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Los Angeles billboard icon Angelyne sat down with PAPER magazine to talk about how her self-made celebrity status is far from winding down for their Break The Internet issue. 

Angelyne just wrapped a new billboard on Cahuenga Boulevard this fall, and had a cameo appearance in James Franco's critically-acclaimed new comedy The Disaster Artist. She's also auctioning off a free ride in her famous pink Corvette—you just have to email [email protected] to be considered. And she told PAPER that she just got ordained to be a minister, at "the same place where Lady Gaga got her ordination."

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But, perhaps most importantly, Angelyne is now releasing new music. Her single "Hearts" she describes as "erotic," and the accompanying video as "almost embarrassingly sexy."

No word yet on when this already-iconic music video will drop, but based on her PAPER shoot it's sure to change the face of our nation forever. 

Instagram/Jack Fincham Speaking about the Essex lad, she said: "I met his brother and mates. I dont know how hell feel when he sees me walk in. I dont know if hell be angry or shocked but we do get on so hopefully it wont be an issue. When I look at him, I do still think there is something there but I would never go back there.

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