' in the action films "Die Hard" (1988)., Monday, March 25, 02:06:10am
  • Japanese actress Machiko Kyф is 95. -- She appeared in films Rashomon, Ugetsu and some other Japanese classics., Monday, March 25, 11:09:07am
    • Other birthdays, Mar. 25- -- Happy birthdays!, Monday, March 25, 11:40:24am
      • TV director Humphrey Burton is 88, businessman Karlheinz Schreiber is 85, feminist Gloria Steinem is 85, businessman Tom Monaghan is 82, artist Daniel Buren is 81, racer Fritz d'Orey is 81, TV writer D. C. Fontana is 80 (NT) -- ., Monday, March 25, 02:07:59pm
Healthwatch: Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Hospitalized with pneumonia Monday, March 25, 01:33:32pm 1
Michael Lynne, Film producer (The Lord of the Rings", "A Nightmare on Elm Street") Dead at 77 Monday, March 25, 01:30:52pm 2
  • Imdb -- ., Monday, March 25, 01:30:52pm
Ordell Braase, 3x NFL Champion with the Baltimore Colts Dies at 87 Monday, March 25, 12:51:49pm 1
Fred Malek, businessman and Republican advisor and fundraiser for Nixon, Bush, McCain Dies at 82 Monday, March 25, 12:46:00pm 1
Henry Tseng, Exercised every day Dead at 111 Monday, March 25, 12:44:52pm 2
Akeem Mickens, aka Tech 9, Rapper Has died Monday, March 25, 12:36:15pm 2
Scott Walker, enigmatic pop singer who influenced Bowie He was 76 Monday, March 25, 11:38:48am 5
  • LINK: List of other singers who died the same age as Scott -- MattC, Monday, March 25, 06:20:36am
    • Was a member "The Walker Brothers" -- Had hits with "Make It Easy on Yourself" & "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine" links insde, Monday, March 25, 09:20:56am
      • He was a member of the Routers, who had this hit- -- "Let's Go", Monday, March 25, 11:33:20am
        • "Devil Surfer" -- Scott Engel (Walker), Monday, March 25, 11:38:48am
Brandon Adams, defensive lineman at Georgia Tech, dies at 21 Russ Monday, March 25, 07:42:39am 1
March 22ndHappy Birthday! Actor William Shatner (88) Actor M. Emmet Walsh (84) Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (71) (NT) Colt Monday, March 25, 06:46:03am 15
  • Politician Josip Manolic is 99, Director Francis Rigaud is 99, Conductor Helmut Winschermann is 99, Pianist Fanny Waterman is 99, Football's (England) Graham Bailey is 99 (NT) -- jlp, Thursday, March 21, 09:08:28pm
  • Pianist Fanny Waterman is 99, Football's (England) Graham Bailey is 99, WW2 Figure Alex Xydias is 97, Politician Robert L. Backman is 97, Immunologist Ian Reay MacKay is 97, Politician Bill Archer is 91, Educator E.D. Hirsch is 91, (NT) -- jlp, Thursday, March 21, 09:10:05pm
  • Artist Yayio Kusama is 90, Cinematographer Dagan Mitrovic is 90, Politician Lina Ciobanu turns 90., (NT) -- jlp, Thursday, March 21, 09:10:41pm
  • Regarding William Shatner and recent death of actor Richard Erdman, who starred as lead in a Twilight Zone episode 55+ years ago, but along with actors Shatner, Orson Bean and Earl Holiman, I wonder how many TZ leads are left?? (NT) -- Curious, Friday, March 22, 01:42:51am
    • I consider the lead actor/actress to be the first one billed in the credits although some I might not agree with such as Susan Harrison. With me there are no male/female co-leads, but you can form your own opinion about that. -- List below., Friday, March 22, 01:50:51am
      • Nice list. You forgot Robert Sampson, 85 ("Little Girl Lost") is still living, too. -But, with the death of Kenneth Haigh last year, the only leads left from TZ's 1st season are Earl Holiman (debut episode), Vera Miles, and Orson Bean! (NT) -- And of the 2nd TZ season, only Shatner and Billy Mumy survive., Friday, March 22, 02:20:52am
  • Mar.22ndHappy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Anna Benericetti-Cimatti, Supercentenarian Ardith Grose is 112, Olympic Athlete Diran Manoukian is 100, Actor Konstantin Titov is 100, Activist Florence M. Rice is 100, (NT) -- jlp, Friday, March 22, 05:37:24am
  • Songwriter Stephen Sondheim is 89 (NT) -- Sweeney Todd, Friday, March 22, 07:17:22am
    • Other birthdays, Mar. 22- -- Happy birthdays!, Friday, March 22, 12:08:06pm
      • Educator Derek Bok is 89, evangelist Pat Robertson is 89, ex- Pres. of Iran Abolhassan Banisadr is 86, actress May Britt is 85, Judge Sheila Cameron is 85, ex- US Sen. Orrin Hatch is 85, tennis player Lea Pericoli is 84, singer Roger Whittaker is 83 (NT) -- Composer Angelo Badalamenti is 82, athlete Armin Hary is 82,, musician Jon Hassell is 82, Friday, March 22, 12:25:34pm
  • Apparently JLP really likes Fanny Waterman and Graham Bailey since he wished them a happy birthday TWICE! (NT) -- LOL!!, Friday, March 22, 02:47:28pm
Larry Cohen, film director, producer, screenwriter Dies at 77 Sunday, March 24, 09:17:35pm 8
  • Created the classic series "The Invaders" starring Roy Thinnes. -- Link to IMDb, Sunday, March 24, 10:21:43am
  • Hollywood Reporter obit -- ., Sunday, March 24, 10:44:17am
  • Bette Davis bitching about Larry and Wicked Stepmother. Almost as bad as working with Faye Dunaway. -- Link, Sunday, March 24, 11:12:36am
Pandora Lupino, wife of Actor Richard Lupino (1929-2005) Dies at 90 Sunday, March 24, 07:53:14pm 4
  • Richard Lupino was a second cousin of actress-director Ida Lupino, (NT) -- ., Sunday, March 24, 11:49:27am
  • It was the first obit I ever read of a FUTURE death! lol (NT) -- But very kind of you to correct the date, for us., Sunday, March 24, 07:53:14pm
Healthwatch: " CBS This Morning" host Norah O' Donnell Hospitalized Sunday, March 24, 07:16:19pm 2
  • Emergency appendectomy...ouch! (NT) -- But, thank God, not critical. Get better,, Sunday, March 24, 07:16:19pm
Cynthia Thomas, State Department widow who won Presidential apology Dead at 82 Sunday, March 24, 04:18:01pm 1
Mar.24thHappy 100th Birthday! Literary Critic Graciela Palaude Nemes, Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti is 100,Actress Chieko Matsukaze is 100, Semiotician Jeanne Martinet is 99, Politician/Architect Goncalo Ribeiro Telles is 97, Actor Aleksei Zadachin is 97, (NT) jlp Sunday, March 24, 04:12:44pm 9
  • Writer Martin Walser is 92, Pianist Byron Janis is 91, Actor Vic Werber is 90, Actress Hannelore Steiner-Freudenberger is 90, Screenwriter Genyo Takahashi turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Saturday, March 23, 09:02:49pm
  • Actor William Smith is 86! Sole survivor from TV's “Laredo” five main cast members. -- Link, Sunday, March 24, 11:33:27am
    • Actor William Smith has been in so many things, but for me, he is forever "Falconetti" the antagonist in the groundbreaking 1970s all-star cast miniseries "Rich Man, Poor Man", who kills golden boy 'Tom Jordache' (Nick Nolte)! ... -- PHOTO, Sunday, March 24, 11:45:24am
Canadian Singer and Entertainer Doug Crosley Dies at 83 Sunday, March 24, 02:17:25pm 2
Woman dies after 5 straight hours of sex But what a way to go! Sunday, March 24, 01:06:30pm 6
  • Came and went at the same time (NT) -- Firefighter Fred, Friday, March 22, 05:20:41pm
  • I see this got cleaned up, but can I say, (NT) -- Ouch?, Sunday, March 24, 10:46:54am
  • My Wife... -- DerBingle, Sunday, March 24, 01:06:30pm
ARCHIVE: March 24, 2016 Garry Shandling, stand-up comedian, actor, director, writer, and producer, best known for his work in It's Garry Shandling's Show and The Larry Sanders Show, shocks friends and family when he dies alone suddenly of a pulmonary embolism at 66 while calling 911, in his home awiting a driver to take him to scheduled appointment with his doctor. ... Bio & PHOTOS Sunday, March 24, 12:45:21pm 1
Denise DuBarry Hay, actress, film industry executive, philanthropist Dies at 63 Sunday, March 24, 11:47:33am 3
Second Parkland survivor dies of suicide Link Sunday, March 24, 10:13:30am 1
Mar.23rdHappy 103rd Birthday! Composer Les Taylor, Politician Neal Edward Smith is 99, Actor/Poet Geoffrey Chater is 98, Singer Maria Friesenhausen is 97, Actress Jolan Mathe is 97, Director Mark Rydell is 91, Actor Hiroshi Inuauka turns 90. (NT) jlp Saturday, March 23, 05:21:21pm 9
  • March 23rdHappy Birthday! Singer Ric Ocasek (75) Actor Michael Rapport (73) Actor Terry Alexander (72) Actress Penelope Milford (71) Actor Anthony De Longis (69) (NT) -- Colt, Friday, March 22, 09:07:09pm
    • This says Ric Ocasek is 70 -- Other birthdays, Mar. 23-, Saturday, March 23, 11:33:35am
      • Scientist Olga Kennard is 95, hockey player Don Marshall is 87, singer Norman Bailey is 86, psychologist Philip Zimbardo is 86, actor Barry Cryer is 84, racer Craig Breedlove is 82, physician Robert Gallo is 82, businessman Robin Herd is 80, athlete Terry Paine is 80 (NT) -- ,, Saturday, March 23, 11:39:03am
      • Ric Ocasek looked 70 in the 1980s. ... -- I could never figure how the homely Ocasek ever snagged supermodel Paulina Porizkova, married 30 years now!, Saturday, March 23, 02:36:07pm
        • "Why do ugly rock stars marry beautiful supermodels," he was once asked. "Well," he said, "Why does a dog lick his dick? Because he can!!" was his response! (NT) -- Brilliant answer!, Saturday, March 23, 02:39:41pm
          • "Good Times Roll" -- The Cars, Saturday, March 23, 05:19:23pm
            • "I Feel for You" -- Chaka Khan, Saturday, March 23, 05:20:18pm
              • "Song 2" -- Blur, Saturday, March 23, 05:21:21pm
Chris Corley, Voiceover artist Dead at 55 Saturday, March 23, 05:10:13pm 1
Robert T McDaniel, Tuskegee Airman Dead at 96 Saturday, March 23, 05:07:47pm 1
ARCHIVE: March 23, 2011 UK-born Hollywood super star Elizabeth Taylor, who colorful personal life often overshadowed her immense screen career, which garnered her FIVE competitive Oscar nominations, earning TWO for 'Best Actress', dies after many years of failing health, at age 79. ... Bio & PHOTO Saturday, March 23, 02:57:17pm 1
Rafi Eitan, Mossad agent who helped capture Adolf Eichmann Dead at 92 Saturday, March 23, 02:27:31pm 2
Healthwatch: "Modern Family" actress Sarah Hyland Hospitalized Saturday, March 23, 02:25:56pm 1
Art Mazmanian, Baseball coach, manger Dead at 91 Saturday, March 23, 12:50:07pm 1
Ken Jacobson, Actor became a talent manager Dead at 60 Saturday, March 23, 11:42:06am 1
OT: Does anyone know how actor William Holden's son Scott Holden died? (NT) He died in San Diego in 2004, at only 58, leaving behind a family. Saturday, March 23, 10:02:59am 2
  • Lung Cancer (NT) -- Google, Saturday, March 23, 10:02:59am
Marian Sulzberger Heiskell, Came up with the idea for People magazine Dead at 100 Saturday, March 23, 07:24:26am 4
  • Her first husband, NY Times publisher Orville Dryfoos, died in 1963. Their daughter Susan is married to Daniel Selznick, son of film producer David O. Selznick (NT) -- ., Friday, March 22, 04:26:28pm
  • I volunteer at the Andrew Heiskell Library in Manhattan. Had no idea his widow was alive... until now. (NT) -- Scitea, Saturday, March 23, 07:24:26am
Mike Cofer, Played for the Detroit Lions Dead at 58 Saturday, March 23, 06:59:11am 3
  • There Was Also A Mike Cofer Who Was A Placekicker For The 49ers. (NT) -- David S., Saturday, March 23, 01:48:46am
  • His son is Florida State basketball player Phil Cofer, who received the phone call about his father's death immediately after FSU's NCAA tournament victory against Vermont on Thursday (NT) -- Russ, Saturday, March 23, 06:59:11am
Tom Hatten, TV personality, reporter, actor Dies at 92 Saturday, March 23, 03:24:09am 13
  • I remember him from several episodes of "Gomer Pyle: USMC" -- Link to IMDb, Saturday, March 16, 08:05:12pm
    • His Family Film Festival show played out here on weekend in L.A. for many years. (NT) -- The Little River Band's song Reminiscing was used as bumper music., Saturday, March 16, 09:35:16pm
      • Ahh, what a shame. For those of us who grew up in So.Cali, who remembers Tom Hatten and his Saturday morning TV hosting duties of Popeye cartoons, and his great talents as drawing these great animated characters in the 1970s (and later hosting other old film series in the 80s) to the delight to the kiddie viewers like me, who tuned in every week! RIP, Mr H. ... -- theChronicler, Saturday, March 16, 11:42:11pm
  • I recall him in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. as a THRUSH captain. (NT) -- Ed Tracey, Sunday, March 17, 07:48:00am
  • Obituary from Deadline -- Fredrik Andersson, Sunday, March 17, 10:26:25am
  • L.A.Times Obit ... -- Link w/PHOTOS, Thursday, March 21, 01:49:03am
James Reynolds, Brother of Burt Reynolds Dead at 83 Saturday, March 23, 01:11:50am 4
Healthwatch: Members of the famed aerilist family 'The Wallendas', including the popular Nik Wallenda, fell during their 8-person stacked tight rope practice run. The newest member Lewanda (Nik's sister) seemed the weakest link, causing chain reaction, breaking many facial bones. ... Backstory and hard-to-watch VIDEO Friday, March 22, 05:27:37pm 2
  • ARCHIVE: March 22, 1978 It was actually 41 years ago today, patriarch Karl Wallenda lost his life in botched wire walking stunt above the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was 73. ... -- Bio & PHOTO, Friday, March 22, 05:27:37pm
Bishop Francis A. Quinn, Was the oldest living bishop in the United States Dead at 97 Friday, March 22, 05:03:48pm 1
Archive: Walter Lantz, Mar. 22, 1994 Created Woody Woodpecker Friday, March 22, 04:17:04pm 1
Rachel Ingalls, Author who found belated fame with "Mrs. Caliban" Dead at 78 Friday, March 22, 04:08:29pm 1
Joyce Ann Flint, Former Dress Designer at MGM Dead at 83 Friday, March 22, 04:04:28pm 1
Country singer Justin Carter dead after accidental shooting He was 35 Friday, March 22, 03:37:29pm 5
  • Carters' mother, Cindy McClellan, told Fox News her son was filming a music video in Houston, Texas, on Saturday when a gun in his pocket "went off and caught my son in the corner of his eye." (NT) -- !, Thursday, March 21, 04:23:12pm
  • His Darwin moment harkens back to another popular American singer, who went out almost the same way 75 years ago -the tragic, senseless death of crooner Russ Columbo. ... -- Backstory, Friday, March 22, 02:09:22am
    • No, that was 85 years ago! (NT) -- So sad/tragic his early death that his family could never tell his mother, so they carried on charade of his existence until her death a decade later., Friday, March 22, 03:37:29pm
Sydney Aiello, Survived Parkland school shooting last year Dead at 19 (suicide) Friday, March 22, 03:16:01pm 2
Britse actress Josie Kidd,died 2018. hendrik van den Hoorn Friday, March 22, 03:07:18pm 5
  • Published source, please? (NT) -- Link?, Friday, March 22, 11:50:17am
    • Found this- -- ., Friday, March 22, 12:10:59pm
      • Imdb -- ., Friday, March 22, 12:11:59pm
Antonia Rey, Latin actress of stage, television, film Dies at 92 Friday, March 22, 02:31:42pm 3
  • Imdb -- ., Friday, March 22, 01:05:49pm
    • Through the 1970s I remember her in MANY NYC-based Hollywood roles in films like "Garbo Talks"/"Moscow on the Hudson" (1984), "True Colors" (1991), "Object of My Affection" 1994 ..."We're Here, We're Queer, get used to it!" ... -- PHOTO, Friday, March 22, 02:31:42pm
OT: Netflix's After Life DerBingle Friday, March 22, 09:37:50am 9
  • I've seen the series 3X over, and I think Gervais outdid himself. Mind you, this series is not for everyone, but I thought its writing and GREAT ensemble cast were the best. The subject really examines what "life" means individually. Excellent effort; a kind of "Truly, Madly, Deeply" MEETS "Curb You Enthusiasm"! ... -- theChronicler, Thursday, March 21, 09:57:30am
    • Oh, and its soundrack is brilliant -Bill Withers, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, The Thorns, among others. (NT) -- theChronicler, Thursday, March 21, 10:22:50am
    • I Actually Cried At Some Spots -- DerBingle, Thursday, March 21, 05:13:10pm
      • It definitely examines the "5-stages of grief", and delves into "what would happen if...?" And it seems nearly each character was strategically placed, and their 'slant' on life -from his loving brother-in-law, his simple-minded photographer collegue, and even his office "antagonist" 'Kath', to the 'innocent observer' newbie 'Sandy' with fresh eyes. -All had their place in what life represents. (NT) -- And punctuated with cemetery's "chi" voice of experienced reason, 'Anne', brilliantly played by veteran actress Dame Penelope Wilton!, Thursday, March 21, 05:51:51pm
  • So glad someone posted about this (NT) -- Love the show and the soundtrack, Thursday, March 21, 11:56:24am
    • Gervais starred in a film about 10 years ago which seemed a step-off on the theme of this series. "Ghost Town" I thought was a similar idea, but in finding out the meaning of love and life after death, in a different approach, though not a Gervais screenplay. ... -- VIDEO, Thursday, March 21, 10:18:41pm
  • I'm going to give it a watch this weekend. -- kristian, Friday, March 22, 05:32:31am
Healthwatch: Actor John Karlen (Dark Shadows, Cagney & Lacey) Hospitalized after a stroke Friday, March 22, 09:33:44am 3
Actress Kathryn Kane Dies at 100 Friday, March 22, 09:20:40am 8
  • IMDb -- -, Thursday, March 21, 12:05:10pm
    • Died a week after turning 100. Her last film "That Hagen Girl" (1947) (NT) -- Widely considered one of Ronald Reagan's worst films, Thursday, March 21, 12:07:29pm
    • “That Hagan Girl” (1947)-Joyce Horne and Rex Downing still alive (NT) -- (NT), Thursday, March 21, 02:30:03pm
  • Here are more PHOTOS! -- ..., Friday, March 22, 07:15:29am
OT: Criterion announces its first month of programming for its new online streaming service Amazing collection of classic films, spotlights, and foreign features Friday, March 22, 08:25:55am 1
Canadian Actress Esther Hockin Dies at 97 Friday, March 22, 07:24:09am 2
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, March 22, 07:24:09am
Mar.21stHappy 102nd Birthday! Composer Anton Coppola, Scholar Prasert na Nagara is 100, Director Peter Brook is 94, Actor Ward Asquith turns 90. (NT) jlp Thursday, March 21, 06:09:54pm 12
  • Actress Kathleen Widdoes is 80 today -- Other birthdays, Mar 21-, Thursday, March 21, 12:09:19pm
    • Engineer Clark L. Brundin is 88, Nobel awarded chemist Walter Gilbert is 87, businessman John Hall is 86, politician Michael Heseltine is 86, politician Ed Broadbent is 83, musician Mike Westbrook is 83, politician Ann Clwyd is 82 (NT) -- Football player Tom Flores is 82, writer Michael Foreman is 81, athlete Grahame Thomas is 81, Thursday, March 21, 12:22:18pm
  • FUN FACT: Composer Anton Coppola is younger brother of composer and musician, and look-alike sibling Carmine Coppola, father of actress Talia Shire and director Francis Ford Coppola. -- Sadly, his eldest child (w/former wife prima ballarina Marion Jane Miller), Susan Marion Coppola (1943–2008), died just days after her mother's death., Thursday, March 21, 01:05:12pm
    • Anton Coppolla is also the grand-uncle of Nicolas Cage, Sofia Coppola, & Jason Schwartzman (NT) -- ., Thursday, March 21, 01:09:23pm
      • If Anton, 102, was Francis Ford Coppola's father, instead of uncle, at 80 years old now, Francis would be one of the oldest celeb with a living parent! ... -- Francis Ford Coppola's father composing great Carmine Coppola, died in 1991, at age 80!, Thursday, March 21, 01:30:51pm
    • Speaking of daughter Susan Marion Coppola, she had a 'love baby' with African-American Jazz musician Raymond Brown (Ella Fitzgerald's former husband) in the 1960s! Bassist great Ray Brown died in 2002. (NT) -- That must have shook up the very Italian Coppolas of the 1960s?, Thursday, March 21, 01:19:34pm
  • Gramma from "Gramma and Ginga" turns 105 today! -- Happy Birthday!, Thursday, March 21, 01:44:52pm
    • "In The Summertime" -- Mungo Jerry, Thursday, March 21, 04:08:27pm
      • "Baby Hold On" -- Eddie Money, Thursday, March 21, 04:09:47pm
  • March 21stHappy Birthday! Actress Kathleen O'Malley (95) Actor Marino Masй (80) Actor Timothy Dalton (73) Singer Eddie Money (70) (NT) -- Colt, Thursday, March 21, 06:09:54pm
ARCHIVE: March 21, 1994 It was 25 years now, since Hollywood lost another young successful actor, when Dack Rambo, 52, twin of actor Dirk Rambo (1941-1967), dying from complications to AIDS. Rambo was best known for the TV role of Jeff Sonnett on The Guns of Will Sonnett" [1967-69]. ... Bio & PHOTO Thursday, March 21, 05:36:56pm 4
  • That same day, actor Macdonald Carey died at 80 -- "So are the days of our lives", Thursday, March 21, 04:25:30pm
  • Dirk Rambo was killed by a drunk driver on February 5, 1967 (NT) -- Less than two weeks before he appeared on an episode of Dragnet, Thursday, March 21, 05:08:58pm
Mar.20thHappy 116th Birthday! Supercentenarian Maria Giuseppa Robucci, Supercentenarian Tame Yamaguchi is 112, Supercentenarian Roger Auvin is 111, Singer Vera Lynn is 102, Actress Eunice Colbert is 100, Waterman Edwin Hunt is 99, (NT) jlp Thursday, March 21, 05:12:55pm 13
  • Educator Amadou-Mahtar M' Bow is 98, Comedian Carl Reiner is 97, Physician Sir Arnold Burgen is 97, Russian Museum Director Irina Antonova is 97, Diplomat Sir Roger Du Boulay is 97, Writer Thomas B.Allen is 90, Actress Lavonne Battle turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Tuesday, March 19, 09:03:33pm
  • March 20thHappy Birthday! Actor Hal Linden (88) Actor Bruce M. Fischer (83) Actress Mews Small (77) Actor John de Lancie (71) Actor William Hurt (69) (NT) -- Colt, Tuesday, March 19, 10:10:07pm
  • Barron Trump is 13 (NT) -- Youngest presidential child, Wednesday, March 20, 07:48:43am
    • Barron Trump is the first pre- teen son of a President to live in the White House since JFK, Jr. (NT) -- ., Wednesday, March 20, 11:43:23am
      • Country singer Don Edwards is 80 today -- Other birthdays, Mar. 20-, Wednesday, March 20, 11:45:28am
        • Filmmaker Rein Raamat is 88, baseball player George Altman is 86, ex- SF mayor Willie Brown is 85, writer David Malouf is 85, musician Lee "Scratch" Perry is 83, Judge Mark Saville is 83, writer Lois Lowry is 82, mathematician Sergei Novikov is 81 (NT) -- Ex- PM of Canada Brian Mulroney is 80, Wednesday, March 20, 11:54:27am
  • Carl Reiner is more than just a comedian. (NT) -- Do you have any idea who he actually is?!?, Wednesday, March 20, 04:46:54pm
    • He's a writer, producer, director, actor, TV pioneer, creator of the "Dick van Dyke Show"... (NT) -- ,,.and the father of Rob Reiner, Wednesday, March 20, 04:49:39pm
      • "We'll Meet Again" -- Vera Lynn (102 today!), Wednesday, March 20, 04:51:25pm
  • John Lennon married Yoko Ono (NT) -- 50 years ago today, on 20 March 1969, Wednesday, March 20, 11:13:41pm
  • As Americans, most are unfamiliar with UK singing great Vera Lynn (102 today), but forever linked as the singer of the Kubrick classic 1964's "...Dr. Strangelove", singing away as doomsday dawns! ... -- "We'll Meet Again" (Vera's signature song)!, Thursday, March 21, 01:37:16am
Eunetta T. Boone, TV writer, producer Has died Thursday, March 21, 04:17:18pm 2
  • Imdb -- ., Thursday, March 21, 04:17:18pm
OT: Here's another senior celeb with a living parent- Susan Lucci, 72 Her mother Jeannette recently turned 102 Thursday, March 21, 01:22:27pm 1
Clifford Dixon, the ex of "Love & Hip Hop" star Erica Mena and a close friend of NBA star Kevin Durant Shot dead at 32 Thursday, March 21, 01:19:30pm 1
Duane Bodin, Broadway performer ("1776", "Sweeney Todd", "Fiddler on the Roof") died last year, only now getting notice He was 85 Thursday, March 21, 12:16:36pm 1
Healthwatch: Barbara Walters Suffering from advanced dementia Thursday, March 21, 12:05:44pm 10
  • Poor thing. (NT) -- But it happens to millions., Wednesday, March 20, 12:10:38pm
    • "...Whoopi Goldberg recently paid a visit ...but her presence triggered a screaming fit ...with Barbara’s eyes were opened wide, and she was terrified, screaming ‘Who is she? Get out, get out! Help me! Get out.'” (NT) -- ...I don't blame you Babs., Wednesday, March 20, 12:12:35pm
  • She just interviewed Trump a little over three years ago (NT) -- Tony, Wednesday, March 20, 12:14:09pm
  • After the Trump interview she disappeared from the public eye. (NT) -- (NT), Wednesday, March 20, 12:23:31pm
  • She IS 89 years old. She made a name for herself and is world famous. She will be remembered. (NT) -- Accident, illness, sudden or not, that's what will happen to all of us, Wednesday, March 20, 02:10:07pm
OT: So when does Jimmy Carter pass up George Bush to become the longest lived President? (NT) I know it's sometie this month Thursday, March 21, 12:01:23pm 7
BREAKING: Atlanta officials are reopening and reexamining new evidence into the city's infamous Atlanta Child Murders. New technologies are being used to investigate evidence Scumbag killer Wayne Williams says the government did the murders Thursday, March 21, 09:43:33am 1
ARCHIVE: March 20, 1991 -It's nearly 30 years now since the tragic death of Conor Loren Clapton, the toddler son of famed musician Eric Clapton, who fell to his death out of a family friend's NYC high-rise loft. He was only 4. ... Backstory Thursday, March 21, 06:55:16am 4
  • I never understood how the family chose a cold dark, damp corner of a chuchyard cemetery, with near low natural light, to bury lil Conor. ... -- Pic, Wednesday, March 20, 12:01:55pm
    • Little Conor would be 32 now... (NT) -- ., Wednesday, March 20, 04:52:53pm
    • Maybe it’s a quaint quiet corner to them (NT) -- Different strokes, Thursday, March 21, 06:55:16am
Archive: March 20, 1972 Marilyn Maxwell dies at 49 Actress Wednesday, March 20, 04:55:52pm 2
Kenneth Ward Anderson, Co-founder of Blockbuster Video Dies at 87 Wednesday, March 20, 02:07:28pm 7
  • There is currently one Blockbuster store in existance, in Bend, Ore. (NT) -- ., Tuesday, March 19, 05:12:02pm
  • Blockbuster peaked in 2004 with 84,300 employees and 9,094 stores. (NT) -- ., Tuesday, March 19, 05:27:46pm
Prince Nobuhiko Higashikuni, Grandson of Japan's Emperor Hirihoto Dead at 74 Wednesday, March 20, 11:49:22am 1
Ransom Jackson, hit last home run for Brooklyn Dodgers Dies at 93 Wednesday, March 20, 11:31:50am 3
  • True, on September 28, 1957, Jackson hit the final home run in Brooklyn Dodgers history, before the team moved to Los Angeles for the 1958 season! (NT) -- And they defeated the Phillies, in an 8-4 victory too!, Wednesday, March 20, 11:30:20am
Chuck Harmon, first African-American Cincinnati Reds player Dies at 94 Wednesday, March 20, 08:46:31am 1
ARCHIVE: March 16, 2017 James Cotton, blues harmonica star who played w/many rock bands, dies of pneumonia, at age 81. ... Ed Tracey Tuesday, March 19, 08:20:34pm 1
March 19thHappy Birthday! Actress Renйe Taylor (86) Actress Ursula Andress (83) Actress Glenn Close (72) (NT) Colt Tuesday, March 19, 07:16:49pm 13
  • Mar.19thHappy 107th Birthday! Allergist/WW2 Figure William Frankland, Actor Jose Pulido is 100, Sociologist Eleanor Bernert Sheldon is 99, Journalist Chelo De Castro is 99, Gov't. Official Brent Scowcraft is 94, Theologian Hans Kung is 91 (NT) -- jlp, Monday, March 18, 09:03:58pm
    • Cinematographer Hans Heinrich is 90, Actor Kinba Sanyutei turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Monday, March 18, 09:04:48pm
      • Legendary Lawman and Gunfighter Wyatt Earp - March 19, 1848, Monmouth, IL (NT) -- Ike Clanton, Tuesday, March 19, 09:49:15am
  • It's Scowcroft not Scowcraft (NT) -- ..., Tuesday, March 19, 09:52:42am
    • Actress Phyllis Newman is 86, singer Clarence “Frogman” Henry is 82 -- Other birthdays, Mar. 19-, Tuesday, March 19, 11:22:19am
      • Writer Emma Andijewska is 88, animator Richard Williams is 86, politician Egon Krenz is 82, football player Joe Kapp is 81 (NT) -- ., Tuesday, March 19, 01:52:26pm
  • The “First Lady of Physical Fitness”, Elaine LaLanne, turns 93 today. -- Husband/fitness guru Jack died in 2011 at 96., Tuesday, March 19, 02:25:06pm
  • Walter Bruce Willis is 64 today (NT) -- born 19 March 1955 in Idar-Oberstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany, Tuesday, March 19, 03:13:08pm
    • Bruce had a younger brother, Robert, who died in 2001, at 42 (pancreatic cancer) (NT) -- ., Tuesday, March 19, 04:10:20pm
      • "Ain't Got No Home" -- Clarence "Frogman" Henry, Tuesday, March 19, 04:12:21pm
Dan Blankenship Oak Island Mark Tuesday, March 19, 05:06:49pm 2
Archive: Chuck Berry, Mar. 18, 2017 ... The real King of Rock & Roll Tuesday, March 19, 04:11:17pm 7
  • It's funny how society is chastising all these old celebs and a reviewing of boycot of their life's work, because of their past heinous indescrations. ... -- If we were to boycott artists' life work due to their perversion...we'd be only hearing the sound of our own voices., Monday, March 18, 08:14:57pm
    • In the age of today's social media, a young Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Errol Flynn, Doug Fairbanks Jr, Joan Crawford, Clifton Webb, Monty Wooley, Noel Coward, Cole Porter, Wm. Randolph Hearst, Charlie Chaplin, Miles Davis, Billy Holiday, Kim Novac, Laurence Olivier, Grace Kelly, Bob Hope ... (NT) -- ...all their careers would have ended, before it begun!, Tuesday, March 19, 03:39:12am
      •'s almost as if powerful people that choose to abuse their standings today, are being held accountable. (NT) -- TOBY, Tuesday, March 19, 12:50:11pm
        • With everyone with phone/camera in hand today, can you imagine some of the old club stand-up material recorded for consumtion, today?? One "off night" in a club like Michael Richards, can be killed off by the PC police. No one should be judged for life, by the worst night of their life. Though despicable lifelong behavior shouldn't be tolerated, either. (NT) -- Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, and others would not even have gotten off the ground with "mainstream America"., Tuesday, March 19, 12:59:03pm
    • It seems Berry and others like Danny Thomas, all seem to have the same rumored predilections of sexual fetishes involving bodily excretions, as today's Donsld Trump, and R Kelly. (NT) -- But freaky celebs of yesteryear kept it all pretty hidden., Tuesday, March 19, 04:11:17pm
Alan Krueger, Economist served in the Obama administration Dead at 58 Tuesday, March 19, 04:10:15pm 3
  • Another suicide. How sad. ... -- PHOTO, Tuesday, March 19, 01:05:27pm
  • The James Madison Professor of Political Economy? (NT) -- Madison would be spinning in his grave!, Tuesday, March 19, 04:10:15pm
Edward & Estela O' Brien, Parents of journalist Soledad O’Brien Died little more than a month apart Tuesday, March 19, 04:07:55pm 1
OT: Jack the Ripper mystery finally solved? ... DNA may have cracked the case. Tuesday, March 19, 03:51:43pm 3
  • Speaking of the 'Ripper', anyone see the new TV miniseries on one of America's 'Rippers'; the "Black Dahlia" case of 1947 L.A.? The TV special "I Am The Night" was a retool of the George Hodel investigation, with input from daughter Tamar Hodel recollections and facts of the case? ... -- The TV miniseries was clumsily produced by its star Chris Pine., Tuesday, March 19, 12:46:13pm
  • The Ripper mystery is far from "solved" -Some facts, most of these articles leave out about this DNA case... -- Jack T. Ripper, Tuesday, March 19, 02:38:48pm
Archive: Paul Kossoff, Mar. 19, 1976 Guitarist (Free) Tuesday, March 19, 01:58:49pm 2
  • "All Right Now" -- Free, Tuesday, March 19, 01:58:49pm
Bernie Torme - rock guitar player, died aged 66 MattC Tuesday, March 19, 01:36:14pm 6
  • Link to list of other musicians who died at 66 -- MattC, Monday, March 18, 01:14:23pm
  • Full article -- R.I.P, Monday, March 18, 01:40:43pm
Leroy Stanton, former Major League Baseball player from 1970 to 1978. Killed in car crash. Dies at 72 Tuesday, March 19, 12:27:08pm 4
  • I remember him. Played several years with the Angels but was taken by the Mariners in the expansion draft (NT) -- Russ, Thursday, March 14, 10:18:50pm
    • Leroy 'Lee' Stanton, Baseball player (Mets, Mariners, Angels). ... -- Dead at 72 (car crash)., Tuesday, March 19, 12:25:27pm
      • PHOTO ... -- Baseball card, Tuesday, March 19, 12:27:08pm
Archive: Richard Beckinsale, 19th March 1979 Sherlock Tuesday, March 19, 12:22:44pm 4
  • Daughter Kate Beckinsale was only 5 when her father died (NT) -- ., Tuesday, March 19, 11:20:09am
  • What a talented young actor he was. Americans are unaware of the UK actor Beckinsale, but at the time of his death he starred in his own hit BBC sitcom "Bloomers", but shocked fans when he suddenly of a heart attack at 31! ... -- Bio & PHOTOS, Tuesday, March 19, 12:12:03pm
    • Youngest daughter Kate Beckinsale, 45, is now dating SNL actor Pete Davidson, 25. -Both their fathers died at a young age. When Pete was 7, his dad an NYC firefighter Scott Davidson, 33, was killed in 911. ... -- PHOTO of the happy couple..., Tuesday, March 19, 12:22:44pm
Bill Burlison (D) Missouri - U.S. Representative from 1969 to 1981 Dies at 88 Tuesday, March 19, 12:17:23pm 2
Kenneth To, swimmer from Hong Kong/Australia - former World Championships medalist He was 26 Tuesday, March 19, 11:27:59am 2
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, March 19, 11:27:59am
Wrestler "Nature Boy" Roger Kirby Dies at 79 Tuesday, March 19, 11:27:13am 2
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, March 19, 11:27:13am
Record Producer Shelly Liebowitz Dies at 73 Tuesday, March 19, 11:25:53am 2
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, March 19, 11:25:53am
Film Editor Norman Hollyn Dies at 66 Tuesday, March 19, 06:03:59am 2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, March 19, 06:03:59am
R&B Singer & Songwriter Andre Williams Dies at 81 Monday, March 18, 08:18:54pm 7
  • "Bacon Fat" -- Andre Williams, Monday, March 18, 11:51:33am
    • "Jail Bait" -- Andre Williams, Monday, March 18, 11:52:47am
      • "Pass The Biscuits Please" -- Andre Williams, Monday, March 18, 11:57:03am
        • "Shake a Tail Feather" -- The Five Dutones, Monday, March 18, 12:01:10pm
          • "Twine Time" -- Alvin Cash & The Crawlers, Monday, March 18, 05:04:10pm
Actor Richard Erdman passed away He was 93 Monday, March 18, 08:06:17pm 10
  • THIS one truly hurts. LAST of mannnny screen casts! -From "Mr. Skeffington" (1944), to "Objective, Burma!" (1945), to "Stalad 17" (1953), to lead in TZ episode "A Kind of a Stopwatch" (1963), to TV's "Cheers" (1986), to "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1997), to regular as 'Leonard' on ""Community (2009-2015)! One of the great Hollywood resumes! Sleep well. ... -- theChronicler, Sunday, March 17, 01:07:05am
  • Here is Erdman in noir film "Cry Danger" holding his own with heavy hitters Dick Powell and Wm. Conrad. In 2010 Fleming & Erdman did Q&A at screening! -The film's lead actress Rhonda Fleming, 95, is now its sole survivor. ... -- 2010 VIDEO, Monday, March 18, 11:10:20am
Singer & Songwriter David Whuite ('At the Hop,' 'You Don't Own Me') Dies at 79 Monday, March 18, 05:13:58pm 5
  • "You Don't Own Me" recorded originally by 17 years old. Lesley Gore in 1963, her last Top-10 single, with its induction into Grammy Hall of Fame in 2016. -It was "repopularized" ending the film "First Wives Club" in 2001. ... -- VIDEO, Monday, March 18, 10:53:48am
  • "The Fly" -- Chubby Checker, Monday, March 18, 11:58:17am
  • "LOOK OF LOVE" 45 Hit Version -- December 1964, Monday, March 18, 05:13:58pm
Visual Effects Artist / Director & Actor John Carl Buechler Dies at 66 Monday, March 18, 03:46:16pm 7
  • IMDb -- -, Monday, March 18, 07:17:30am
  • I was going to post this, but couldn't find a credible source. (NT) -- was the only thing out there at the time., Monday, March 18, 08:01:57am
  • John Carl Buechler, veteran 80s horror SFX artist and 'Troll' director, dead at 66. ... -- w/PHOTOS, Monday, March 18, 10:38:44am
Andrea Pollack, German (East German) Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer She was 57 Monday, March 18, 02:18:47pm 1
Mar.18thHappy 99th Birthday! Physician Benjamin Cabrera, Actress Liane Marlene is 97, Actress Sumire Shiroki is 97, Songwriter John Kander is 92, Actress Peggy Dow is 91, Politician Fidel Ramos is 91, (NT) jlp Monday, March 18, 01:43:26pm 8
  • Singer John Macurdy is 90, Actress Vanna Urbino is 90, Director Curt Stromblad is 90, Composer Sefik Uyguner turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Sunday, March 17, 09:04:27pm
  • March 18thHappy Birthday! Actor John Fraser (88) Writer Carl Gottlieb (81) Actress Brad Dourif (69) (NT) -- Colt, Sunday, March 17, 09:21:42pm
    • Actor Brad Dourif is best known as troubled ill-fated 'Billy' in 1975's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", and it's interesting how many cast members are still around 44 years afters after the film's release, including most of the main players, even poor mute Josip Elic ('Bancini'), who turned 98 last week! -- Bimbo actress Louisa Moritz died about 8 weeks ago., Monday, March 18, 05:04:02am
      • Of course, William Redfield, who played Harding in "Cuckoo's Nest", died only a year after it was released (NT) -- He was only 49, Monday, March 18, 01:43:26pm
  • John Kander is a composer who wrote the music of Cabaret and Chicago (NT) -- and the song "New York, New York", Monday, March 18, 07:37:32am
    • Country singer Charley Pride is 85 today -- Other birthdays, Mar. 18-, Monday, March 18, 12:04:59pm
      • Actor John Fraser is 88, activist Unita Blackwell is 86, statistician Ole Barndorff-Nielsen is 84, politician F. W. de Klerk is 83, writer- actor Carl Gottlieb is 81, actor Kenny Lynch is 81, athlete Ron Atkinson is 80 (NT) -- Musician Jean-Pierre Wallez is 80, Monday, March 18, 12:10:38pm
Guitarist Dick Dale - "King of the Surf Guitar' Dies at 82 Monday, March 18, 11:59:23am 8
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, March 17, 12:26:21pm
    • "Miserlou" -- Dick Dale, Sunday, March 17, 12:28:03pm
      • "King of the Surf Guitar" -- Dick Dale, Sunday, March 17, 12:52:49pm
        • "Pipeline " -- Stevie Ray Vaughan & Dick Dale, Sunday, March 17, 01:16:18pm
          • "Let's Go Trippin'" -- Dick Dale and the Del-Tones, Sunday, March 17, 05:27:17pm
            • "Jessie Pearl" -- Dick Dale, Monday, March 18, 11:59:23am
  • List of other popular musicians born the same year in 1937 -- MattC, Sunday, March 17, 02:06:54pm
Al Silverman, wrote book that became ‘Brian’s Song’ Dies at 92 Monday, March 18, 03:03:57am 5
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, March 17, 07:30:57am
Director/Producer & Actor Marty Thomas Dies at 60 Sunday, March 17, 06:22:36pm 3
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, March 17, 04:18:58pm
Frank Cali, reputed Gambino family mob boss shot and killed outside his NY home Dies at 53 Sunday, March 17, 12:04:46pm 3
Healthwatch: Paris Jackson hospitalized - attempted suicide. TMZ Sunday, March 17, 12:01:58pm 4
  • The MJ sheen of his shining legacy is now tarnishing rapidly and finally, with karma now finding his children, and likely his children's children to come. (NT) -- Godspeed, Paris. You've a long road, ahead., Sunday, March 17, 12:46:06am
Tom Ryan, Cartoonist ("Tumbleweeds") Dead at 92 Sunday, March 17, 11:51:42am 4
Imane Fadil, Model who was to testify in former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's upcoming bribery trial has died of suspected poisoning She was 34 Sunday, March 17, 11:48:12am 1
Mar.16thHappy 101st Birthday! Inventor Max D. Liston, Politician Eric Aarons is 100, Filmmaker Gudrm Parker is 99, Filmmaker Jens Bjerre is 98, Businessman Donald M. Kendall is 98, Singer Christa Ludwig is 91, (NT) jlp Sunday, March 17, 11:45:26am 12
  • Singer Antonietta Stela is 90, Actress Nadja Tiller turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Friday, March 15, 09:05:08pm
  • March 16thHappy Birthday! Actress Nancy Fish (81) Actor Erik Estrada (70) Actor Joseph Pilato (70) Actor S.A. Griffin (65) (NT) -- Colt, Friday, March 15, 09:40:48pm
    • Other birthdays, Mar. 16- -- Happy birthdays!, Saturday, March 16, 11:46:30am
      • Singer Betty Johnson is 90, philosopher Anthony Kenny is 88, astronaut Walter Cunningham is 87, writer Kurt Diemberger is 87, politician Herbert Marx is 87, artist Keith Critchlow is 86, banker Sanford I. Weill is 86, politician Jean Cournoyer is 85 (NT) -- Conductor Roger Norrington is 85, singer Teresa Berganza is 83, inventor Raymond Damadian is 83, writer David Frith is 82, politician Yvon Cфtй is 80, Saturday, March 16, 11:59:34am
        • The 45 RPM single turns 70 -- First ones issued on Mar. 15, 1949, Saturday, March 16, 12:08:59pm
          • "The Little Blue Man" -- Betty Johnson, Saturday, March 16, 05:19:57pm
            • "Mr Bojangles " -- Jerry Jeff Walker, Saturday, March 16, 05:21:18pm
              • "Barracuda" -- Heart, Saturday, March 16, 05:22:23pm
                • "Black Is Black" -- Los Bravos, Sunday, March 17, 10:37:36am
  • It's Gudrun, not Gudrm! (NT) -- FYI, Sunday, March 17, 11:37:52am
Mar.17thHappy 100th Birthday! WW2 Figure Mike Hoare, Actress Brigitte Keppler is 100, Actress Irina Yeffemova is 97, Producer Brandon Chase is 90, Actress/Comediene Jorie Remus is 90, NASCAR Driver Tom Pistone turns 90. (NT) jlp Sunday, March 17, 11:38:39am 3
Jack Silverman, wrote story / produced 1989s "Crack House" Dies at 92 Sunday, March 17, 08:29:52am 2
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, March 17, 08:29:52am
TV Writer Larry DiTillio Dies at 79 Sunday, March 17, 07:34:42am 3
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, March 17, 07:20:01am
TV Producer George M. Lehr Dies at 87 Sunday, March 17, 02:55:15am 2
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, March 17, 02:55:15am
Director Bill Delaney Dies at 73 Sunday, March 17, 02:49:27am 2
JUST IN-Career Healthwatch: Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were arrested and charged in a large-scale nationwide college entrance exam cheating scandal by the FBI and U.S. Attorney's Office in Boston! CNN Saturday, March 16, 07:27:11pm 21
  • Huffman is married to William H. Macy (NT) -- ,, Tuesday, March 12, 01:14:59pm
    • Hallmark Channel cuts ties to Lori Loughlin one day after College Admissions scandal breaks. -- FOX News, Thursday, March 14, 04:19:58pm
    • Isn't he like 97? -- Maude, Thursday, March 14, 09:42:10pm
    • Will Macy tell Gimble? (NT) -- :), Saturday, March 16, 08:13:15am
  • I think America can rest safely now that Huffman & Loughlin are behind bars! (NT) -- Russ, Friday, March 15, 02:31:03am
    • Well no, but there should be some retribution for these priviledged, self-entitled ppl of mean$. -- So many truly worthy students break their necks for opportunity for acceptence from these institution of higher learning., Friday, March 15, 02:36:07am
    • The mastermind (who actually pled guilty), plus his henchmen, and 40+ others charged aren't named, nor have their fotos posted in headlines (buried deep in stories) ... only these two women. (NT) -- Ed Tracey, Friday, March 15, 04:15:36am
  • Everyone and everything has a price. (NT) -- (NT), Friday, March 15, 09:02:48am
    • I will slit my boss's throat for expunged parking tickets, and a Big Mac combo. (NT) -- Cheap date., Friday, March 15, 10:53:55am
      • Starbucks and many radio stations are now distancing themselves from Michael Jackson's music even though he was found innocent in a court of law. And networks are dropping Lori Loughlin etc... even though these are only accusations. (NT) -- What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Thoughts...?, Friday, March 15, 01:26:43pm
        • Former 49ers Star QB Joe Montana and Pro Golfer Phil Mickelson linked to consultant in College Scandal. -- Yahoo News, Friday, March 15, 02:40:13pm
        • "Innocent until proven guilty" is a standard used only in a court of law. (NT) -- It means nothing in a court of public opinion, or for that matter, networks, etc., Friday, March 15, 02:52:14pm
          • Agreed. (NT) -- But that doesn't make it right., Friday, March 15, 03:25:08pm
            • Well you'd think with something this BIG, the Feds have ppr trail, emails, phone, bank records to indict her with the felony. And sound lkke a few "test takers" were the ones who flipped on everyone. (NT) -- Poor Aunt Becky.....not!, Friday, March 15, 03:34:38pm
          • She admitted it. The FBI has been working on this for a year. They wiretapped her phone conversations with the CEO. -- Link inside, Saturday, March 16, 12:04:04pm
        • Michael Jackson's Case -- David S., Saturday, March 16, 03:11:05pm
Actor Joe Knowland Dies at 88 Saturday, March 16, 06:34:23pm 5
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, March 16, 07:26:22am
Athlete Johnny “Lam” Jones Dies at 60 Saturday, March 16, 05:36:51pm 7
  • He entered the Univ. of Texas in 1966. That's the year Charles Whitman climbed a tower there & shot several people (NT) -- ., Friday, March 15, 11:59:10am
    • Try again. He entered in 76, since he was drafted in the NFL in 1980 (NT) -- Thanks for playing, Friday, March 15, 10:54:15pm
      • Don't mind that post. it's from our troll, who loves to post glaringly false information. (NT) -- Chron, pls delete., Saturday, March 16, 08:39:53am
        • Yes, Wikipedia says he entered in 1966 (NT) -- He was born in 1948, Saturday, March 16, 11:39:44am
          • Wiki says he was born in 1958 -- He was 60, Saturday, March 16, 05:32:09pm
            • Guess you're right (NT) -- I apologize for the Whitman error!, Saturday, March 16, 05:36:51pm
Archive: John B. Salling, Mar. 16, 1959 Was long thought to be the last Civil War veteran Saturday, March 16, 05:35:16pm 2
Archive: Seven members of Reba McIntire's band, killed in a plane crash, Mar. 16, 1991 The singer had elected not to fly Saturday, March 16, 05:32:05pm 1
Tommy Tripplehorn, Musician (Gary Lewis & the Playboys) father of actress Jeanne Tripplehorn Dead at 75 Saturday, March 16, 05:15:46pm 2
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, ‘Nate the Great’ Author Dies at 90 Saturday, March 16, 03:39:16pm 1
Dancer/Choreographer & Actor Irving Burton Dies at 95 Saturday, March 16, 01:13:21pm 2
  • IMDb & IBDB -- -, Saturday, March 16, 01:13:21pm
Chico, chihuahua Broadway star of Legally Blonde - The Musical, dies Russ Saturday, March 16, 11:44:50am 2
Michael Wycoff, Soul singer and songwriter Dead at 63 Friday, March 15, 06:18:40pm 2
W.S. Mewin, Former US Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner Dead at 91 Friday, March 15, 05:41:37pm 1
Vancouver punk legend Zippy Pinhead dies at 57. Vancouver Sun Friday, March 15, 05:18:10pm 1
Healthwatch: Adult performer Violet Rain Hospitalized in critical condition after drug overdose Friday, March 15, 03:17:07pm 2
Many killed in rare New Zealand mass shooting targeting Muslims Bodies everywhere as 4 gunmen enter Mosques with machine guns Friday, March 15, 02:27:31pm 4
Jake Phelps, skateboarding legend and editor of Thrasher Magazine He was 56 Friday, March 15, 02:25:05pm 3
  • Imdb -- ., Friday, March 15, 12:58:56pm
  • Isn't he related to Michael Phelps the swimmer? (Maybe Teller knows, if you don't.) (NT) -- Pasta Phazule, Friday, March 15, 02:25:05pm
Jazz Musician Jim Beatty Dies at 84 Friday, March 15, 02:04:00pm 1
Archive: Kirk Alyn, Mar. 14, 1999 First actor to play "Superman" Friday, March 15, 12:49:28pm 2
Mar.15thHappy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Hlda Clulow, Politician Cecile Goldet is 105, Activist Frances Crowe is 100, Olympic Athlete Winfred Jordan is 99, Sports Journalist Sid Hartman is 99, (NT) jlp Friday, March 15, 11:55:12am 6
  • Olympic Athlete David Bowker is 97, Director Shanti S. Verma is 97, Actress Anita Blom turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Thursday, March 14, 09:04:35pm
  • March 15thHappy Birthday! Actor Judd Hirsch (83) Wrestler The Iron Sheik (77) Director David Cronenberg (76) Actress Lisa Dunsheath (67) Actor Craig Wasson (65) (NT) -- Colt, Thursday, March 14, 09:30:56pm
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 86 (NT) -- Tony, Friday, March 15, 08:12:33am
    • Ginsburg, 86, is the 4th oldest serving Sup. Ct. Justice (NT) -- Older- Taney, 87, Stevens, 89, Holmes, 90, Friday, March 15, 11:50:00am
Archive: March 15, 2001 Ann Sothern dies at 92 Actress Friday, March 15, 11:51:37am 4
  • Ann Sothern's daughter Tisha Sterling recently published her autobiography, which describes life with her strong-willed mother. (NT) -- egee33, Friday, March 15, 10:30:32am
    • Why is it divas like Lana Turner, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Betty Hutton, Whitney Huston, etc all seem to fu up their daughters?? (NT) -- Is it in the celeb manual, or something?, Friday, March 15, 10:51:56am
Archive: March 15, 2014 David Brenner dies at 78 Comedian Friday, March 15, 08:17:18am 1
Danny Kustow, guitarist and founding member the Tom Robinson Band. ... Per Songwriter & broadcaster Tom Robinson social media Friday, March 15, 05:53:01am 2
  • Tom Robinson Band -- "2-4-6-8 Motorway", Friday, March 15, 05:53:01am
Pat Laffan, Irish actor Dies at 79 Friday, March 15, 03:40:43am 3
  • Imdb -- ,, Thursday, March 14, 11:49:37am
  • Somewhat ominous that his last credit on IMDB is short film titled "Laid to Rest"... (NT) -- Fredrik Andersson, Friday, March 15, 03:40:43am
Question: Who was featured on our board on Mon, Tues, Wed? (NT) Curious Friday, March 15, 03:08:05am 1
Peter Hughes 1922-2019 British veteran actor. He passed away on February 5, but his obituary was published only a couple of days ago. Fredrik Andersson Friday, March 15, 12:20:28am 1
Fйlicitй Tomlinson, sister of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson She was 18 Thursday, March 14, 10:25:55pm 3
  • Drugs will get you every time (NT) -- She looks dead eyed in that photo in her apartment, Thursday, March 14, 05:30:31pm
  • How tragic for Tomlinson to lose his mother, and now his sister in the space of 2 years (NT) -- Russ, Thursday, March 14, 10:25:55pm
Mar.14thHappy 101st Birthday! Physicist Josko Battestin, Actress Sidika Duruer is 97, Actress Carolina Jimenez is 97, Astronaut Frank Borman turns 91. (NT) jlp Thursday, March 14, 04:43:34pm 8
  • Mar.14thHappy Birthday! Actor Michael Caine (86) Producer Quincy Jones (86) Actor Raymond J. Barry (80) Director Wolfgang Petersen (78) (NT) -- Colt, Wednesday, March 13, 10:29:50pm
    • Actress Carol Speed (74) Actor Steve Kanaly (73) Actor Billy Crystal (71) Actress Season Hubley (68) (NT) -- Colt, Wednesday, March 13, 10:30:51pm
      • Michael Caine & Quincy Jones, both 86 today, both appeared in the film "Goldmember" (NT) -- ., Thursday, March 14, 11:33:42am
        • Singer Phil Phillips is 93 today -- Other birthdays, mar. 14th-, Thursday, March 14, 11:48:20am
          • Writer Max Shulman was born 100 years ago today (died 1988) -- Created "Dobie Gillis", Thursday, March 14, 11:53:58am
            • "Sea of Love" -- Phil Phillips, Thursday, March 14, 04:42:31pm
              • "Soul Bossa Nova" -- Quincy Jones, Thursday, March 14, 04:43:34pm
Reggie Rutherford, Stage manager on "Soul Train", "Extra" & other TV showa Dead at 66 Thursday, March 14, 04:40:51pm 1
Dr. Jim Raman, contestant on Season 25 of "The Amazing Race." Found dead at home at age 42 Thursday, March 14, 03:42:56pm 1
Harry Hughes (D) - Governor of Maryland from 1979 to 1987 Dies at 92 Thursday, March 14, 03:05:28pm 2
Greg Topper, Veteran entertainer who kept the spirit of early rock alive for generations Dead at 73 Thursday, March 14, 02:04:11pm 2
Birch Bayh (D), - U.S Senator from Indiana from 1963 to 1981 and author of two Amendments to the U.S. Constitution Dies at 91 Thursday, March 14, 02:00:25pm 6
  • In 1964 Bayh and his wife survived the plane crash that seriously injured Ted Kennedy. Bayh was also a U.S. Presidential candidate in 1976. (NT) -- ., Thursday, March 14, 06:15:03am
  • He was the last living U.S Senator to serve during the Kennedy Presidency. (NT) -- ., Thursday, March 14, 06:25:05am
  • Father of former U.S. senator and Indiana governor Evan Bayh, who quit politics to become a lobbyist (I'm sure dad was proud) (NT) -- Russ, Thursday, March 14, 08:54:34am
Archive: Betsy Blair, Mar. 13, 2009 Actress Thursday, March 14, 01:56:11pm 6
  • FUN FACT: A year after nominated for an Oscar, Betsy Blair, who was married to screen legend Gene Kelly at the time, was blacklisted in Hollywood, but divorced soon after. Blair later married director Karel Reisz, who directed "Isadora" (1968), "The Gambler" (1974), and "The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981). ... -- Blair's only child was with former husband Gene Kelly. Kerry Kelly is now 76!, Wednesday, March 13, 08:08:05pm
Actor James Dickson Dies at 70 Thursday, March 14, 12:59:32pm 2
  • IMDb -- -, Thursday, March 14, 12:59:32pm
Jay Barrett, dying wish was to talk to President Trump Dead at 44, eight days after the two spoke Thursday, March 14, 12:43:08pm 1
Archive: March 14, 1975 Susan Hayward dies at 57 Actress Thursday, March 14, 12:20:01pm 3
Hal Blaine, legendary 60s session drummer Per official Facebook page Thursday, March 14, 11:39:01am 10
  • Played on so many great songs of the 60's (NT) -- RIP, Monday, March 11, 04:42:08pm
    • Variety obit -- ., Monday, March 11, 04:44:27pm
      • Imdb -- ., Monday, March 11, 04:46:13pm
  • Listen to Blaine's intro to this classic "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes! ... -- Classic Hal Blaine, Wednesday, March 13, 02:46:42am
  • He was from where I live -- Firefighter Fred, Wednesday, March 13, 09:44:23am
    • More classic songs Hal Blaine played on -- You may recognize a few, Wednesday, March 13, 12:01:26pm
      • Seems Blaine was the beat of our early lives. (NT) -- Rest In Peace., Wednesday, March 13, 02:07:25pm
      • Never heard any of these songs. (NT) -- Just kidding. That was quite an impressive list, and at only 1% of his input., Thursday, March 14, 04:59:59am
Archvie: March 14, 2010 Peter Graves dies at 83 Actor Thursday, March 14, 11:36:35am 3
Mary Theresa Roberts, 2nd oldest person in Canada Dies at 112 Thursday, March 14, 10:45:48am 1
Actor Aron Tager Dies at 84 Thursday, March 14, 08:52:39am 4
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, March 13, 05:57:14pm
Actor Don Reynolds Dies at 81 Wednesday, March 13, 06:55:04pm 11
  • IMDb -- -, Monday, February 18, 06:44:26am
  • The last four Red Ryder movies starred Jim Bannon as Red Ryder and Don Kay ("Little Brown Jug") Reynolds as Little Beaver. -- Pic, Monday, February 18, 12:50:53pm
    • Reynolds was also a horse trainer and worked on three Lord of the Ring movies (NT) -- R.I.P., Monday, February 18, 01:42:53pm
    • It appears that there were three "Little Beaver" film actors: Tommy Cook, Robert Blake and Don Reynolds. -- Explanation inside., Monday, February 18, 01:52:38pm
Charlie Whiting, director of the Formula One racing series. He was 66 Wednesday, March 13, 06:45:06pm 1
Archive: Garson Kanin, Mar. 13, 1999 Writer- director Wednesday, March 13, 04:26:33pm 1
Mar.13thHappy 100th Birthday! Actor Pierre Belot, Cartoonist Al Jaffee is 98, Cricketer David Graham is 97, Politician Prudent Carpentier is 97, Musician Roy Haynes is 94, Mathematician John Tate turns 94. (NT) jlp Wednesday, March 13, 04:20:20pm 10
  • March 13thHappy Birthday! Actress Leslie Parrish (84) Singer Neil Sedaka (80) Actor Whitney Rydbeck (74) Actor William H. Macy (69) (NT) -- Colt, Tuesday, March 12, 09:11:43pm
    • William H. Macy is probably not having such a good birthday (NT) -- Since his wife was arreated yesterday, Wednesday, March 13, 11:50:17am
      • Country singer Jan Howard is 89. Songwriter Mike Stoller is 86 today -- Other birthdays, mar. 13-, Wednesday, March 13, 11:52:37am
        • Woman who danced with the Obamas, turns 110 this month. ... -- Virginia McLaurin, of Wash, DC., Wednesday, March 13, 01:23:57pm
          • Cartoonist Al Jaffee, who created Mad magazine's "Fold In" back cover, is 98 today! (NT) -- ., Wednesday, March 13, 01:24:42pm
          • Recent PHOTO of Miss McLaurin ... -- Celebrating 110th!, Wednesday, March 13, 01:29:30pm
            • Unverified and could have been born in 1917? (NT) -- (NT), Wednesday, March 13, 03:23:06pm
              • "I Go Ape" -- Neil Sedaka, Wednesday, March 13, 04:18:42pm
Eddie Lambert, Music exec., worked with The Righteous Brothers, Hall & Oates, Bruce Hornsby and The Four Tops Dead at 76 Wednesday, March 13, 01:05:51pm 1
Vera Bila, Czech singing star dubbed the "Ella Fitzgerald of Gypsy music", dies of a heart attack at age 64 Russ Wednesday, March 13, 12:21:36pm 1
Archive: March 13, 2006 Maureen Stapleton dies at 80 Actress Wednesday, March 13, 10:55:11am 2
  • Stapleton had a long romance with famed theater producer and director, playwright George Abbott, from 1968 to 1978. ...Abbott was born in 1887! (NT) -- She was 43 and he was 81, when they began their affair, then ten years later Abbott left her for a younger woman, who he married at 96, until his death at 107!, Wednesday, March 13, 10:55:11am
Couthino 1943-2019 Brazilian soccer player. Member of the 1962 World Cup winning team. Fredrik Andersson Wednesday, March 13, 12:31:27am 1
John Kilzer, Singer and songwriter, Roseanne Cash, Trace Adkins and Maria Muldaur recorded his songs Has died Tuesday, March 12, 06:49:47pm 1
Archive: March 12, 2007 Betty Hutton dies at 86 Actress Tuesday, March 12, 04:52:57pm 5
  • Arguably, the oddest subject interview with TCM's Private Screenings. .... -- Poor thing, had a rough life., Tuesday, March 12, 07:38:57am
    • That hair...what was that all about? (NT) -- /, Tuesday, March 12, 03:59:59pm
      • Hair & Betty Hutton -- DerBingle, Tuesday, March 12, 04:07:36pm
        • I've read from day one, Hutton was always coo-koo for coco puffs! Mental illness is real, and likely self-medicated w/booze, etc. (NT) -- Poor thing was a big talent in her time...but in fact, a loon., Tuesday, March 12, 04:52:57pm
Healthwatch: TV's "Storage Wars" reality star Darrell Sheets recovering after heart attack. ... TMZ Tuesday, March 12, 04:51:11pm 2
William J. Creber, Production Designer on 'The Poseidon Adventure' and 'The Towering Inferno,' Dead at 87 Tuesday, March 12, 04:31:01pm 2
  • Imdb -- ., Tuesday, March 12, 04:31:01pm
ARCHIVE: Actor Roy Glenn Jr., remembered for dramatic roles in films like Carmen Jones (1954), A Raisin in the Sun (1961), and as Sidney Poitier's father in 1967's "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", known also for his formidable voice talents as the original voice of "Tony the Tiger" in Kellogg's Sugar Frosted Flakes commercials, dies after heart attack at 56. ... Bio & PHOTO Tuesday, March 12, 04:19:01pm 4
"Worlds Greatest Car Salesman" Joe Girard dead at 90 FOX News Tuesday, March 12, 03:09:40pm 1
Christian Bach, Argentine actress and frequent star of telenovelas, dies at 59 Russ Tuesday, March 12, 01:44:38pm 1
Mar.12thHappy 110th Birthday! Seamtress/School Volunteer Virginia McLaurin, Journalist Donald Zee is 100, Historian Nguyen Dinh Da U is 99, WW2 Figure Algimatantas Dailide is 98, Actress Jean Lucius is 97 Physicist Leo Esaki is 94, Poitician George Ariyoshi is 93, (NT) jlp Tuesday, March 12, 01:34:23pm 7
  • Singer Owe Thornqvist is 90, Actress Nebile Teker is 90, Actress Grace Migneco turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Monday, March 11, 09:03:40pm
  • March 12thHappy Birthday! Actor Scoey Mitchell (89) Actress Barbara Feldon (86) Cinematographer Dean Cundey (73) Actress Liza Minnelli (73) Actor Frank Welker (73) Singer James Taylor (71) Actress Sara Lane (70) Actor Jon Provost (69) Porn Legend Ron Jeremy (66) (NT) -- Colt, Monday, March 11, 09:25:40pm
  • Happy 30th to the World Wide Web! English scientist Tim Berners-Lee is credited with inventing the World Wide Web while working, for CERN on March 12, 1989 by submitting Information Management: A Proposal. ... -- Link, Tuesday, March 12, 01:23:33pm
    • Tony (NT) -- The first website went up in 1991, Tuesday, March 12, 01:29:25pm
Russell Gary, Football player (Saints, Eagles) Dead at 59 Tuesday, March 12, 01:18:45pm 1
Cedrick Hardman, Defensive Star With 49ers Dead at 70 Tuesday, March 12, 01:16:00pm 2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, March 12, 01:16:00pm
Eric Moss, Former Vikings player, brother of Randy Moss Dead at 44 Tuesday, March 12, 01:13:49pm 1
I've heard that Frankie Smith, singer of classic 1981 hit "Double Dutch Bus," passed away yestertday Here's what i've seen Tuesday, March 12, 01:12:02pm 7
  • That link doesn't have anything that even remotely suggests that he died. -- Confirmed by his son, link below, Tuesday, March 12, 08:07:52am
    • Oops, got distracted and meant to say his daughter. -- Here's the link to her facebook post, Tuesday, March 12, 08:11:43am
    • You ever get tired of doubling down on your own arrogance, only to be proven wrong time and time and time again? -- Must be a pathetic existence, Tuesday, March 12, 10:37:24am
Former 49er & Raider's player Cedrick Hardman dead at 70. Tuesday, March 12, 01:01:04pm 1
ARCHIVE: The week of March 12, 1945 Margot Frank, 19, and sister Anne Frank, 15, whose diary discovered in an annex where she and her family hid from Nazis, dies of typhus, along with her sister, later buried in a mass grave at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. ... Bio & PHOTOS Tuesday, March 12, 12:00:04pm 2
  • I never knew their mother was selected for Auschwitz's gas chambers in Fall 1944, but escaped, only to die by starvation 3 weeks later in January 1944, just 20 days before Auschwitz was liberated. (NT) -- Her daughters who were transferred to Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, died there 2 months later in March 1945, just one month after Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp was liberated., Tuesday, March 12, 12:00:04pm
Archive: March 10, 1986 Ray Milland dies at 78 Actor Tuesday, March 12, 11:20:31am 8
  • Son David, a minor actor, committed suicide in 1981, at 41 (NT) -- ., Sunday, March 10, 12:10:20pm
    • Oddly, David Milland had a maternal uncle Herb Weber, a talent agent, who died at 30 -a suicide? (NT) -- Oddly, Herb Weber's (1904-1934) widow Mary Gray later remarried, and her son died at age 31, in 1976 -suicide?, Sunday, March 10, 03:16:23pm
      • Actually, Milland's son's name was (NT) -- Daniel Milland. His nickname was Dan., Monday, March 11, 11:56:43am
        • Sad, so MANY of the children of the biggest celebs took their own lives; Bing Crosby, Jennifer Jones, William Powell, Dan Dailey, Gregory Peck, James Arness, Paul Newman, Laurence Harvey, Bob Geldof, Kirk Douglas, columnist Walter Winchell, composer Jose Iturbi, Mercedes McCambridge, Marlon Brando ... (NT) -- ...Kristoff St.John, Marie Osmond, Sally Kellerman, Willie Nelson, and Margaret Sullavan (2 children suicide!) ...among many others., Monday, March 11, 02:16:52pm
          • Yes, and DerBingle also had two kids who killed themselves -Lindsay Crosby, 51, died on December 11, 1989, from a self-inflicted rifle shot to the head. (NT) -- And brother Dennis Crosby put a 12-guage shotgun to his head, on May 4, 1991, in Novato, California, He was 56., Monday, March 11, 10:12:32pm
            • Odd that both Dennis' sons, Jr and Patrick died in their early 50s, a year apart -2010/2011. -- Crosby curse?, Monday, March 11, 10:30:10pm
              • Dennis Crosby's illegitimate daughter Denise Crosby (b.1957) went on to become an actress in her own rite, notably as one of the villain's side-piece in the 1982 Nick Nolte/Eddie Murphy film 48 Hrs., also as 'Security Chief Tasha Yar' in season one of TV's "Star Trek: The Next Generation", and in recurring role as Elliott Gould's wife/widow 'Deb Goldman' on TV's "Donovan"! -- PHOTO, Tuesday, March 12, 11:20:31am
Actress Janell McLeod ... Dies at 92. Tuesday, March 12, 10:51:15am 2
  • IMDb ... -- Link, Tuesday, March 12, 10:51:15am
Actor George Morfogen Dies at 85 Tuesday, March 12, 12:26:44am 4
  • IMDb -- Link, Monday, March 11, 12:45:11am
    • I remember him on HBO prison series "OZ", as 'Bob Rebadow', but today I'm remembering him for his first screen line "I'm Rudy, the Head Waiter" in his debut role hilarious 1971 "What's up Doc?" -- PHOTO, Monday, March 11, 02:32:34am
  • I remember him very well as 'Stanley Bernstein' on "V". That series really creeped me out when I was a kid! (NT) -- Fredrik Andersson, Tuesday, March 12, 12:26:44am
Julia Ruth Stevens, Babe Ruth’s Daughter Dies at 102 Monday, March 11, 08:03:13pm 5
  • Looks like we were posting at the same time. (NT) -- R.I.P., Saturday, March 09, 09:56:34pm
  • Wow. I had no idea that she was still living. (NT) -- ., Saturday, March 09, 09:57:10pm
  • I believe both of Ruth's daughters were adopted in infancy. Julia was the biological daughter of Ruth's second wife. Babe adopted her at 3 months old. (NT) -- ., Saturday, March 09, 09:59:29pm
  • Recent PHOTOS of Julia Ruth-Stevens ... -- Link, Saturday, March 09, 11:29:38pm
Angus Sinclair, One of Scotland's most notorious killers Dead at 73 Monday, March 11, 06:39:24pm 2
Mar.11thHappy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Willie Mae Hardy, World War 2 Figure James Megelles is 102, Lawyer Benjamin Ferencz turns 100. (NT) jlp Monday, March 11, 05:43:05pm 6
  • Mar.11thHappy Birthday! News Caster Sam Donaldson (85) Actress Nancy Kovack (84) Actor Joseph Ragno (83) Actor Tricia O'Neil (74) Actor Mark Metcalf (73) Producer Jerry Zucker (69) Actress Susan Richardson (67) (NT) -- Colt, Sunday, March 10, 09:35:25pm
    • Other birthdays, Mar. 11- -- Happy birthdays!, Monday, March 11, 12:13:02pm
      • Artist David Gentleman is 89, writer Janosch is 88, businessman Rupert Murdoch is 88, politician Nigel Lawson is 87, politician Lorraine Hunt is 80, Cardinal Orlando Quevedo is 80 (NT) -- ., Monday, March 11, 01:33:11pm
Archive: Keith Emerson, Mar. 11, 2016 Member of Emerson, Lake and Palmer Monday, March 11, 01:49:26pm 2
  • "Lucky Man" -- Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Monday, March 11, 01:49:26pm
Archive: Jimmy Greenspoon, Mar. 11, 2015 Member of Three Dog Night Monday, March 11, 01:45:08pm 2
  • "Joy to the World" -- Three Dog Night, Monday, March 11, 01:45:08pm
John Boni, Writer, producer, stand-up comic and actor Has died Monday, March 11, 12:28:27pm 2
  • Imdb -- ., Monday, March 11, 12:28:27pm
Joe Auer, Scored first touchdown in Dolphins history Dead at 77 Monday, March 11, 12:22:03pm 1
Archive: March 11, 1996 Vince Edwards dies at 67 Actor Monday, March 11, 12:16:19pm 4
  • Reportedly, he died one month after his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. (NT) -- Death at age 67, seemed too young., Monday, March 11, 11:38:17am
    • FUN FACT: Vince Edwards' second wife was actress Linda Foster (union produced his 2 children), who after divorcing in the 1970s, became wife of actor Edwater Winter, leaving her a widow after his 2001 death. (NT) -- And after Edwards divorced his first wife beauty queen Kathy Kersh in the 1960s, she went on to marry Batman's Burt Ward., Monday, March 11, 11:56:42am
      • "Unchained Melody" -- Vince Edwards, Monday, March 11, 12:16:19pm
Martha Mullally, Mother of actress Megan Mullally Dead at 97 Monday, March 11, 12:02:26pm 6
Jed Allan, longtime actor of soap operas Dies at 84 Monday, March 11, 11:27:30am 7
  • Also hosted Celebrity Bowling and a recurring actor on Lassie and Beverly Hills, 90210 (NT) -- ., Saturday, March 09, 09:09:48pm
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, March 09, 09:18:05pm
  • Two cast members from a 1990's TV series gone in less than a week. A bad week for the 90210 zip code. (NT) -- ., Saturday, March 09, 09:30:03pm
  • Last of the 4 General Hospital Edward Quartermaine’s -- Alice “Koala Mama” Collins, Sunday, March 10, 04:47:05am
  • I remember him well in many TV roles of the 1970s and up. He was Ian Ziering's dad in 90210! ... -- PHOTOS, Monday, March 11, 11:27:30am
Actor & Director Todd Hissong Dies at 64 Monday, March 11, 09:08:07am 3
  • IMDb -- -, Monday, March 11, 08:14:07am
  • He also served as President of SAG's Chicago branch and was a National SAG Board Member -- Deadline Obit..., Monday, March 11, 09:08:07am
Guitarist, singer and songwriter Asa Brebner (The Modern Lovers, Robin Lane & The Chartbusters) Dies at 65 Monday, March 11, 07:16:56am 1
Margaret Whitlock, 5th oldest validated American supercentenarian Dies on 113th birthday Monday, March 11, 05:59:49am 3
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Sunday, March 10, 08:01:34pm
Harry Howell, Hockey player (New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings) Dead at 86 Sunday, March 10, 08:59:32pm 2
OT: 116-year-old Japanese woman named world's oldest person Tokyo Sunday, March 10, 07:53:57pm 5
  • Why is the oldest person almost always Japanese? (NT) -- What are they doing right?, Sunday, March 10, 12:11:35pm
    • Keeping good records. (NT) -- There may be older people elsewhere, but their ages aren't documented., Sunday, March 10, 02:10:58pm
      • Diet is one reason for the country's population of "centenarians," or people older than 100 years. When the Japanese eat meat, they eat mostly heart-healthy fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids. ... -- Other popular foods include tofu, seaweed and octopus, all of which carry a low risk for some cancers and arteriosclerosis., Sunday, March 10, 03:02:14pm
    • Each prefecture is required to document every citizen over the age of 100... -- cameron, Sunday, March 10, 07:53:57pm
Mar.10thHappy 100th Birthday Former 1st Lady of Chile Leonor Oyarzum, Actress Celia D'Alarcon is 100, WW2 Figure Robert Cardenas is 99, Hispanist Gabriel Jackson is 98, Actor Josip Elic is 98, Olympic Athlete Anneliese Schuh-Proxauf is 97, Actress Alice Hirson is 90, Actress Lolita Rodrigues is 90, (NT) jlp Sunday, March 10, 05:47:34pm 8
  • Cinematographer Jean-Paul Schwartz is 90, Actor Ventura Ybarra is 90, Director Jaroslav Pogran is 90, Costume Designer Petr Divis is 90, Military Figure William Weise turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Saturday, March 09, 09:04:38pm
  • March 10thHappy Birthday! Actor Michael Vandever (83) Actress Venetia Stevenson (81) Actor Chuck Norris (79) Actor Richard Gant (75) (NT) -- Colt, Sunday, March 10, 12:14:54am
    • Bluegrass musician Norman Blake is 81 today -- Other birthdays, mar. 10-, Sunday, March 10, 12:02:03pm
      • Singer- actress Marion Hutton was born 100 years ago today (died 1987) -- Sister of Betty Hutton, Sunday, March 10, 12:20:26pm
        • Writer John Rechy is 88, athlete Gergely Kulcsбr is 85, athlete Graham Farmer is 84, businessman Sepp Blatter is 83, diplomat Nicholas Platt is 83, Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens is 81, writer Hugh Johnson is 80 (NT) -- ., Sunday, March 10, 12:25:02pm
      • TV host Ralph Emery is 86 today (NT) -- ., Sunday, March 10, 05:47:34pm
    • Noted College Basketball coach Jim Valvano, who died in 1993, would have been 73 today! ... -- Sadly, he died of cancer at age 47., Sunday, March 10, 03:01:10pm
Archive: Robert Mapplethorpe, Mar. 9, 1989 Controversial photographer Sunday, March 10, 03:23:07pm 2
Kelly Catlin, World Champion Cyclist, U.S. 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist Dies of suicide at 23 Sunday, March 10, 01:52:24pm 2
Linda Jansen, original lead singer of The Angels (sang lead on ""Til" and "Cry, Baby, Cry") Dead at 74 Sunday, March 10, 12:36:12pm 5
  • Link to it please. (NT) -- Thank you, Tuesday, February 19, 11:23:08am
    • Link -- ., Tuesday, February 19, 11:35:33am
      • Confirmed -- Full obit and link, Saturday, March 09, 07:49:05pm
Wally Yamaguchi, Pro wrestling manager Dead at 60 Sunday, March 10, 12:16:42pm 1
Archive: March 10, 1998 Lloyd Bridges dies at 85 Actor Sunday, March 10, 12:08:34pm 2
Actress Alice Gold DIes at 88 Sunday, March 10, 06:02:07am 4
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, March 09, 06:40:31pm
  • is Dusty Anderson still living at 100?? (NT) -- jude, Saturday, March 09, 07:01:00pm
    • Dusty Anderson -- Film Fan, Sunday, March 10, 06:02:07am
Keith Flint, singer of electronic band The Prodigy dies aged 49 Otsegolectric98 Sunday, March 10, 05:26:59am 4
  • Looks like he took his own life. RIP Keith (NT) -- Russ, Monday, March 04, 05:20:49am
    • "Firestarter" -- Prodigy, Monday, March 04, 05:23:11am
Archive: March 9, 1996 George Burns dies at 100 Actor / Singer Saturday, March 09, 06:16:50pm 4
  • Son Ronnie died in 2007, daughter Sandra died in 2018 (NT) -- ., Saturday, March 09, 11:30:38am
  • Died six weeks after reaching that age milestone (NT) -- Bob Hope died eight weeks after reaching the same milestone, Saturday, March 09, 04:52:32pm
Freeda Foreman, professional boxing daughter of George Foreman Dead at 42 Saturday, March 09, 05:57:55pm 3
  • KHOU TV news is reporting it as a suicide by hanging. Body was found in a closet. (NT) -- ., Saturday, March 09, 04:54:56pm
  • I thought all his kids were named George (NT) -- Just the sons, I guess!, Saturday, March 09, 05:57:55pm
Mar.9thHappy 100th Birthday! Silent Film Actor Silas Hathaway, Religious Figure Erwin Schild is 99, Geneticist Evelyn M. Witkin is 98, Olympic Athlete Herb Douglas is 97, Football's (England) Bill Bainbridge is 97, Diplomat Leonid Zamyatin is 97, (NT) jlp Saturday, March 09, 05:07:04pm 8
  • Politician James L. Buckley is 96, Actress Christiane Jansen is 90, Actor Bob Larkin is 90, Actress Zsuzsa Gyurkovics turns 90. (NT) -- jlp, Friday, March 08, 09:04:13pm
  • March 9thHappy Birthday! Actor Ron Hagerthy (87) Actress Joyce Van Patten (85) Actor Charles Siebert (81) Actress Trish Van Devere (78) (NT) -- Colt, Friday, March 08, 09:47:30pm
    • Singer Lloyd Price is 86, singer Mickey Gilley is 83 today -- Other birthdays, Mar. 9-, Saturday, March 09, 11:27:17am
      • Actress Taina Elg is 89. astrologer Walter Mercado is 87, politician Mel Lastman is 86, businessman Andrew Viterbi is 84, hockey coach Harry Neale is 82, racer Brian Redman is 82 (NT) -- ., Saturday, March 09, 11:56:46am
  • It appears that Silas Hathaway died in November. -- Link to Twitter message., Saturday, March 09, 02:20:10pm
    • In Chaplin's The Kid, made 98 years ago, Silas Hathaway played the title role as a baby, who later became Jackie Coogan. (NT) -- egee33, Saturday, March 09, 05:07:04pm
Actor Brian Sadlier Dies at 45 Saturday, March 09, 04:34:52pm 2
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, March 09, 04:34:52pm
Archive: The Notorious B.I.G.,, Mar. 9, 1997 Rapper Saturday, March 09, 12:04:13pm 1
Archive: Fernando Rey, Mar. 9, 1994 Actor Saturday, March 09, 12:02:32pm 1
Archive: Charles Bukowski, Mar. 9, 1994 Writer Saturday, March 09, 12:00:09pm 1
Dick Nichols, (R) Kansas - U.S. Representative 1991-1993 Dies at 92 Saturday, March 09, 11:25:27am 3
ARCHIVE: Brad Delp, vocalist for Boston, commits suicide at the age of 55 March 9, 2007 Saturday, March 09, 10:44:55am 2
  • If you're gonna do it, I always said that was the easiest, least painful way to go. (NT) -- A small Hibachi with burning coals, in a sealed bathroom. Night'-night', Aloha., Saturday, March 09, 10:44:55am
HEALTHWATCH: I've been hearing through the grapevine that singer Benny Mardones is terminally ill and that hospice care has recently been called. No link per se on recent news, but here's one about his health battles recently Saturday, March 09, 08:34:32am 6
  • I remember when Mardones' only hit "Into the Night" was on AT40, Casey told the story that he had recorded the song long before it was a hit, was homeless when DJ's discovered it, and he was lifted from poverty. Nice heartwarming story. (NT) -- Russ, Thursday, March 07, 01:52:45pm
    • Here's a link to a GoFundMe page set up last December for medical expenses. He has Parkinson's and is bedridden. No mention that his current state is terminal however. (NT) -- Russ, Friday, March 08, 06:21:33am
    • Into The Night Was A Hit Twice Since It Was Re-released About Years Later -- David S., Friday, March 08, 02:16:51pm
      • It was a hit twice, but they weren't the same versions. (NT) -- The 1989 version was a rerecording, Saturday, March 09, 07:30:24am
      • Chubby is CHECKER and the Jive Bunny hit was SWING THE MOOD (NT) -- ., Saturday, March 09, 08:34:32am
Archive: March 6, 2004 Frances Dee dies at 94 Actress Saturday, March 09, 04:37:30am 5
  • Son Jody McCrea died in 2009 at 74. He appeared in several "Beach Party" movies, usually playing characters named 'Deadhead" or "Lunk" (NT) -- ., Wednesday, March 06, 11:21:57am
  • The man they called The Magus, John Dee... -- ...died in 1609 at age 81!, Saturday, March 09, 04:37:30am
Magician & Actor Marshall Brodien Dies at 84 Friday, March 08, 07:15:26pm 3
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, March 08, 07:01:17am

The Queen, 92, has perhaps the most unlikely name; with Prince William calling her 'Gary' when he couldn't pronounce grandma as a youngster. The hard-to-believe nickname has apparently stuck. Prince George, it was revealed by his mother, called the Queen 'Gan-Gan' when he struggled to also say the word grandma. In January Prince George took control of his own nickname, telling a passer-by his name was 'Archie'.

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