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Jourdan Dunn induced serious holiday (and bikini) envy this week as she shot a new swimwear campaign for Vogue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

But it was all work for the sultry supermodel who got stuck in with the sandy shoot, writhing around by the coast with a power pout to rival the best of the supers.

It was an opportunity for the 24-year-old to capitalise on her ripped physique as she went topless to model an artistic combination of hosiery and minimal, bright outfits.

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Sizzling: Jourdan Dunn pulled off some unusual swimwear looks on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this week as she shot for Vogue

At 5ft 10in, Jourdan was statuesque as she dug her feet into the sand and cut angular poses with her lithe frame.

She wore a striking red lip to contrast the rainbow swimwear and her medium-length hair was relaxed in sea salt curls.

Like a pro, the Victoria's Secret Angel managed to make flesh-coloured tights look like a beach must-have, even combining a thick and shaggy cardigan with her swimwear for a fashion-forward look.

Topless: The model smouldered as she went topless in the layered up swimwear

Sizzling: She added some serious sex appeal to an unorthodox beach look

Scorching; She showed off her lithe frame as the tight swimwear skimmed over her frame

Model body: The 24-year-old displayed underboob as she tried to cover up her assets

It was proof that emerging model Jourdan, who covered British Vogue in May, could pull off any look because a pair of garish yellow socks completed the image in one of the day's frames.

Jourdan certainly maintained a high level of sex appeal as she went topless beneath a white T-shirt and shot a glimpse at her nipple piercing as she was helped into a second outfit.

When the mum-of-one was captured preparing for the shoot, she layered on a conventional blue and white cover up, more to her own taste, and hung a Chanel handbag from her shoulder.

New look: She managed to make a thick cardigan coat work on the beach

Toned: Despite being a mother of one, the beauty was impeccably toned

Trim and swim: Though impractical, the swimwear showed off Jourdan's body beautifully

Working it: She wore heels and yellow socks at one point to prove she could pull off anything

Beach ready; She looked carefree, swinging her arms as she modelled

The 24-year-old Brit, who was originally discovered in a Hammersmith Primark store at 14, looked at ease in hair and make-up, tapping away on her phone as she was prepped and preened.

Out on the sands, the starlet even managed to show off how limbre she could be with her long limbs as lay on her back and stretched out her never-ending pins.

One swimsuit especially emphasised her supermodel legs as it cut high on thigh in a throwback 1980s style.  

Inking; As she changed, Jourdan displayed her personal tattoo on the side of her chest

Dressed to perfection: A stylist was on hand to help Jourdan get prepped for the shoot

Towering: The statuesque beauty towered over her aide at 5ft 10in

Little help: So as not to distract from her swimwear, she layered on a simple white Tee up top

Beachy: She finished off the image with a bold red lipstick and gentle beachy waves

Dressed to impress: Jourdan was thought to be shooting for Vogue during the beach day

Always beach ready: Though she was fussed over, the beauty looked naturally beach ready

Confident: The Victoria's Secret Angel looked right at home in minimal garbs

Muse: After 10 years in the industry, she seemed especially comfortable around the cameras

It took a team of 10+ to capture the striking model's fashion editorial on what looked to be a closed-off beach.

Capturing the beach scene for Instagram, Jourdan wrote on Wednesday: 'Missing Rio!!! Thank you @voguebrasil and #fasanoRio for a great trip I'll definitely be back soon' 

It's unclear when the beauty will possibly find the time however, since her career as the 10th highest paid model in the industry continues to take her all over the globe.

Sexy: Jourdan even managed to make a pair of nude bottoms appear seriously sexy

Pout perfect: She knew the best facial expressions for capturing a sexy shot

Enviable: She made the swimwear look exceedingly easy to wear

High on the thigh: She displayed the full impact of her never-ending legs by pulling up her swimwear

Knotted: The impractical swimwear looked like a dream on the model's fine form

Covered up: As the shoot approached sunset, the model layered on a light coat

Sweet smile: She flashed a rare smile with the coat robed around her shoulders

Beach beauty: The wind swept her curls into a very natural beachy style

Picturesque: On Wednesday, Jourdan lamented her time in Brazil to say she was missing it

On task: It was all on task for the beauty, who concentrated hard in the heat to find the shots

Finding the angle: She experimented with shots on a mattress as she extended her frame

Layered up: Trying to beat the heat, one stylist just kept adding layers to the beauty

Hot, hot, hot: In one shoulder, she wore hosiery with a long-sleeved top and skirt

Now 10 years into her modelling empire and a mother for nearly six years, Jourdan recently admitted that her priorities have changed when it comes to how much work she takes on.

'For me, my son's health and caring for him is my main priority. And it kind of just weighs up what's really important.' 

Shortly after her son was born, Riley's father was sent to prison for cocaine possession, and Jourdan was left to raise Riley on her own, with the help of her mother, Dee.

While she was pregnant, the model also learned that her son had sickle cell disease - characterised by anaemia and severe pain. 

Go team: It took a 10+ strong team to capture Jourdan's images

Leggy: She showed her limbre form as she performed yoga poses for the cameras

Natural: Her best natural beach shots were captured as she lay back on a chair

Off duty: Between shots, she layered on a conventional swimwear cover up

Busy bee: She kept herself entertained with her phone before starting the shoot

Patient: She displayed all of the patience of a saint as she was fawned over

Getting prepped: Her make-up and skintone was touched up in the shade to make the shots perfect

Getting stuck in: She crawled onto the mattress, going head first into the shoot

Sweltering: Lying down in the heat, the beauty appeared to be breaking a sweat

Picking a pose: She displayed complete calm as she modelled yoga poses

Beached beauty: Laying out on the sand, the starlet made light work for the photographer

Got the shot? Wearing a pair of striped culottes, the beauty was like a human manacin

Holiday body: She seemed to make each of her outfits look enviable like a pro









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